Top Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners

If you’re wondering how zero gravity recliners got their quirky name, let’s pinpoint NASA. It hails to the zero gravity position the agency developed to aid astronauts in easing body stress when taking off. They’ve found out that suspending the bodies at a 120° angle, equalizes the force and pressure that acts on the body, providing a heavenly and comforting state of equilibrium.

Soon, the neutral body positioning reached and revolutionized the world of recliners. Apart from utmost relaxation, zero-gravity recliners pack a lot of incredible benefits to your health. Let’s defy gravity and discover what these amazing perks are and why you should be incorporating one into your home office.

1. Corrects Posture

One of the surprising benefits of zero-gravity recliners is posture correction. Through its signature position, it corrects the misalignments in your shoulders, neck, and spine. It prevents you from slouching, as you would typically do with a traditional chair or couch. Thus, helping you maintain a good and improved posture.

2. Better Blood Circulation

Your heart and feet are aligned whenever you’re relaxing in the zero gravity position. That means that the heart has an easier time doing its job, resulting in better blood circulation around your entire body. Consequently, improved blood circulation provides countless benefits, such as pain and swelling reduction in the legs and speedy recovery from injuries.

3. Stimulate Lymphatic Circulation

Some zero gravity recliners have massage features that stimulate the movement of the lymph fluids. The lymphatic system serves as the body’s drainage network, collecting waste products and protecting the body free from infection. The catch is that there is no heart-like pump mechanism that does it for the lymphatic system. It only moves around through muscle movement and breathing. That’s where massages help, as they encourage the better flow of lymph fluids throughout the body.

4. Relieves Lower Back Pain 

If you’re experiencing back pain after sitting down in your home office for the entire day, you no longer have to endure the persisting sensation, as zero gravity recliners can do wonders in easing them away. These specialized chairs take the strain from your lower and lessen the strain on your vertebrae. As such, your back can relax and feel free from the pain caused by misalignments and static posture.

5. Ease headaches and other pains

Zero gravity recliners with massage options are known to help reduce different types of pain, such as headaches, body aches, and shoulder pain. Massage brings down the cortisone levels, the hormone produced by the body in response to stress. Instead, it increases serotonin, which is one of the body’s anti-pain mechanisms, allowing massage to reduce pains or remove them totally.

6. Relaxes sore muscles

Have you overworked yourself during a workday? While you can always exert extra effort to finish tasks, remember that the body still has its capacity. When it goes beyond its limit, the muscles can quickly get stiff and sore. Zero gravity recliners allow your body to enter a state of weightlessness, relieving the soreness and allowing the muscles to relax.

7. Lowers blood pressure

As part of the benefits of improved blood circulation, the heart experiences less stress, making the heartbeat and blood pressure constant. As a result, the body also stays relaxed, providing a similar feeling of a rejuvenating yoga exercise. No surprise, that these chairs are often recommended as an excellent and effective supportive tool for those suffering from high blood pressure levels.

8. Aids the lungs

The lungs rely on the action of the diaphragm, the most efficient muscle you use for breathing that pulls and forces air out of the lungs. Zero gravity position aids the lungs by allowing the diaphragm to reach full extension. Thus, also enabling the lungs to attain full function without any strain. With the consistent use of zero gravity recliners, the capacity of the lung can increase and allow more oxygen, preventing shortness of breath and giving you more endurance to deal with your tasks.

9. Prevents snoring

Apart from improving breathing, zero gravity recliners also help in reducing snoring. When you lie flat, excess fat around the neck or tissues on the back of the throat often blocks the airways, causing vibrating sounds. Zero gravity recliners resolve this by keeping the head and upper body slightly elevated, clearing the airways for better breathing and reduced snoring, which consequently results in improved sleep quality.

10. Reduces stress

Beyond all the listed physical health benefits, one of the most adored benefits of zero gravity recliners is that they also help reduce stress. No matter how much you’ve been through the day, you can get utmost relaxation, great relief from stress, and a clearer mindset through these chairs.

Final Words

From reading your favorite book, browsing through your phone, or skimming emails, there are lots of activities you can do while sitting comfortably on a zero gravity recliner. In the process, you also reap the amazing benefits it offers, making it truly a rewarding experience.