Advantages of Working With the Small Business Administration (SBA)


The Paycheck Protection Program has brought the US Small Business Administration to prominence recently, but this government organization has been assisting small businesses for decades. From small company loans to counseling, the SBA offers a wide range of services that entrepreneurs should take advantage of.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) has been … Read more

Memorable State Farm Commercials

A barn in Indiana, USA

Founded in 1992, State Farm is today known for being a ‘good neighbor’. George Jacob who was a retired farmer and insurance salesman at that time came up with the idea of State Farm. Today, the company owns more cars and homes than any other insurance company in the United States. Many … Read more

Top 13 Things Successful People Do

A man sitting on a chair and holding a book

Everyone wants to be successful, and one of the best ways to do so is by emulating other successful people. While successful people have their own unique approach, there are several common patterns you can follow. If you have ever watched interviews, lectures, or seminars of successful people, you will more often … Read more

Weird Tax Laws around the US

Different states in the USA have their own unique (and sometimes weird) ways of generating income, whether it is to influence behavior or take benefit of key local industries. From tax on blueberries in Maine to candy in Illinois, you never know what thing is subjected to tax. Check out these 19 … Read more

Tips for Boosting Productivity Through Proper Workspace Lighting

Tips for Boosting Productivity Through Proper Workspace Lighting

Want to boost staff productivity in your workplace? Try revamping the lighting. Changes in the quality, intensity and availability of lights can have a profound impact not only on how well employees can see, but also in overall health and mood. Several individuals suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), for instance, leverage … Read more

Tips For Minimizing Stress Related To Office Relocation

Tips For Minimizing Stress Related To Office Relocation

Intro Office relocation is a common theme in the business world, and it can be a very stressful endeavor. Part of relieving this stress, should you be faced with it, can come from having been prepared for it. But should you be part of an office relocation, the post relocation period has … Read more

Here’s How You Can Support Your Employees’ Growth

Businessman in a Suit

The capacity of an organization to hold its employees and its hired talent – or, simply employee retention is a growing concern for businesses. Sure, you can offer great perks, benefits, a competitive salary, or an excellent work environment, but research suggests that these factors don’t impact staff satisfaction and employee retention … Read more

Things To Consider When Hiring An Office Cleaning Service

A person cleaning hallways with a wide mop

As businesses grow and their operations expand over larger and even multiple buildings, they require a lot more maintenance than they did when they first started. Sure, people can clean and look after their own individual offices, but as the number of offices rises so does the size of the building they’re … Read more

Cybersecurity Matters Even If You Are a Small Business

Computer Screen with Code on It

A report by Symantec (a subsidiary of Broadcom) reveals that compared to larger organizations, smaller organizations are more likely to get attacked with email threats, such as phishing and malware. In addition to the higher risk that smaller organizations face, it is increasingly difficult (sometimes even impossible) to recover in the event … Read more

Considerations to make before registering a business name

Address Logo Name Company Business Card

If you’re planning to become an entrepreneur, one of the key steps you’ll need to take is to register a business name. In other words, you need to be mindful of a few things before you register your business. The guidelines below should make the bits and bobs of business registration easier.  … Read more

Taking the Stress Out of Document Shredding Compliance

Taking the Stress Out of Document Shredding Compliance

Businesses in different verticals are consistently burdened with files and documents that contain sensitive information. As such, they’re subjected to strict regulations from government institutes that require organizations to keep consumer information safe. Many industries have specific document shredding policies that must be vigilantly followed to prevent fines and other penalties. We’ve … Read more

Calculating Software TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Calculating Software TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

What is Software TCO? Total Cost of Ownership can be defined as an all-inclusive assessment of IT and related costs of a software/solution, including hardware, software, maintenance, management, communications, support, training, opportunity costs due to downtime and productivity losses. It includes all the direct and indirect costs of implementing, maintaining and supporting … Read more