Memorable State Farm Commercials

Founded in 1992, State Farm is today known for being a ‘good neighbor’. George Jacob who was a retired farmer and insurance salesman at that time came up with the idea of State Farm. Today, the company owns more cars and homes than any other insurance company in the United States. Many of us have seen their creative commercials on Television and it is time that we recall them. In this article, we are going to share some memorable State Farm Commercials for you to take a look at and become familiar with the company itself as well.

“Jacked Up”

Released in 2017, the ‘Jacked Up’ State Farm commercial was created to remind the customers that State Farm has always got their back. May it be an accident or theft, State Farm makes sure that you are always covered. Furthermore, the company also provides loans as well so that you have the chance to gift a vehicle to your loved one. From car insurance to car loans, State Farm has got everything you could possibly need.


Following is one of the best and most beautiful advertisements created and released by State Farm. The advertisement begins with an individual traveling on a train who happens to come across an advertisement for adopting pets. With a dog on his side, he decides to take it home. While the dog follows the individual to his office, he happens to like a page on Facebook that calls for supporting veterans. As he walks through the streets, he observes homeless people laying on the streets. Soon, the individual starts feeling responsible for the homeless, drop out students, and even a polar bear who is near to being extinct due to global warming and thinks of a possible solution. Soon, he volunteers for the youth outreach program to help the people in his local community. As a result, the weight of carrying turns into confidence, which motivates others to volunteer as well.

“Magic Jingle Buffalo”

The Magic Jingle Buffalo advertisement showcases two individuals parked on a roadside, admiring the countryside and the yaks, while one enjoys a burger. Suddenly, a yak comes crashing into their car and does significant damage. Upon, saying the jingle ‘Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There’ a representative from the company appears in the back seat and transports the individuals to their office. The point was that State Farm has got you covered against every type of damage and its agents are always there to help you in times of need.

Camille Chen State Farm Commercial

The advertisement starts with two women admiring a bag situated on a shelf. While lifting the bag, one of them sings the jingle ‘Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There’, and an agent who goes by the name Anthony appears. The agent informs the woman who is actually their customer about her discount double-check savings. The lady then proceeds to checkout while the other tries to sing the same jingle. However, it is not the same as the original. Therefore, she does not get the same amount of savings because she had opted for another insurance company that does not offer as many savings as State Farm.

“Aaron Rodgers Together”

State Farm brought in the big guns for this commercial. One of the most successful quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers can be seen discussing the damage with a State Farm agent on his favorite truck owned for 7 years without a single scratch. Since it’s his favorite truck, Rodgers calls the best insurance in town who understands that it is more than just a truck, highlighting that State Farm cares for you as well as your personal belongings that you hold dear to heart.


The ‘Never’ State Farm commercial ad highlights the fact that it has got you covered in every aspect of life. May it be your wedding or raising a family, State Farm will never let you go during the most crucial times. While other insurances are least bothered about what you are going through, State Farm understands that loyalty is key to being the best insurance company out there.

“Can I Get a Hot Tub”

State Farm’s ‘Can I Get a Hot Tub’ commercial is not only one of the most memorable commercials but hilarious as well. It features three friends watching TV when someone happens to break the window. One of the individuals sings the State Farm jingle and an agent appears. The friends continue to make their demands that are fulfilled instantly, highlighting the fact that the State Farm agents can get anything done for you.

Final Word

Over the years, State Farm has produced some of the most remarkable advertisements in the insurance world. While some advertisements were mostly humorous, others carried a strong message. Whatever the situation maybe State Farm continues to be a ‘Good neighbor’ helping you and the community overall in crucial times.