What 10 Years of Bitcoin have Taught Us & What You Need to Know

It’s a few days before Thanksgiving in 2017 and Bitcoin has surpassed the 7500 USD valuation mark for the first time. A few years ago, many would have considered even a $1000 valuation for the cryptocurrency impossible, or at the very least, highly unlikely. Regardless, Bitcoin defied us all and has today … Read more

Things about the US Currency That You Didn’t Know

Things about the US Currency That You Didn't Know

The United States is one of the most economically powerful countries in the world, and that is why the US dollars become the basis for most global transactions made. You may use money a lot but you probably do not give much thought about money, except for lamenting about the lack of … Read more

Can Small Businesses Accept Bitcoin As Payment?

Accepting Bitcoin for a Small Business

Bitcoin is the oldest and largest form of cryptocurrency in the world today. It’s a digital value concept that isn’t sponsored by any specific country’s government. This makes it well suited platform for online transactions in today’s global market. With no exchange rates or government oversight to worry about, traders from all … Read more

Ten Important Things to Know About Bitcoin

about bitcoin

Many people have heard of Bitcoins by now, and a good number of those would like to learn more. To help readers find out about Bitcoin read the following ten important things to learn about Bitcoins.     1. One of the biggest advances in the technological field is the introduction of digital … Read more

Brief History and Introduction of Bitcoin

brief history and introduction of bitcoin

This modern digital age has seen many changes in our everyday dealing. It was only a matter of time before a sort of digital currency came along, which we now know as cryptocurrency. Of this, Bitcoin is the most commonly-known type, although there are others like Ripple and Litecoin. About Bitcoin While … Read more

The Man and Myth Behind Satoshi Nakamoto


If you’re interested in online transactions or even the concept of big data at all, you would probably have heard the name of Bitcoin at some point. This was the first functional cryptocurrency and is still the one with the biggest share of the market. With Bitcoin, you get a universal currency … Read more

What is the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Block Chain?


Defining Bitcoin The term Bitcoin is used to refer to a digital currency used globally and is not owned by any government; meaning the government has no authority or control over it. A person going by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto first proposed it in October 2008 in a series of technical specifications. … Read more

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Is Bitcoin Safe?

The relatively new virtual currency Bitcoin taking the (financial) storm Bitcoin is a software-based payment system where you don’t need any form of traditional currencies such as cash or credit cards. It was designed as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. They are “mined” like gold. This virtual currency has been gaining a … Read more