How Big is the Candy Industry?

How Big is the Candy Industry

Mentioning candy alone triggers smiles into people’s faces. From kids to adults, age doesn’t matter as we link these sweets to various positive feelings like love, comfort, joy, family, and friendship. Whether it’s an after-school treat, a thoughtful gift, or a quick snack, eating candies simply brings us precious moments of happiness … Read more

Ideas for Postal Scales for Small Businesses

Ideas for Postal Scales for Small Businesses

With the arrival of the Internet and the boom of the eCommerce industry, shipping products to consumers has become a fundamental part of small business operations. With that, getting the appropriate postal scale is essential to meet the shipping needs of your company. Whether you’re mailing out small or large items, knowing … Read more

Incorporating Sci-Fi Elements in Your Home Office

Incorporating Sci-Fi Elements in Your Home Office

Your home office must be a place that energizes you, motivates you, and helps boost your productivity. All that won’t happen is you are working in a place that never feels like yours. That’s why it’s vital to spice it up with some fantastic creativity and personal touch even on an interstellar … Read more

Who is the Inventor of Fidget Spinners?

Who is the Inventor of Fidget Spinners

Chances are you’ve also played fidget spinners, the toy craze that received massive hype and success in 2017. Though they’ve only peaked a short period, these catchy devices remain as one of Amazon’s best-selling toys with even more variety in color, sizes, and styles available despite passing their primetime. Marketed as a … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Couch for Offices

Tips for Choosing a Couch for Offices

Having an office couch is essential in every office. It serves as a comfortable waiting area for clients, a place to set meetings, brainstorm strategies and dream big ideas, or as a breathing space for the tiring yet rewarding day. Yet, as we’re in an era of infinite choices, it can be … Read more

Cool Home Office Storage Ideas

Cool Home Office Storage Ideas

Lack of space is a common problem everywhere and home offices are no exception. Having too much clutter and a crammed-up area will take a toll on your working environment, affect your mood, and hamper your productivity. That’s why you need to get clever, spot-on storage solutions to maximize the space and … Read more

Tips for Decorating Home Office Walls

Tips for Decorating Home Office Walls

Your home office’s walls never have to be boring. It’s never a bad decision to decorate them regardless of whether you want a casual office look, a professional setup, or a chill and relaxing vibe. Wall decors can provide that much-needed balance between work and home and create a space that you … Read more

Reasons Why Simple Inventions Make Money


Throughout the past two centuries, humans have exhausted their knowledge, skills, imagination, creativity, and experience to bring countless inventions to the world. In recent decades, many of these creations were required to be technical and sensible to become incredibly successful to bake money for their rightful inventors and investors. Yet, that wasn’t … Read more

Top Reasons Why Using a Footrest Is Helpful


When shopping for ergonomic furniture, you often focus on finding a chair and desk that can support your back, shoulders, and neck, forgetting that there are other parts of your body that are as important – your legs and feet. While your upper body does much of the work, from the brain … Read more

Ways Marketers Can Use AI

Ways Marketers Can Use AI

In this revolutionized era, it is time for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to embrace almost every industry. Recent researches confirm that nowadays, AI technology can enhance work productivity by around forty percent. During the rapid spread of new technologies, marketers were encouraged to design a highly developed and efficient environment. AI has established … Read more

The Challenges of Working In An Home Office

The Challenges of Working In An Home Office

Working from home has its benefits. There are no early morning alarms, no worries about what to wear, and no social interactions when you are not in the mood. You can work in your comfort zone with flexible timings. But have you ever thought about the other side of the coin? Besides … Read more

What Items Were First on the Menu at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s logo from the 1990s to 2000s

Everyone must be familiar with the golden arches that the famous McDonald’s has been using for several years now. About 80 years ago, the first-ever McDonald’s franchise was opened to the public. It was proudly presented by the McDonald’s brothers, Dick and Mac, back in 1940, in San Bernardino, California.  Before McDonald’s … Read more

Learn About Yoshida Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Gold Colored YKK Zipper

You have probably seen the initials YKK in some of your zippers. But, have you wondered about the meaning of those initials is? So in this article, you will find this out and learn about the world’s largest zipper manufacturer here and how the company developed over the years. The YKK Group … Read more

Learn The Interesting History Of UPS

Man Packing Box With Scotch Tape

UPS or United Parcel Service helps us deliver and make accessible things and buy what we need. This track makes everything easy to get the package ahead of time, especially when we don’t have extra time to visit the store. It is constructive for us not to carry the product to the … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of Ben & Jerry’s

An image of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Ice cream would be the best partner in cheers and downfalls. With various flavors, everyone could choose their preference, and surely you have your own too. Ben and Jerry, the pioneers of this ice American ice cream with the same brand name, just made an excellent level of ice cream taste that … Read more

How Did Google Come Up With Its Name?

