How to Keep Warm in Your Home Office Using a Snuggie

A snuggie can protect you from cold completely with arm folds

One has to take out a range of comforters and blankets during the winter season to protect them from cold. However, the main problem arises when you are feeling cold but don’t have any comforter or blanket close. For example, sitting out on your chair, at home, or office, you can’t just … Read more

Setting Up a Home Office in an External Space

Setting Up a Home Office in an External Space

The interest in setting up an office in external space is growing. It can be your terrace, garden, or balcony. People living in urban areas and working in concrete buildings might think that an outdoor office can be counterproductive. Is it ‘professional’ to work from your balcony? We are moving towards a … Read more

Dell XPS 15 Laptop and Dell UltraSharp Monitor Reviews

Dell XPS 15 Open

We recently setup a new Dell based workstation based on the XPS 15 laptop.  It included two 27” 4K monitors and a docking station.  With two monitors, the docking station, the XPS 15 laptop and of course a solid keyboard and mouse, you have a very powerful setup for well under $4K. … Read more

A Brief Guide to Selecting the Best Office Chair

AmazonBasics Big  Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

Would you be able to work for long hours if you are not comfortable? Definitely not. An average desk-bound person or a business person spends about 35-40 hours per week, racking up approximately 1900 hours over a year. In short, a significant proportion of one’s life is spent in an office chair. … Read more