How to creatively use shredded paper

How to creatively use shredded paper

Does your company shred a good chunk of documents on a daily basis? Do your employees regularly destroy client information, outdated credit card bills, and personally identifiable information? If you answered yes, then you’re probably accumulating a big pile of paper bits. So what do you do with these leftovers? Although you … Read more

Benefits of Going Green As A Business – Get Certified

benefits of going green as a business

‘Going green’ is a term applied to the practice is becoming more environmentally conscious. For a business, this means adjusting all or most of their operations in order to benefit the environment as much as possible. Every company on the planet is using up some of the world’s resources in some manner, … Read more

How to Keep Your Printing Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

When you’re running a business, printing is more or less inevitability. Even if you conduct online transactions for the most part, there would always be something to print out. These include receipts, bills, flyers, and many more paper-based materials. However, environmental issues and the advantages of going green have now forced many … Read more