Benefits of Going Green As A Business – Get Certified

‘Going green’ is a term applied to the practice is becoming more environmentally conscious. For a business, this means adjusting all or most of their operations in order to benefit the environment as much as possible. Every company on the planet is using up some of the world’s resources in some manner, so minimizing their carbon footprint is certainly a step in the right direction.

There are no actual authorized or legal standards for going green as a business, but there are some qualifications which you can fulfill in order to get a third-party certification. For instance, you may start complying with environmental regulations with complete sincerity. Along with this, you may focus on minimizing your waste and use of chemicals which could harm the environment.  Your manufacturing could start utilizing recycled paper plus reusable energy such as wind or solar power. Educating employees, encouraging other businesses, and going digital are other steps that going green might entail.

Some businesses might hesitate before considering the option of going green. This might be due to several reasons, especially the perceived cost and inconvenient changes. It’s true that going green might delve into your essential profits, but you also have to look at the results.

Fortunately, there are several third-party organizations that ensure regards to businesses that go green. These include the following:

GGB or the Green Business Bureau

This organization was founded in 2008 and gives both corporations plus government agencies a green business certification if they deserve it. Not only this, but it also gives them support in recognizing their efforts for enhancing the environment.

The GGB makes these businesses its members, who have the chance to further their own green causes. There are also other perks for members, which include a free membership to the Eco-Chamber, which is the highest-rated organization for environmental advocacy.

GBC or the Institute for Green Business Certification

This organization consists of individuals who are passionate about furthering environmental causes. It was founded in 2006, and awards ‘green’ certificated to those business entities who work for this. The GBC also works on dealing with many common issues plaguing the environment, especially those concerned with pollutants and dangerous chemicals. There’s also a strong concern with recycling.

In order to obtain the GBC certification, businesses and individual entrepreneurs have to take and pass their online test. After they succeed, they’ll get the label of a “Green Business Environmental Specialist”.

Bay Area Green Business Program

This program founded the California Green Business Program and is focused on Bay Area’s business sector in particular. It deals with the task of encouraging water and energy conservation along with implementing renewable energy whenever possible.

Working with local environmental departments is what propels this program forward. This joint effort approves businesses who want to go ‘green’. When a business gets certified by this organization, the Bay Area Business Program gives that entity their own Marketing Toolkit.

Green Business Program

This organization is responsible for granting ‘green’ certification to private and government businesses. These include hotels, refineries, factories, stores, medical offices, and even legal companies. Additionally, it helps such businesses save money along with becoming more environmentally conscious.

Energy Star

This organization provides a certification symbol for buildings, plants, light bulbs, electronics, appliances, etc. It can help along a company that’s striving towards providing items that would help sustain the environment. You can use the EPA for free online in order to measure energy emissions and general use.

A business will get a score from the online tool on a scale of 1 to 100. Those with a score of 75+ will get the right to apply for an Energy Star certification.

Benefits of Getting Certified

Once you get your business certified ‘green’, here are just a few of the benefits to expect:

1. You get access to some well-researched marketing strategies that are lucrative along with being environmentally friendly. The organizations will either give you a toolkit of their own making, or you’ll be part of a well-connected network and can learn from other ‘green’ businesses.

2. Going ‘green’ can reduce the daily cost of operation in the long term. One example of this is that renewable energy would cost almost nothing on a daily basis, even though it might be expensive to set up. Solar energy panels might cost you a lot for installation, but they would recharge almost without any additional expense other than maintenance.

3. A ‘green’ business has a good image in the eyes of its employees as well as its consumer base. Having this certification would automatically attract people who’re trying to lead a greener, healthier lifestyle.

4. A ‘green’ certified business is ‘eco-labeled’, which means they can market with a certain ecolabel logo. This gives them a competitive advantage over other companies. It also helps to attract consumers and establish their loyalty to the brand. Overall, this would enhance your brand image and make for good marketing without much additional effort.

5. A ‘green’ company also gets some incentives and government rebates in order to gain more motivation. The government might issue tax credits to such companies and establish other ways to help out in the process of going ‘green’.


If you really want to be known as a ‘green’ business and reap the expected benefits, you also have to prove that you’re economically sustainable. This means that you should prove that you’re responsible in both a moral and social manner along with being financially independent.

As a green business, you have to give back to the environment, uphold human rights, and generally try to make the quality of life better for your society. Having a ‘green business certification’ is instrumental in ensuring that businesses, agencies, and other entities realize their purpose and stay sincere in protecting our natural surroundings.

Hence, in addition to reaping the advantages of going green, you must also be prepared to take on the responsibility. In taking this important step, you’ll win the hearts and hopefully the sales of your audience.