Celebrity Inventors

Inventors have been stereotyped as being disheveled scientists who spend most of their days inside the laboratory, not the glamorous ...
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Pioneering Women Of Business

Women in general find it difficult to succeed in the business world due to established social norms and gender bias ...
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Interesting Facts About The Coffee Industry

No other beverage is revered, respected and enjoyed in such a high level than coffee. You can see it everywhere: ...
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Oldest Companies Still in Operation

Check out some of the world's oldest existing companies. You should take note that there are other companies that predated ...
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Interesting Facts About Wall Street

Here are some interesting facts about Wall Street and the US financial sector that will blow your mind! ...
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Interesting Facts About Iconic Brands

With a combination of genius marketing campaign and maybe a stroke of luck, these brands became household names all over ...
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Famous Failures

Failure shouldn't discourage anyone from pursuing their dreams and aspirations. Instead, failure should be seen as a stepping stone to ...
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Quotes About Technology

Check out these top 10 Technology quotes ...
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Top Ten Interesting Facts About Samsung

Here are the top ten interesting (and some surprising) facts about one of the biggest mobile players in the world, ...
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Top Ten Interesting Facts About Google

Google may be the world's most recognizable names today, but you'll be further amazed by some of these interesting fun ...
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Biggest Tech Blunders

In the light of the Apple iPhone 6's recent issues such as the "Bendgate" and subsequently, "Hairgate," we thought of ...
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Top Ten Interesting Things About Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the elite brands in the world. Despite the increasing sales of the iMac computers, Microsoft still ...
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Ten Interesting Facts About Apple

Apple is now one of the biggest global brands today. Without it you won't be having and enjoying your iMacs, ...
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Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs

Although the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was quite a private individual, there are some aspects of his life that ...
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Stupid Ideas That Made Millions

It is amazing how many stupid ideas over the past 50 or so years have made their inventors a good ...
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Amazing Entrepreneurs

From King Croesus to Steve Jobs - these entrepreneurs have had an amazing impact on the world around us ...
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Introduction to Solar Power Chargers for Electronics

The benefits of solar-powered chargers Imagine you're camping or trekking up on the hills, and you get stranded. But you've ...
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Famous Businesses That Started in Garages

Biggest companies that began in garages Great things come from small beginnings, as we say. Many of the biggest corporations, ...
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Blue Origin – A Profile of This Emerging Space Company

Founder of Blue Origin company Jeff Bezos (center), in front of the Blue Origin crew capsule Space travel is not ...
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Can Small Businesses Accept Bitcoin As Payment?

Introduction to Bitcoin Bitcoin is fast emerging as a potential investment tool and electronic currency. Simply put, Bitcoin is a ...
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Ten Important Things to Know About Bitcoin

Many people have heard of bitcoins but would like to learn more. The following are ten important things to learn ...
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SEO and Web Marketing – Harness the Power of Google Analytics

The goal of nearly every website, and all online marketers, is to have their website reach the top of Google’s ...
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Google Webmaster Tools

If you are a webmaster the first thing on your mind is of course that your site be found on ...
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Seven Ways to Improve Your Website Content

How to make your website's content better The not-so-secret of a successful website lies largely on its content. These days ...
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Brief History and Introduction of Bitcoin

The idea of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was first unveiled to the public on October 2008. The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, ...
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Tools for Finding Good Keywords

Keywords are the most important element in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google or ...
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Those SEO Google Animals – Panda and Penguin – How They Affect Your Site

Google search results are the holy grail of web marketing. Consumers and businesses naturally go to their computers, tablets and ...
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The Five Best Social Media Tools for Business

The social media tools for your web marketing campaign You are wondering about what tools that successful marketing pros use ...
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Overview of Social Bookmarking Sites

Over the past several years Social Bookmarking has become very popular amongst web users and very important for building search ...
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The Man and Myth Behind Satoshi Nakamoto

Who really is Satoshi Nakamoto, the supposed founder of Bitcoin? Satoshi Nakamoto is the name that was given as the ...
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What is the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Block Chain?

Defining Bitcoin The term Bitcoin is used to refer to a digital currency used globally and is not owned by ...
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History of Blogging

Blogging - a big part of online culture Blogging is one of the most popular Internet activities, a part of ...
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What Is A SERP?

At one time or another while surfing the web, you might have encountered the acronym SERP. But most probably you ...
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Is Bitcoin Safe?

The relatively new virtual currency Bitcoin taking the the (financial) storm Bitcoin is a software-based payment system where you don't ...
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Can Pinterest Be Used for Web Marketing?

"Promoted Pins" and "DIY Promoted Pins" Pinterest is one of the most popular social media/visual discovery sites today where people ...
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The Importance of Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to find anything on the Internet, you go to a search engine and type a word or ...
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Using Instagram for Web Marketing

Seems that every kind of social media has been utilized in web marketing. So you're wondering, what are you going ...
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So What Is A Hedge Fund?

Imagine you are an investment beginner but still a little bit confused about financial terms such as hedge funds. This ...
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Understanding Government Resources for Small Business

Small business can avail of government resources through loans Every small business has the potential to grow although many of ...
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So What Is A Derivative?

The definition of a derivative This term is sometimes used a lot not only in financial circles but also in ...
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Benefits of Going Green As A Business – Get Certified

Businesses jumping on the "green" bandwagon Today, individuals and entrepreneurs and business entities are giving utmost importance as to how ...
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Tips on Using Other Websites for Link Building

Check out some successful social media and search engines for the link building. A successful website uses other websites for ...
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Building an Effective Company Blog

Top Tips for Building an Effective Company Blog Growing an online presence for your company begins with building an effective ...
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History of State Farm Insurance

One of the most trusted and dependable insurance firms in the US If you need dependable insurance, you need look ...
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What is Renter’s Insurance?

If you are renting a place and paying monthly for it, you think that you may not need insurance at ...
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What Are the Major Kinds of Insurance?

In our everyday lives, we sometimes hear about insurance policies. But do we understand what they are, their different types ...
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History of Allstate Insurance

Next to State Farm, the Allstate Insurance is the the second largest insurance firm in the US. It's also the ...
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Top Tips for Using Facebook Pages for Your Business

Aim for constant online presence by using Facebook The world of Facebook grows and expands on a regular basis and ...
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Small Business Can Grow with Social Media Sites

The Three Important Social Media Sites The Internet hosts many small businesses and some of them fail within the first ...
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Business Guide – Running a Green Business

Becoming more environmentally aware Many businesses and individuals around the world have decided to go green and engage in green ...
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The Hallmarks of a Quality Insurance Company

Picking "the one" out of the many insurance companies There are plenty of quality insurance companies out there. It’s simply ...
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So What is Fiverr Exactly and Why All the Buzz?

The buzz on the Fiverr marketplace One of these days you may have hear about Fiverr's marketplace for services -- ...
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Why Hire a Strategy Consulting Firm

A company needing a clear strategy to save itself from more financial loss There are many possible reasons of a ...
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Strategy Consulting Firms: The Importance of Competitive Analysis

What does competitive analysis contribute to a business strategy? Competitive research is vital in developing a business technique for any ...
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Business Guide – Four ways to keep your printing environmentally friendly

Printing is a reality for any business - if you want to be environmentally friendly - consider how you manage ...
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Quality Link Building With Social Media Sites

Link building -- a big factor for online marketing success A successful marketing plan for your online product niche starts ...
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Using Tumblr for Business

What is Tumblr and what can it do to your online business? Tumblr is a blogging platform that has become ...
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Explaining Web Marketing

What is Web Marketing? Web marketing refers to a wide category of advertising that takes many different forms, but generally ...
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