What is Affiliate Marketing?

In an oversaturated world of the internet, it is often hard for new websites to gain traction in search engines, mainly due to the lack of daily viewers or due to other websites overpowering their rivals in online presence. Luckily, there is a way for these new websites to get presence on the internet, and that is through a program called “affiliate marketing.” What is this program? And how does this help brands or businesses thrive in the often overpopulated World Wide Web and make them more known online? Let us find out as we get a closer look at some details and features of affiliate marketing.

Knowing More about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process where you will be able to get profits from another company or brand by promoting their products or services on your website. Besides promotion, affiliate marketing also involves adding links to the other brand’s website to your website, which means that there is a way for your viewers to easily go to the company or brand you are promoting.

To have a better idea on how affiliate marketing works, let us say that you have a website that is gaining hundreds or thousands of viewers per day, and that you want to use your views to good use by applying for an affiliate program. You can sign up for an affiliate program from other companies or websites that offer it online, and once you’ve signed up, you will be given instructions on how to promote their products or services on your website. Most of the instructions given in affiliate programs are focused on adding links to your website that leads to the company’s product page.


Getting profits on an affiliate program would depend on the how many link clicks your viewers do whenever they see the links to the affiliate website or how many products have been sold by the affiliate from the viewers of your website. For example, the most popular affiliate program online is owned by Amazon, and their affiliates would often add links on their website, blog, or videos. Once the reader or viewer clicks the Amazon link, he or she must buy the product posted on the linked page itself in order for the affiliate to get profit or commission. The amount of profit the affiliate will get will be a percentage of the price of the sold product.

Can You Set Up an Affiliate Program?

If you own a business and it has a website, you can set up an affiliate program so that other people will be able to get profits from the products or services you sell while also promoting your website and expanding your reach online. However, if you are a startup business, it may be difficult to create an affiliate program you will actually share your profits to others, thus making your revenue lower.

So, there are some risks involved in creating an affiliate program since you will lose a few profits while also getting your brand to be more known on the internet. If you don’t have the budget to have an affiliate program, then it is best that you advertise your business yourself instead of relying on other websites or blogs. On the other hand, if you want to earn money using your website, you should be the one that will sign up for an affiliate program.

Are Affiliate Programs Less Expensive than Advertisements?

Advertisements online and in print ads are sometimes expensive, which is why many brands are resulting to affiliate marketing to make their products have an online presence. Creating an affiliate program is free, so you can actually call it free advertisement from other websites or blogs. However, getting more affiliates to sign up for your program would actually cost you your profits, as you would need to give commission to your affiliate if they are successfully in enticing their readers or viewers to buy your products or services.

In a way, most businesses today, especially the ones that have more online presence, would rather create an affiliate program than a marketing team. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that affiliate marketing is more effective than traditional marketing, as the former can only survive online, while traditional marketing is much more versatile as it also involves print ads, social media posts, and online ads.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise or promote your products, and it is also one of the cheapest since you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get affiliates. it can be a great way to work alone build some financial freedom.  If you think that your revenue will allow you to give commission to other websites that will be promoting your business, then you can try creating an affiliate program and see if it actually expands your online reach.