10 Best Decorative Swords for an Office

The sword has been a symbol of protection since ancient times. Swords are zhen zhai in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of arranging, and are thought to remove evil. This type of Feng Shui has many theories that have been passed down from generation to generation. You’ll get a favorable Feng Shui outcome if you choose a decent sword and set it in the appropriate direction in your home, office, or studio. You may also want to read about some ideas for decorating a home office with swords if you are keen on setting swords in your workplace. 

Historical Sword Decoration for Offices:

1. Katana Swords

Katana means a long single-edged sword it has a lengthy, two-handed grip and a single-edged blade with a modest curvature. Many traditional katana, including decorative and functional katana, are forged using authentic forging procedures. Various limited-edition katana and high-quality samurai swords are both visually appealing and functional. You will find several outstanding Japanese blades, whether you require a martial arts katana for training or a beautiful collectible katana for office decoration.

2. Pirate Swords

There are hanger swords, boarding sabers, spadroons, privateer swords, officer swords, and pirate cutlasses among the buccaneer swords available, providing you lots of options when choosing your next weapon battle-ready swords for training as well as decorative swords that can be used as pirate costume accessories or unique display pieces. Sailor and captain swords provide excellent options for those who prefer combat on the high seas.

3. The Roman Sword


The gladius was the principal weapon of legionnaires, who used it for stabbing, cutting, and chopping in close combat. The gladius was a two-edged sword with a tapering point. To improve its strong grip, the knobbed hilt often had ridges for the fingers. The gladius was frequently stabbed towards the belly region or cut at the kneecaps, which were vulnerable behind opponent shields. They make excellent decorations in an office for their ancient and valiant. 

4. Templar Swords 

The Knights Templar, one of the most well-known military groups involved with the Crusades, lasted almost two centuries before being abolished by the Pope in 1312, sparking conspiracy theories and stories that have persisted to this day. The Templars supported a variety of construction projects across Europe and the Middle East, as well as protecting pilgrims on their way to the Holy Lands and fighting in battles. The chivalrous, gallant, and fearless impressions encompass such when used as a decorative in an office.

Feng Shui Sword decoration For Offices:

1. The Red Wood 100 Luck Sword 

This sword is ideally suited for a scholar or someone with a high level of education. It’s ideal for displaying in your workplace or studio. The luck of one hundred characters will provide both luck and knowledge. 

2. The Dragon Fast Sword 

The two-handed handle is made of strong forged steel. The handle is composed of solid wood with gold accents. The sword is the longest among Chinese swords, with a blade length of 39″ and a total length of 54″ including the handle. The total weight is 5 pounds. From China’s Lungchuan County. Because of its massive size and dragon-head guard, this blade is akin to the Pear Wood Spring Autumn Sword. It excels at regulating evil, which makes it beneficial and decorative in the office.

3. The Eight Immortals Sword 

The Eight Immortals are said to know the secrets of nature in Chinese mythology. Male and female, aged and young, rich, noble, poor, and lowly Chinese are all represented independently.

The power of each Immortal can be transferred to a powerful tool, similar to a talisman with a specific meaning, that can provide life or eliminate evil.

These eight tools are collectively known as the “Hidden Eight Immortals” or “Covert Eight Immortals.” Also, Wealth, authority, and power are represented by the Eight Immortals which is beneficial to almost everyone. This sword should be displayed in your living room or office.

4. The Family Art Sword 

The letters zhen zhai bao jian are etched on this sword which means “dispel evil precious sword”. It’s the quintessential Feng Shui sword. It has seven stars in the shape of the Big Dipper constellation on the opposite side of the blade. The seven stars protect you against devils. Because a lot of strong qi comes in and must be dealt with appropriately, this is a suitable choice for placing in a business or martial arts hall. It’s also suitable for hanging in a living room, office, or any other possibly haunted location.

5. The Pear Wood 100 Longevity Sword 

This sword has a blackened blade with a hundred inscriptions carved on it for longevity. Because of its soul-calming effects, this is a fantastic choice for your bedroom or studio. The word “longevity” is beneficial to your health. It increases the passage of qi to your kidneys, which affects your fearlessness. The kidneys are weakened by fear.

6. The Pear Wood Spring Autumn Sword 

The blade is exceedingly bright and includes fullers which are believed to be ideal for dispersing evil. The guard also has a lion’s face. The size is so large and heavy hence it should be placed in an open area, such as a major hall. A huge office may be accentuated with it in an artistic way.

General Rules in Hanging a Sword

1. Never put a sword right in front of the door. This is risky because an intruder with nefarious intentions could take the blade and use it against you.

2. Never leave a blade where it can be easily accessed by others.

3. Never use a sword in a dirty environment like a bathroom. This is a disgrace to the sword.

4. A sword should never be kept in the dining room. The dining room should be serene and relaxing. The presence of a sword in this room will have a bad impact on the family and induce stress.

5. Never keep a blade near a window.

6. A sword should never be kept in a high-traffic area.

7. Your sword’s hilt should point inside the house, not out. It is preferable for the homeowner to have access to the sword rather than an invader.

8. Never put the blade in front of you, but rather beside or behind you.

9. The handle should be raised above the blade.

10. The blade of a single-edged sword should face the earth.

In conclusion, the pandemic resulted in many people working remotely hence home office ideas is a recent trend. Other home office priorities cover what top accessories for a home office are suitable. With this huge shift in the working styles of several people, many prefer the idea of decorating their offices with collector’s items such as a sword.  A sword was not merely a weapon of self-defense in ancient times. A good sword has traditionally been regarded as an asset. The emperor would give special sword presents known as shang fang bao jian. These imperial weapons were effectively a license to kill, as they signified the son of heaven’s authority. Scholars carried beautiful swords. Warriors bore heavy blades, whereas knights wore sharp ones. Such swords gave rise to many legendary legends. Chinese swords combine divine force, and wisdom. With its depth of values and meaning, it creates powerful emblems hung appropriately in an office or any other workplace and even in your spacious homes.