Picking a Color Paint for Your Home Office

Working from home has become more and more popular in recent years due to several reasons, with the most known reason being its convenience, as employees would be able to spend more hours working on specific tasks at home rather than to waste time and energy on commuting to the office. Because of the popularity of work-at-home setups, many people are starting to make home offices that they can go to or use solely for work.

Home offices would often have different setups to other parts of the house, as they should look more like an “office space” rather than “a part of the house.” As such, some people prefer that home offices would feature pieces of furniture or wall color that would not match with other areas of the house. In turn, people would have more freedom in what they want to do or add to their home office. Of course, before the furniture, the most important aspect of the home office that should be taken a look at is the color of the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. You have the freedom to choose whatever color you want, but if you want to use the room as an office space, you may have to pick the color that will greatly affect your mood while working. How does mood and color be connected to each other? Let us find out as we take a look at some tips on how to pick a color for your home office.


How Does Color Affect the Mood?

According to psychologist Angela Wright, who developed the Color Affects System, it is possible for colors to affect human behavior, and our moods are often influenced based on the color that we see through our eyes. To support her claim, she wrote “The Wright Theory” in 1984, and this theory has been followed by many psychologist and even ordinary people that wanted to learn how to improve the ambiance or the mood of their home through color.

The Best Colors for Home Offices

Because of how color is influential in changing our moods, it is important for our home office space to have a color that would influence us to be happier, livelier, and more hardworking. There are certain colors could inspire us to get those said mood, and here are some of them.



Blue is considered to be the best color for offices, as it can actually encourage productivity since the color stimulates the mind. You would often see blue walls in offices where people have to work repetitive tasks, as the color keeps them going even if they are doing the same task over and over again. These repetitive tasks are usually found in accounting agencies and call centers where most employees would do just one type of work activity for the whole day. However, the shade of blue should also be considered if you are applying it for your home office. If you want a livelier vibe in the room, you may want to get a lighter shade of blue as your wall point.


While blue inspires people to be more productive, yellow encourages them to be more creative. In general, yellow is considered as a “happy” color because of how vibrant it is compared to other primary colors, and you can often find this color in classrooms, kiddie playhouses, and other children-focused areas because of how well it can influence children to stay happy and positive. If you have a work that involves being creative, like writing, editing videos, or designing, then the yellow wall paint may be the perfect color for your home office. Much like blue, the shade of yellow is also essential to take a look at, as brighter yellow may be too distracting for your work and a darker shade may be too dark to present positivity and happiness. Find the perfect balance of shade and tone of the color before buying wall paint.


Similar to yellow, the color green also promotes positivity, although it is leaning more on influencing people to be focused and calm while working. In addition, the color also represents money, which can further motivate a person to keep on working in order to get his or her salary that can be used to achieve a goal or to provide for the family. Because of its calming qualities, green is the perfect wall color for people that often have stressful jobs, like accounting, editing, or computing. The best shade of green to have as wall color is the one that is closely similar to the color found in US dollars, although some would prefer the color to have a slight shade of blue to also promote productivity.

These are just three of the best colors that you can apply on the wall of your home office. Because there are the best colors, there can also be the worst colors that may not be suitable for work areas or environments. The one color that you should avoid putting in your home office is red, as it promotes a sense of urgency that may make you more nervous or anxious in finishing the work under a deadline. In addition to wall color, you can also get pieces of furniture and other items that have colors with positive influence to your mood to further maximize the Color Affects System.a