The History of Pet Rock

Pet Rock box

You don’t want a live pet animal that requires feeding, grooming, playing, and taking out for a dump? Bothered by your dog’s non-stop barking all night long? Trying to get your cat off from scratching your furniture but failed miserably? You might as well own a Pet Rock! If you grew up … Read more

The History of Doggles

A German Shepherd wearing goggles

Doggles – glasses or goggles for dogs – sound completely unreal and even silly. But it’s real and actually quite innovative. In fact, these doggles turned out to be a successful business idea. The inventor, Roni Di Lullo, made a million-dollar business around it. It began with a walk in the park… … Read more

Celebrity Inventors

celebrity inventors

Celebrities are well-known faces, but they might not be known for all their accomplishments. A famous musician, author, or actor might also have some other talent inside them, but even their fans might not be aware of these. There have actually been several celebrities who’ve invented certain gadgets or items. Some of … Read more

Biggest Tech Blunders

Biggest Tech Blunders

Technology is rapidly advancing as we speak, and the recent strides have certainly been impressive. We’ve seen the rise and fall of the CD, the switch from regular cell phones to smartphones, and we will see many more innovations in the next decade. However, the road of technological advancements was never smooth. … Read more