Tips for Incorporating a Sectional Sofa in a Home Office

Home offices combine the vibe of professional office space and the relaxed ambiance of working from home. Perhaps it’s the perfect incarnation of productivity and comfort, allowing you to efficiently do your job while keeping the engagements as cozy as possible. To achieve that, many incorporate different pieces of furniture and adornments apart from the main office desk.

One good example is the sectional sofa. When you need to do tasks, such as planning, research, reading, or creative work without the need for your computer or you want to simply relax your computer after finishing a stressful assignment, sectionals serve as a comfy working area and seating place.

Apart from that, a sectional sofa also unifies space, especially if your home office is sparsely furnished, incredibly improving the room’s aesthetics. If you need to accept clients, sectionals can be a perfect gathering spot to seat them as you engage in fruitful conversations.

With all such benefits, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be adding this furniture to your home office. If you don’t have one yet, fret no more, as we got you covered! Read on below and discover some helpful tips for incorporating a sectional sofa into your home office.

1. Do your homework first.

Before rushing to the nearest furniture shop or searching for a sectional sofa, you first need to consider your home office space. The room size is the initial thing you need to think of, as you’d want to get a sectional that perfectly fits your home office space. Ensure that the sofa you’re getting won’t crown your home office, especially if you have a small space. Of course, you want to have enough area to move around without altering the flow.

An excellent way to know that is by studying the room size and checking the proportions. Get some craft paper or newspapers. Place them on where you want to place your sectional sofa and come up with different floor plans. Through that, you can imagine the possible way the sofa will sit in your home office and choose that will best fit the space.

2. Consider the style.

Your home office should never be boring. You can always play with its design, follow an overall scheme, add accessories. Some home offices are chic or artsy, while others may follow an industrial or minimalist style. Depending on the look you want to achieve in your home office, get a sectional sofa that will ultimately blend with it. If your home office space leans towards the contemporary style, find a sofa that features sleek colors and crisp lines. If you have a relaxed theme instead, opt for neutral colors and modest designs to match the serene ambiance.

3. Study the flow.

Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks of incorporating a sectional sofa into a home office is ensuring it doesn’t block the natural flow. Consider the entry point. Ensure that your sectional sofa won’t block your doorway or much of your walkway. You would always want a home office, where you can maneuver with ease, sans any inconvenience of bumping into this furniture or having to circle around just to get in and out of the room. 

Your windows are another consideration. Placing your sectional sofa in front of your window can restrict the amount of natural light and the air that comes into the room. Not to mention that you won’t also be able to fully enjoy the beautiful view outside your home. As such, make sure that you study the flow and ensure that you won’t be blocking anything. 

4. Place the sectional sofa against the focal point.

A sectional sofa is ideally placed opposite the focal point of your home office – your desk. Doing so ensures that the room is balanced and is utilized the best way possible. Your desk can already be visually heavy, so placing the sectionals places the equal weight on the other side of the room, balancing it out and creating a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing look.

5. Float your sectional sofa.

Sofas, in general, are placed against the wall. Yet, it doesn’t need to apply to sectionals. What’s great about them is that you can “float” them by pulling them away from the walls. It will provide some breathing room and enough space behind to walk, and it’s an excellent way to stir things up visually. Don’t be restricted, as you can always be inventive on how you can make the sectional sofa work best for your home office space.


A sectional sofa can be one of the best and functional additions to your home office. You can follow the above-listed tips above or devise fresh new ideas to use sectionals in the most practical and exciting way possible. After all, your home office is your refuge for both productivity and comfort. So, always strive to bring the best for it.