What are the Benefits of Stand Up Desks?

Doing office work would often require people to exert physical and mental effort in order to do the tasks effectively. While working at the office would usually affect your mental health more, the long hours of sitting in the office chair and leaning towards the monitor would often cause problems with your physical health. Sitting in an uncomfortable position would result to back problems, which is why many health-focused websites, blogs, and social media pages are always reminding office workers to keep a healthy posture while sitting on a chair.


Unfortunately, reminding yourself to always have a proper posture is sometimes difficult, especially if you are focused on doing your task at work. However, if you are currently working at home and are free to decorate and design your home office, this may be the right for you to get a stand up desk. A stand up desk, also known as a standing desk, is a type of table that is taller than a regular office desk and is made for your to stand up to do office work instead of sitting down. There are different types of standing desks that you can buy in furniture stores or online shops, but the best type is the one that has adjustable legs so that it can be converted to a regular desk. Why do you need a standing desk for your home office? To answer this question, let us find out the different benefits of stand up desks.

Reduces Back Pain

As mentioned before, sitting in an uncomfortable position can cause back pain, but this problem can be resolved if you are standing up while doing office work. Humans would naturally have a better posture while standing up, which is why having a standing desk will allow your body to be in a better position instead of standing up. This benefit is also supported by several studies claiming that standing up is much healthier for your back than sitting down on a chair. You can try to use a standing desk for two weeks and see if it makes a difference in alleviating your back.

Prevents Weight Gain

Sitting down makes your body sedentary or inactive, and this means that it doesn’t burn calories needed for you to lose weight.  On a standing desk, even if you are just standing up, it would actually make you burn calories, but not as much as regular exercise. According to studies, standing up while doing office work will actually allow you to burn at 170 calories per day. So, using a standing desk is very beneficial for your health, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Besides losing weight, standing also prevent you from being obese, as your  body will get “exercised” even if you are just standing up while working. Even if you don’t have the time to exercise during work day, standing up while doing your office tasks could still serve as a form of exercise for your body.

Raises Energy Levels

Believe it or not, standing up while working actually increases your energy levels and gets you more motivate to work. Standing up allows your body to react like you are exercising, as keeping your feet in a standing position exerts more effort to your body than sitting down, which relaxes your feet even more. This effort for standing will then make your body release special chemicals called endorphins that reduces your perception of pain and also gives the body a positive feeling. Through standing up, you will feel much happier and more energized while working compared to just sitting.

Boosts Productivity

While also raising your energy levels, using a stand up desk also helps you boost your productivity and work on a lot more tasks per day. On the other hand, the downside to standup desks is that it may be harder to use a keyboard while standing rather than sitting, and this downside may prevent you from being productive. However, this drawback would only last for a few days, as you will slowly get used to typing on the keyboard. Once you get accustomed to typing while standing, the energy levels that you get from your body in a standing position will make you more productive more work.

Those are just the different benefits of using a stand up desk instead of a regular desk, and by reading this article, you will notice that there are much more downsides to a regular desk than a standup desk, which only has one or two cons. Besides doing office work, there are plenty of benefits when standing up while doing other tasks, like cooking, reading a book, or just simply listening to music. Make it a habit to stand up more instead of sitting down so that you will have a proper body posture and also give less stress to your body.