Picking the Right Storefront Sign

The first thing that a potential customer sees before entering a shop is the storefront signs. These signs make customers think about what is your store all about. It gives a slight hint for them to guess what you are selling or offering to them and picking the right storefront sign can really give a good impression to your business.

An indication that you have chosen the right storefront sign is when it captivates passersby to enter your store. That is why a store owner must also appropriate the right storefront sign according to whatever you are offering to the customers. To help you with choosing the correct signage, here is a list of storefront signages you might want to install in your store.

1. Canopy Signage

These are usually used in cafes and restaurants. Canopy is put up in your storefront, and your brand name can be printed at the front or the side of the canopy. These attract customers especially when it’s raining, or the heat is too much. These signages can be customized to your taste, whether using fabric or metal as the canopy to the design of the canopy to be put up. Though, consider that prices may vary according to the size and materials used, the installation also is a separate charge in the process. But this signage is an excellent choice since it’s a long-lasting device to help you attract customers.

2. Backlit Storefront Signs

These signages are usually common among bars, clubs and clothing business. These are signages where light is placed behind the design or logo to achieve that glowing effect. These signages increase the visibility and attraction for customers, especially during the night. Shieldco backlit signs offer you the whole package from choosing the right color to the installation of your signage at your store. Prices vary depending on size, materials and any specifics that you have requested but usually for backlit storefront signs, prices start at $500.

3. Painted Glass Signages

These options are usually common in groceries, clothing, art shops, cafes, and restaurants, depending on your logo or your request. These are when the glass of the storefront is painted with the design or logo of your store. For example, in some art shops that have installed painted glass signages, they also add attractive designs and drawings to give it more color. Prices depend on the design that you want to achieve and of course the size of it. Though consider that, the visibility of these signages is not that good. Also, it is not easily seen from afar, so when considering this signage, it is wise also to install another signage from the list to increase attraction and visibility.

4. Metal Lettering Signages

These were common and are still common in an antique shop, bookstore, and hotels to give the impression of an authentic and classy style. These are letterings that are put up right above your store. Your choice of letter font, size, and color are limitless but always remember that your lettering signages should be appropriate to your line of business. Prices start at $200, but installation and request for any customization are not yet included in the total bill.

5. Metal Board Signages

These are common in depots, bake shops, and cafes. Unlike the metal lettering where the letter is separately installed one by one, metal boards are put up quickly. But these cost more than the former since the price depends on the complexity of your design, also considering separate charges for installation and the size of the signboard you want. Also, to preserve that new look, you should allocate some money for touch-ups every once in a while.

6. Plywood Storefront Signages

Quite common in barbershops, bake shops cafes and antique stores. These signages are the ones hanging from a flat steel. It is best that you choose the most premium materials for longevity. Remember that your logo or your brand name must be appropriate the type of wood you wanted for a more visible and attractive effect. But remember that weather can factor in and damage these types of storefront so be ready to change your plywood signages frequently.

7. Digital Signages

These are used in appliance stores and computer shops. These signages are entirely new because of our more advanced technology. There are many choices to choose from, also in the medium usually used. LED television and LED lights can be used in digital signages

8. Fabric Signages

These types of signages are used in many kinds of business because of their ability to adapt to any function. This is the cheapest signage among the list as this can be easily ordered on the internet but remember that the design, size of your logo or brand name and the complexity of your design can affect the price rate. Usually, the materials used are nylon, vinyl, and plastic depending on your choice. The thing here is though it’s cheap, fabric signages are not that durable, so in the long process, you need to replace it once in a while to maintain a mint condition.