Should You Have a Couch in Your Home Office?

Due to the pandemic that has affected the entire world in 2020, many people with office jobs started working remotely, thus the term “work from home” became much more popular even if it has existed before 2020. There are some people that only do their task for work using a company-owned laptop, finding office gadgets to boost productivity, etc. but there are a few that actually creates a space where they will feel like they are in an office, and this space became known as the “home office.”

Home offices are fully customizable depending on the owner’s preferences. Of course, the important pieces of furniture that should be placed inside the home office are a desk and a comfortable chair. However, there are several people that would opt to add other types of furniture in the home office to maximize its space, and one of the most popular types is the couch. Now, there is a debate if a couch is appropriate for a home office space, and if you are one of those people that are deciding on whether or not you should buy a couch, we are giving you several pros and cons to having a couch on your home office.



The couch may be the second most comfortable piece of furniture of all time, with the first one being the bed. With that said, couches would naturally have many pros in whatever room you want it to be placed, including the home offices. To learn more about these pros, here are some advantages to having a couch in your home office.

Provides Comfort

Spending hours sitting on a chair and in front of a computer can be tiring and stressful, which is why the couch can easily provide you with the comfort you need to unwind whenever your get stressed or tired. If you want to take a nap during breaks, you will be able to do so without leaving your home office or going to be, which can lead to you sleeping for more hours than what you intended to. Before you take a nap, make sure that you set up an alarm on your smartphone or alarm clock if you think that you are a heavy sleeper so you will still wake up on time. Even without taking a nap, just lying on the couch can give you comfort in an instant.

Can Let Other People Chill in Your Home Office

If your loved ones don’t distract you from working on your tasks, you can invite them in your home office to just chill, sit on the couch, and talk to you about certain topics that may be related to your work or life. Speaking to your loved ones can often help alleviate stress, and it can also be a way for you to have a thought that they will always have your back even in times of stress. During breaks, you can play board games or just eat snack with them while having a conversation. The couch will act as a space for your loved ones to watch your back in the home office.

Makes Your Home Office Space Less Empty

If you are the type of person that is concerned on the interior design of the home office, the couch can provide an added “flair” to the space to make it appear less empty. If you have a big office space at home, having only a desk and a chair can be quite depressing to look at, and this may further add to your stress. You can make your home office livelier by having more pieces of furniture like shelves, small tables, and couches if you want to make it more like a home than an office. In addition, you can also add vibrant colors on the walls using paint to give the space a more positive vibe.


There is a negative term associated to couches called the “couch potato,” which refers to people that don’t do anything besides sitting on the couch, watching TV, and almost doing nothing. Most of the cons that will be mentioned below are related to that term.

Can Make You Spend More Time Resting than Working

If you have a couch in your home office, there is a chance that you might lie there more than sit on your chair and keep working on your tasks. The couch can be an enticing piece of furniture, as it is often so comfortable that you usually have no choice but to lie there and take a nap than sit or lie anywhere in the office space. If you are able to manage your time for work and rest, then this may not be a con for you.

May Demotivate You from Working

As previously stated, the couch may entice you to have more time for rest than work, and getting more rest during work days will surely demotivate you from doing your daily tasks. Of course, resting isn’t really a bad thing, especially if you are already getting too much stress from work, but taking too much rest can also be bad for your mindset. If you are going to have a couch in your home office, you should keep in mind that it is only there for you to take a nap, rest, or unwind for a few minutes before going back to work, as it not supposed to be the place in the space where you should spend most of your time.

Those are a few of the pros and cons of having a couch in the home office, and the cons could affect you based on your work mindset. Always remember that you are working to provide for your loved ones and to reach your dreams, and resting too much and getting lazy for work can prevent you from achieving your goals. Always work hard, but remember to just take a rest if you are tired or stress and never give up.