What is a social media manager and is it a good work at home job?


Thanks to its ability to attract and engage in customers while gaining deeper insight into their wants, demands, and frustrations, social media has emerged as a crucial marketing channel. Additionally, it’s pervasive across industries—corporations, companies, non-profits, politicians, celebrities, and more all have accounts to interact with followers—so working as a social media … Read more

The Importance of Creating Effective Sales Presentation


Making a sale is much more challenging than ever before in today’s complex markets. Customers have access to vast amounts of information, making it difficult for the salesperson to provide a unique perspective on why their company is the best solution to their problems or is something that customers cannot find anywhere … Read more

Have you Heard of Branding Archetypes?


You might’ve heard about personality types or personality archetypes on social media or other platforms. We solve a quiz or two, and it tells us about what kind of person we are. Jung’s personality test is one of the most popular tests, which places you within 12 different archetypes.  When it comes … Read more

What is B2B Marketing


B2B or business-to-business marketing is a type of marketing wherein you sell your products to businesses or other organizations so they could use it in the production of goods, or in general business operations such as medical equipment, office supplies, or for resale to other consumers, like a wholesaler selling to a … Read more

Tips on Branding Your Home-Based Business on a Budget

Tips on Branding Your Home-Based Business on a Budget

Building a strong brand is an integral part of any home-based business. It entails providing your business value, identity, and voice to let your customer know your company deeper and win their loyalty and trust. While most companies can give the time, patience, and efforts it requires, not all have ample financial … Read more

Brand Archetypes-eBook Review

Wheel displaying marketing strategies

There are small and large businesses in almost every industry, and they’re all focused on presenting their offerings in a way that makes them stand out. They want to stand head and shoulders above the competition, which is why they place so much importance on developing a brand. From a marketing point … Read more

How to Remove Outdated Content from Yahoo

A screenshot of a Yahoo front page.

Yahoo may not be the search engine giant that it once was, but that doesn’t erase the years where it sat upon the throne instead of Google. And we mean that literally; there are billions of caches from the time Yahoo reigned supreme. Fortunately, despite losing a lot of popularity to Google’s … Read more

Memorable State Farm Commercials

A barn in Indiana, USA

Founded in 1992, State Farm is today known for being a ‘good neighbor’. George Jacob who was a retired farmer and insurance salesman at that time came up with the idea of State Farm. Today, the company owns more cars and homes than any other insurance company in the United States. Many … Read more

Picking the Right Storefront Sign

Picking the Right Storefront Sign

The first thing that a potential customer sees before entering a shop is the storefront signs. These signs make customers think about what is your store all about. It gives a slight hint for them to guess what you are selling or offering to them and picking the right storefront sign can … Read more

7 Ways to Automate the Marketing of Your Business

7 Ways to Automate the Marketing of Your Business

You’ve secured a few new clients and they’re impressed! Business is continuously booming. However, you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by your work calendar; the day seems to run out before you’re able to finish all the tasks on your calendar. That calls for a change. Streamlining marketing efforts can be a challenge … Read more