Tips for Buying Noise-Canceling Headphones for the Office

a rear view of a man wearing headphones in the office

The office can be a noisy and bustling environment, filled with the sounds of chattering coworkers, ringing phones, and clacking keyboards. For those who need to concentrate on their work, this cacophony can be a constant source of distraction and frustration. If you’re the type of person who’s easily distracted by noise, … Read more

Sci-fi Items in Offices Today

people sitting in an office

We often set our standard worldly assumptions and conclusions aside when we hear the word science-fiction movies, series, or comics. It is not because this genre of movies has loopholes or loose endings to the stories; rather, sci-fi is meant to push the boundaries of our imaginations. It is meant to force … Read more

Office Maintenance And Design Tips To Boost Productivity

A tidy and organized office with a great view

Working in an office job can be stressing. You are expected to be somewhere from 9AM to 5PM straight and are usually confined to a small space. Add on to this approaching deadlines and coworker drama, and you’ve got yourself an unhealthy environment that enables the growth of discontentment. Every office worker … Read more

Types of Office Chairs and How to Pick the Right One

comfortable office chairs in a conference room

Introduction Desk-bound people spend most of their work days on a chair and at around 40 hours per week, they spend a large portion of their lives sitting on a chair. Office chairs are more than just padded seats and arguably more important than office tables. However, normally more money is spent … Read more

Dell XPS 15 Laptop and Dell UltraSharp Monitor Reviews

Dell XPS 15 Open

We recently setup a new Dell based workstation based on the XPS 15 laptop.  It included two 27” 4K monitors and a docking station.  With two monitors, the docking station, the XPS 15 laptop and of course a solid keyboard and mouse, you have a very powerful setup for well under $4K. … Read more

Canon CanoScan LiDE220 Photo and Document Scanner Review

Canon CanoScan LiDE220 Photo and Document Scanner Review

An image scanner or often abbreviated to just a scanner is a device that helps us scan images and printed texts optically for us to save them in our computers. Today, there are many different types of scanners available in the market. Each of them offers different features and functions. But if … Read more

How to maintain and clean a document shredder

How to maintain and clean a document shredder

A document shredder is an excellent tool for destroying confidential information in a short span of time which makes them essential for businesses of all sizes. But as they’re simple to use, their maintenance and cleaning often goes neglected. What regular users of this device aren’t aware of is that they can … Read more

Understanding the Importance of Document Shredding for Business

Shredder Paper Flakes Shredded Paper Strip Crushed

Document shredders might sound like a basic office essential on paper, but they hold multiple keys to a company’s privacy in real life. Brick and mortar storeowners have them next to their counters. Banks keep them beside their tellers. Even restaurants place them on the counter for their employees. Still, many files … Read more

Home Office Design Tips

Home Office Design Tips

Whether you operate a full-time business from the comfort of your sofa or occasionally work on office-related tasks at your house, the appeal and design of your home office will influence whether you’re active and engaged … or otherwise. Unfortunately, the majority of home-based entrepreneurs don’t give their workspace enough attention and … Read more