Upcoming Social Media Channels to Keep an Eye On

Upcoming Social Media Channels to Keep an Eye On

The year 2020 altered nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we socialize. Distancing ourselves from others has become a norm; leaving a hole for customized communication that we used to have in person. Nonetheless, humans are flexible, and in the last year, a slew of new social networking sites have … Read more

Managing and Optimizing Yelp Business Listings

Managing and Optimizing Yelp Business Listings

Introduction Yelp is one of the most popular business listing platforms that connects businesses with over 145 million monthly visitors. Generating revenues through Yelp is a lot more than just creating listings and waiting for customers to come. Although optimizing Yelp listings does take quite some time and effort in the beginning, … Read more

Google My Business (GMB) Listing Management and Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) Listing Management and Optimization

Introduction Google My Business is a local listing platform that helps businesses connect with customers and promote themselves online. Getting started on GMB is fairly straight forward i.e. you sign-in with an existing Google account or create a new ID and start listing your business (or edit existing locations). However, that’s just … Read more

Best CMS for Blogging Websites

CMS for Blogging Websites

If you’re really passionate about making your presence felt on the World Wide Web via blogging, then you should know some basics before you jump in. Every blogging site requires a foundation. Content management systems (CMS) offer that foundation along with a canvas to design your blogging site own. Therefore, it’s essential … Read more

Why Should You Remove Outdated Content from Your Website?

Remove Outdated Content

Sometimes website owners have pages on their domains that perform well, so they never think about revisiting them, even if the text, visuals, research, etc. on those pages is outdated and doesn’t resonate with their audience anymore. While getting visits to these pages through search engine rankings is a great feat to … Read more

4 Types of Content That Gets the Most Likes & Shares

Most Likes & Shares

Are you looking to craft share-worthy content? Do you wish to get recognition in a crowded internet landscape? New sites are always popping up on the digital scene, and it’s getting incredibly difficult to succeed in the cutthroat world of the World Wide Web. How can you get people scrolling on their … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up A WordPress Forum

DWT Forum

Building natural engagement on your website is brutally tough. Why? People skim. They only read 20% of the content on your site. If they aren’t reading it fully, there is almost no chance that they’ll post a comment on your latest blog post. They want to consume information fast and then sneak … Read more

Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads


LinkedIn is sort of like that social platform sitting in the far corner at the back during university lectures. Everyone is aware of LinkedIn, but no one interacts with it like they do with Twitter and Facebook. It’s somewhat surprising, since LinkedIn is a powerhouse, and can do a lot to help … Read more

How to Measure the Success of Your Website

Like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably invested a lot of energy and time into the development of your website. You may have recruited a developer to manage the design, an SEO specialist to improve the rankings, and a social media assistant to spread the word. These are all very crucial steps to getting … Read more

Using Instagram’s Business Tools and Features

Using Instagram’s Business Tools and Features

Instagram has been gaining a lot of popularity in the past couple of years, even surpassing Facebook and Twitter in several respects. Most young people are now on Instagram, while many businesses are choosing to do so as well. Using this social media platform is actually going to up any startup’s chances … Read more