How Can I Stop Getting Spam Calls

Spam calls have been a nuisance for years. You might get four to six spam calls a day. Each day you will have different types of spam calls. The Robo-callers have improved their game by masking their spam emails with authentic local numbers. Sometimes you get a hilarious spam call with a threatening voicemail message about the impending arrest for owed back taxes. Most of the time, it is just an unwanted distraction. 

It is easy for scammers who know the powers of the internet. As a result, they make countless calls with ease. Some people fall for these scams and the scammers make enough profit to cover their expenses. If you have been receiving spam calls for a long time, you can avoid them using different built-in smartphone options, third-party apps, and even your cellular provider. 

How Can I Stop Getting Spam Calls?

On an estimate, there have been 50 billion spam calls received by different users. The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission are working on controlling the situation of the spam calls. On the other hand, in some states, the situation is getting worse. US carriers are asked by the FCC to adopt the technology that will block spam calls. 

The FCC is working on controlling the spam calls in several ways:

Against the illegal robocalls, issuing hundreds of millions of dollars in enforcement actions. 

Training the telephone companies to block unwanted or illegal calls by default. It will be based on a reasonable call analysis before the call reaches the users. 

To allow the customers to use the block option for unknown and spam calls other than the whitelist. 

Require telephone companies to implement the caller ID that helps that to prevent and reduce spam calls and illegal identity theft. 

Better tagging and call blocking solutions from the consumer complaint data. 

Tips On Avoid Spam Calls

Tips On Avoid Spam Calls

There are several ways through which you can avoid getting spam calls or even if you get one you can use any of the tips to avoid spam callers.

Do not answer calls from unknown numbers. In case you have accepted the call, hang up immediately.

You may not be able to identify if the caller is fake or the real one. The Caller ID displaying a local number does not mean that they are calling from the local area. As mentioned earlier, they have improved their spam game. 

When you answer the phone and the caller or recording asks you to press a button to stop receiving spam calls, then just hang up. Sometimes the scammers use this technique to identify their potential targets. 

Try avoiding calls or hang up such calls that ask you a question and you have to answer is yes. 

Even if the spam caller sounds authentic, try not to give out your personal information such as social security numbers, account numbers, passwords, mother’s maiden names, or any other identifying information. 

If the caller tries to prove that they represent some business or government agency, then hang up the phone and call the listed phone number on the phone book for verification. You will receive a written statement in the mail before receiving a phone call from a legitimate source, especially if the caller is asking for payment.  

When you are pressured to get information immediately, it means it is a spam call. 

If you are having a voicemail account with your phone service, then make sure to set a password. If there is no password, the hacker will be able to spoof your home phone number and access your voice mail. 

You can ask the phone company about call blocking tools or download third-party apps to block spam calls. 

Block Spam Calls On An iPhone

Block Spam Calls On An iPhone

Specific Number Blocking Option

The automatic callers, also known as spam callers use thousands of phone numbers. Some of the phone prefixes include their phone number. To block the spam callers on your iPhone, 

Go to the Phone App and tap Recent. 

Then tap on the Info icon next to the number that you want to block. 

Now scroll down and tap on Block This Caller and then Block Contact. 

Now you will not receive the spam call from the same spam number. 

All Unknown Number Blocking Option

Even mobile phone makers have been working on the blocking of spam calls. In iOS 13 or the latest iOS, you can silent the unknown callers. For this purpose, there is a Silence Unknown Callers features in the settings of your iPhone. To enable this feature: 

Go to Settings and then scroll down to Phone options. 

Turn on the switch for Silence Unknown Callers. 

This feature will silent the unknown callers especially spam calls. Then each call will be sent to the voicemail and it appears on your Recents list. You can see the number of calls later and return the call if you think it, is a legitimate number. 

Block Spam Calls On An Android

Block Spam Calls On An Android

Specific Number Blocking Option

The blocking of spam or unknown calls on Android smartphones can vary from one device to another. Also, it can vary on the operating system version. To block a specific number on your Android phone, follow these steps:

Open the Phone App 

Go to the Recent Calls or Call History

Tap the number you want to block 

Find the command saying Block and/or Report as Spam

Confirm the message asking if you want to block this number. 

Blocking All Unknown Calls To Avoid Spam Calls

Some Android devices will have this option available through different steps because of the operating system version and user interface of different Android smartphones. 

Open the Phone App 

Go to Settings Menu 

Find the option saying Blocked Numbers

Activate the feature to block all unknown calls

This feature will allow you to block all unknown calls. Sometimes, the person you know might be calling you from another number but it will be blocked because it is not saved in your smartphone. Now you will not be getting those daily spam calls. 

Blocking Services By Mobile Digital Communication Companies 

AT & T Call Protect

AT & T Call Protect

The AT&T customers can access the support page that instructs about blocking calls on different types of phones. The cellular network company provides a blocker app for iOS and Android known as Call Protect. It is a family app known as AT&T Secure Family that works for both iOS and Android smartphones. 

The basic version of Call Protect is free of cost. Another version of this app is the Plus version with enhanced options of reverse number lookup feature. You have to pay monthly subscription charges for this premium version. 

Verizon Call Filter

Verizon Call Filter

Verizon Wireless offers a free version to filter spam calls. It comes in compatible smartphones and postpaid plans. The free version of this app detects and filters out spam calls. Also, it alerts you about the incoming spam call. For a premium version, you have to pay monthly subscription charges. The premium version of this spam blocker app by Verizon allows you to create your spam list with other features. 

The iPhone users can download it from the App Store. On Android smartphones of Verizon are having built-in app but if not, then they can download it from Google Play. 

T-Mobile Scam Shield 

T-Mobile Scam Shield 

T-Mobile offers a free blocking app for iOS and Android users known as ScamShield. It is only for Metro customers and postpaid T-Mobile customers. This app blocks the spam call trying to reach your phone. Also, the enhanced Caller ID feature helps you to determine if the unknown number is a spam call or some known person is calling from another number. 

The premium version of ScamShield can be availed by T-Mobile users with a monthly subscription. It comes with extra features such as creating a list of blocked numbers, voicemail-to-text, etc. 

Third-Party Spam Blocking Apps

Third-Party Spam Blocking Apps


Truecaller, a third-party app that allows the users of smartphones to block spam calls and text messages. It identifies each incoming call. Sometimes it shows the names of the unknown callers and the spam numbers are displayed as a spam call. This app can automatically block the unwanted calls that are added to the block list. 

This app is free and available on iOS and Android smartphones. For enhanced features, you can subscribe to the app for monthly or yearly charges. 

Spam Calls – Tips To Avoid Unwanted Calls

People have been getting four to six spam calls a day. Sometimes, the number increases and it can be annoying, especially when you are in a meeting or any other special event. There are various ways to avoid spam calls that will protect you from getting into a scam. Firstly, you can block them using the smartphone’s call settings to block specific or all unknown numbers. As a result, you will not receive spam calls. 

If still, it is not working for you, then you can ask your mobile digital communication company to block the spam calls for you. The spam callers have improved their game over the years and they bypass the blocking feature. As a result, they can call you on daily basis to annoy you or sometimes make a profit from your single mistake. If still they are not blocked by your carrier, then you can use third-party apps to block the spam calls.