What Does the S.O.S. Stands For in S.O.S Brand Scrub Pads and What Is Its History?

You might encounter SOS as a salvage term for a specific occurrence. Some might even argue about the real definition of it, but for the S.O.S Scrubs consumers, it is definitely a life-saving product in kitchenware. This great brand has a lot to say in the history of cookware’s cleaner, so here is the meaning and history behind all its success.     

S.O.S But No Period in the End

The S.O.S or Save Our Saucepans was invented by Mr. Edwin Cox. Back in 1917, he was an aluminum pot salesman. Eventually, his former career became lame, and his pans are not clicking great in the customers’ doors. It was clever of Cox when he thought of how will his pans would be saved from the grease and gunk. He dipped steel wool pads into soap and oil until the solution was perfect enough to hold tight. It was not sold at first because the steel pads are like freebies to his pan customers. 

Surprisingly, the customers got interested not in his pans but this steel wool pad. It is said that his wife was the one who came up with the product’s name. Initially, S.O.S. or Save Our Saucepans was not accepted by the US patent office due to the known distress signal, S.O.S., which cannot be copyrighted. Cox decided to eliminate the period in the last S. Soon, the product’s name, S.O.S, was finally granted. 

The Mighty S.O.S

Steel wool pads are the initial model of the brand— created from Cox’s basement from the beginning, proudly made from the United States of America. The pads are made of steel wool, soaked with soap. The soap is made up of rust inhibitors, biodegradable soaps, preservatives and detergents, fragrance, pH buffer, and color. Now the question is will it rust because of the evident steel in the product? The brand says it will but keeping it dry on a well surface will help to expand the scrub’s usage. It is advisable to use the steel pads in stainless steel and aluminum cookware pieces.

Another product in the line is the Non-Scratch rubbers which are best for the non-stick pots. That is because it is composed of polypropylene fibers. So the scrub won’t rust. Another one is the soap that has the same components as the steel ones. If you are familiar with their S.O.S Tuffy, sadly, it is not available anymore in the market; that is why Non-Scratch rubbers were produced to save the delicate surfaces without scratches. 

S.O.S in the Market

In 1918, the US patent office finally granted the name of the product, and after a year, Cox built the new S.O.S company in Chicago. George Brooks, an engineer, has joined the company and offered to create specialized machinery for the production of the scrubs. Soon, he became the vice president and general manager for almost 40 years in this company. 

In the 1950s, the brand flourished in the market and was even advertised in television events. These are the Sid Caesar’s Show of Shows, The Molly Goldberg Show, The Price is Right, Queen For A Day, Tic-Tac-Dough, and Comedy Time. Later in this year, the General Food Corporation bought the S.O.S from the original company. 

In September of 1968, the prominent Miles company bought the S.O.S from the General Food Corporation. The company improved the soap solution. After their research, the color of the soap changed from red to blue. The Big Blue of S.O.S. dominated the Pink pad of Brillo, and it became the widely known brand in the US.  In the 1990s, the junior size of this brand has produced in the market nationwide. 

The Clorox Company has finally bought the S.O.S products business of Miles Inc.  In 1996, the Powerpack, a two-bottle spray package, was produced and sold to the institutional market. One of the business facts is the need to innovate every product in order to stay in the market. With that, the three scrubber sponges were introduced in the market. These are the big job, light-duty, and CleanRinse. The company has indeed improved the products. In 2017, the brand celebrated its 100 years in the run. The company is still promising new innovative products in the line and still winning the heart of their customers.