Who is the Inventor of Fidget Spinners?

Who is the Inventor of Fidget Spinners

Chances are you’ve also played fidget spinners, the toy craze that received massive hype and success in 2017. Though they’ve only peaked a short period, these catchy devices remain as one of Amazon’s best-selling toys with even more variety in color, sizes, and styles available despite passing their primetime. Marketed as a … Read more

Reasons Why Simple Inventions Make Money


Throughout the past two centuries, humans have exhausted their knowledge, skills, imagination, creativity, and experience to bring countless inventions to the world. In recent decades, many of these creations were required to be technical and sensible to become incredibly successful to bake money for their rightful inventors and investors. Yet, that wasn’t … Read more

Who Owns the Copyright to the Happy Birthday Song?

A photo of Happy Birthday balloons

If there is such powerful last song syndrome in the record, the happy birthday song might be first. Every human in this world has undoubtedly heard and sung the endless melody of this song with either festive or simple celebrations. Well, in fact, this was listed on the Guinness Book of World … Read more

Who Was The Inventor Of Vaseline and How Was It Founded?

Woman Applying Lotion on Hand

Vaseline is owned by the multinational company Unilever, as an American brand of petroleum jelly based products. Its products range from lotions, creams, deodorants, cleansers, and soaps, all available for men and women. The popularity of Vaseline products extends even outside the United States to various countries around the world. Meanwhile, if … Read more

Why Is the Smiley Famous

Woman holding a smiley balloon

A basic ideogram that represents a smiling face is known as smiley or sometimes as a smiley face. It became part of popular culture in the 1950s. It was used as a standalone ideogram or as a form of communication. Today, we use emoticons to convey the meanings of expressions in a … Read more

The History of the Flowbee

Man using flowbee

You might be overdue for a haircut, but you cannot go out of your house because of lockdown in your area or some other reason. Even if you have a good pair of scissors, it’s not so simple to cut your hair yourself to your liking. Have you heard of the Flowbee? … Read more

The History of “I Can Has Cheezburger?” Website

cat sitting on books

Imagine a world without cats – what would it be? The world would be less exciting, less fascinating, and less fun. Cats are here for a reason. You already know that the ancient Egyptians worshipped them as gods. Nowadays, cats still rule – but this time on cyberspace. The website I Can … Read more

What Was the Deal with Antenna Balls?

yellow smiley face antenna ball

Fads come and go, yet they seem to have affected almost everything. And they spare nothing – not even the world of automobiles. Along with the latest automobile innovations of the time comes a history of curious fads and bizarre inventions. It’s amusing to think that many people will do anything for … Read more

The History of the Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies plush toy dog

At some point during the 1990s, you probably had at least one or a couple of Beanie Babies. Or perhaps you were one of those who caught on the Beanie Babies frenzy, hunting down for every remaining available one on the store shelves as soon as they became “retired” from the market. … Read more

The History of Pet Rock

Pet Rock box

You don’t want a live pet animal that requires feeding, grooming, playing, and taking out for a dump? Bothered by your dog’s non-stop barking all night long? Trying to get your cat off from scratching your furniture but failed miserably? You might as well own a Pet Rock! If you grew up … Read more

The History of the Slinky

rainbow slinky toy

The Slinky is not just a popular toy – it has become a phenomenon. But like many inventions, it was born out of an accident. It was in 1943, during the height of World War II. The U.S. Navy needed ships as the Battle of Atlantic was raging in oceans around Europe. … Read more

The History of Doggles

A German Shepherd wearing goggles

Doggles – glasses or goggles for dogs – sound completely unreal and even silly. But it’s real and actually quite innovative. In fact, these doggles turned out to be a successful business idea. The inventor, Roni Di Lullo, made a million-dollar business around it. It began with a walk in the park… … Read more

The Curious Story of Big Mouth Billy Bass

Billy Big Mouth Bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass is one of those silly ideas that no one expected to become a huge success, but it did. The animatronic singing and flopping latex fish became a hot item during the early 2000s. The plaque-mounted singing fish even became part of the décor of elegant, refined homes owned … Read more

Nostalgic Toys: Wacky WallWalker

Wacky WallWlalker as a cereal box prize

If you grew up in the ’80s, you probably had Wacky WallWalkwers. These sticky and creepy crawling gummy toys were some of the hottest toys during that decade. The Walky WallWalker is a simple idea – an eight-legged, octopus-shaped rubber contraption that sticks to the wall after you throw it. Yet 80’s … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Snuggie

a woman wearing a blue Snuggie

The idea behind the Snuggie is simple – a body-length blanket with sleeves that resembles a bathrobe, only meant to be worn backwards (e.g., with the opening in the back). While the Snuggie was meant to be a gag gift, buyers were attracted to the idea of a sleeved blanket that would … Read more

The History of the Yellow Smiley Face

yellow smiley face ball

The yellow “smiley face” may be the most ubiquitous icon. It’s the most used emoji for our online chats and offline messages. You can also find it in many things – T-shirts, throw pillows, mugs, stickers, car tags, pins, coasters, plastic bowls, and other practical and novelty items. How did the “yellow … Read more

A Brief Story of The iFart

A Brief Story of The iFart

The early days of the iPhone and the App Store were also the glory days of novelty apps. It meant that we wouldn’t just be able to make calls or send text messages to someone wherever we went. We would also be able to play games with them – and also play … Read more

Great Ideas that Were Actually Stolen by Big Businesses

Great Ideas that Were Actually Stolen by Big Businesses

In starting a business, being unique is overrated. Some have made millions or billions of dollars through adopting an idea that’s not even theirs. Backed with lawyers and big funding, big businesses were able to take advantage of ordinary people who made profitable ideas. 1. Laser A graduate student from the Columbia … Read more

Celebrity Inventors

celebrity inventors

Celebrities are well-known faces, but they might not be known for all their accomplishments. A famous musician, author, or actor might also have some other talent inside them, but even their fans might not be aware of these. There have actually been several celebrities who’ve invented certain gadgets or items. Some of … Read more

Biggest Tech Blunders

Biggest Tech Blunders

Technology is rapidly advancing as we speak, and the recent strides have certainly been impressive. We’ve seen the rise and fall of the CD, the switch from regular cell phones to smartphones, and we will see many more innovations in the next decade. However, the road of technological advancements was never smooth. … Read more

Stupid Ideas That Made Millions

stupid ideas that made millions

It is amazing how many stupid ideas over the past 50 or so years have made their inventors a good bit of money. Some of these inventors have earned millions for ideas that seem stupid but people ran out to purchase them. Slinky A piece of metal coiled into a tubular shape … Read more