What is Affiliate Marketing?


In an oversaturated world of the internet, it is often hard for new websites to gain traction in search engines, mainly due to the lack of daily viewers or due to other websites overpowering their rivals in online presence. Luckily, there is a way for these new websites to get presence on … Read more

Part 10 – Development & Marketing

Part 10 - Development & Marketing

After listing, there are multiple steps a seller should take to stay ahead of the game and maximise their probability of success. Given the highly competitive nature of Amazon’s marketplace, these steps are almost non-negotiable and need to be addressed by every seller. Price Testing Testing different price points for your product … Read more

Part 9 – Shipping Products to Amazon

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With Amazon, a seller can quickly grow their business by exposing their products to millions of customers in Amazon’s international marketplaces. However, if a seller’s inventory is located in a different country than the Amazon Fulfilment Centre, which is almost always, they will need to ship their products from the source country … Read more

Part 8 – Listing Products

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After successfully sourcing a product and creating an account with Amazon, its time to begin listing. Listing quality can be the difference between a successful product and a failure, so it is critical to spend time on this step. If listing a product already on Amazon, a seller can save time and … Read more

Part 7 – Registering As A Seller


Every seller needs to setup a trading account to begin listing and selling their products. Amazon offers two selling plans: Individual & Professional. 99% of private label sellers will need a Professional account but for those looking to start slow or sell intermittently, there is also an Individual account option. Selling as … Read more

Part 6 – Sourcing Products

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Although multiple resources exist to source cheaply manufactured products, one company, Alibaba is head and shoulders above the rest. They are a gigantic online Chinese marketplace with millions of sellers and tens of millions of products available to customise and purchase. If you can’t find a product on Alibaba, chances are it … Read more

Part 5 – Choosing Products

Top Dropshipping Tips for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Finding the correct product to manufacture and sell is one of the most important steps when selling on Amazon. Generally, a seller should select the Amazon categories they want to sell under based on personal preference and existing knowledge. From there, they should utilise product research tools to find the exact products … Read more

Part 4 – Alternatives to FBA

SEO Techniques - How To Gain Online Attention

If you are not keen on Amazon fulfilling your orders, other options exist. These are Fulfilment by Merchant and Seller Fulfilled Prime. Both require the seller to manage the inventory, handling, shipping, and support for every customer. However, there are also other differences which are detailed below. Fulfilment By Merchant (FBM) Fulfilment … Read more

Part 3 – Pros & Cons of FBA

The Amazon FBA program offers storage, packing, labelling and shipping services to sellers. It helps them scale and grow their businesses through Amazon’s worldwide fulfilment network. Of course, it’s not all wine and caviar. FBA still comes with its challenges for sellers. These although, sometimes unrealised, are still disadvantages. Pros of FBA … Read more

Part 2 – Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

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Amazon describes it best “You sell it, we ship it.” Essentially, sellers store their products in gigantic fulfillment centres and Amazon staff pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for those products. Amazon FBA allows sellers to leverage one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world.  Which in turn, helps … Read more