Google App on Smartphone

Have you tried Googleing how Google comes up with its name? Well, as a wild guess, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. So, just continue to read on for more insights on how Google got their catchy yet one-of-a-kind name. Just A Brief Introduction  Google LLC is a multinational technology company … Read more

Who Owns the Copyright to the Happy Birthday Song?

A photo of Happy Birthday balloons

If there is such powerful last song syndrome in the record, the happy birthday song might be first. Every human in this world has undoubtedly heard and sung the endless melody of this song with either festive or simple celebrations. Well, in fact, this was listed on the Guinness Book of World … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of FedEx

Man Smiling While Holding A Box

Delivery services are more highly demands nowadays. But do know that there a lot of logistics company operating in different countries. And take note they are not just running locally, but their services extended all over the world.  You urge to try to guess! You might guess right!  FedEx is named as … Read more

What are the Best Selling Products of All Time?

Space Gray iPhone 5s

The world is living in a global commercialization age today. Where various countries are engaged in a worldwide market having able to purchase and sell products from another country. This is why product sales were able to reach sky high since then. And local purchases had been only a part of this … Read more

What Are The Largest Tire Manufacturers In The World?

Stack of Rubber Tires

Are you familiar with automotive companies all over the world? Well, if you are, you may be aware that automotive exist a long time ago. And people in the middle class can afford to buy cars or vehicles for their convenience. And automotive production is increasing through pushing the growth factor of … Read more

Who Was The Inventor Of Vaseline and How Was It Founded?

Woman Applying Lotion on Hand

Vaseline is owned by the multinational company Unilever, as an American brand of petroleum jelly based products. Its products range from lotions, creams, deodorants, cleansers, and soaps, all available for men and women. The popularity of Vaseline products extends even outside the United States to various countries around the world. Meanwhile, if … Read more

The Interesting History of Yahoo

Sample Yahoo Webpage

Yahoo is an American Web Services provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994. They were the forerunners of the internet era during the decade. It became a worldwide sensation featuring different email, news, search engine, and even financial services. Despite their popularity during the … Read more

What are the largest businesses in South Korea?

A photo of Seoul, South Korea

For once in your lifetime, most probably, you have heard Seoul somewhere on platforms around. Well, Seoul is where the high-tech civilization and vibrant pop culture could be seen— the vast metropolis of South Korea. South Korea, part of the Asian nation, is not just known for its prominent entertainment and fashion … Read more

Creating Digital Assets For Your Business

Creating Digital Assets For Your Business

With good cause, the term “digital asset” has grown more widespread in marketing and creative communication. 74 percent of marketers currently use graphics in over 70% of their content, according to Venngage. Despite the rising use of digital assets, there remains a misunderstanding about what constitutes a digital asset. Is this just … Read more

Hobbies That Make Money From Home

Hobbies That Make Money From Home

There are a myriad of hobbies that might help you harness your creativity, ranging from photography and blogging to cooking and baking. However, in the midst of clearing bills and paying off debts, you may find yourself ignoring your passions. What if you could convert your favorite pastime into a lucrative side … Read more

The History of the Packaging of Hershey’s Kisses

The History of the Packaging of Hershey’s Kisses

Out of all the chocolate candies in the industry, Hershey’s Kisses has arguably one of the most intriguing package designs of all. This mouth-watering goodness of a chocolate is wrapped in colorful foils topped with a “flag” on each of them. According to Hershey’s Kisses, some of the brand’s earliest developments came … Read more

Best Business Ideas for Retirees

old man sitting

Are you retired and looking for a side hustle or business idea? There are various low-capital choices available to you if you want to establish your own business. We’ve compiled a list of the most profitable business ideas you can start right now! Starting a business after retirement is becoming a more … Read more