Tips on Keeping Yourself Motivated While Working At Home

Most people find working at home a daunting task due to the disadvantages it entails. While it is wondrous working in the comfort of your own space, there are also lots of distractions, such as the daytime TV, neighborhood noise, and you being close to your family or roommates.

With that, it can be challenging to get your work groove, resulting in a lack of will and vigor to finish the tasks at hand. Fortunately, fueling yourself can be done in easy steps. The following tips are surefire ways to keep you pumped when working at home takes a toll on your motivation.

Create a schedule


Freedom is fun, isn’t it? Yet, that’s also the “killer” when working at home, especially when you are not setting limits for yourself. It’s very tempting to get up late or finish work early when you have no structured workday. As such, creating a clear schedule is a must as it pushes you to adhere to it and work on the things you are listed to do. Establish a specific start and end time, so you prevent time from slipping away from you and avoid extending work hours that can burn you out.

Know your peak hours and plunge periods


Energy levels vary for every person at different times of the day. Some people function at their best early in the day, while others perform better in the afternoon. When making a schedule, consider your peak hours and plunge periods. Set the most challenging tasks during your peak time, and do easier ones when your energy levels are on a dip.

Get dressed for work


Working at home means no dress code to follow. You can wear your favorite pajamas, or onesie sleepwear, or anything you like while working on tasks. The catch is that this setup does not work for most people. Too much comfortability gives too much lax feeling, wreaking havoc instead of your focus and motivation. To fix that, try to get dressed for work to get your work mood. It doesn’t mean you need to wear full business attire. Just sport something enough to avoid you feeling sluggish while working at home.

Set up a dedicated workspace


If you’re working at your dining table, bed, or couch in front of the television, chances are you won’t be getting the urge to perform. Find a small area in your house and create your dedicated workstation. Having a workspace gets you in the zone, and being in that area provides a signal to allow you to work and minimize interactions and distractions.

Give yourself breaks


Not many are aware of how breaks can be very beneficial. Yes, working hard is a must, but working too long without stopping is a big no-no. If you don’t give yourself some ample rest to rejuvenate within the day, you’d be drained in the afternoon and suffer from joint and muscle strains in the evening. To avoid that, make a habit of taking 5 to 10-minute breaks every 2 hours. Take a quick walk, cuddle your pet or meditate. You can also grab a healthy snack, like a keto pancake, and match it with an organic juice. Keep those breaks regular to allow disconnect physically and mentally from work – you’ll indeed have the energy to tackle the tasks on your return.

Limit distractions


It’s hard to finish a task when you’re always interrupted, so make sure to limit distractions to keep yourself motivated. This may mean keeping your kids busy to avoid them from bugging you or turning your phone into “Silent Mode,” or checking your emails and notifications only once in an hour when you’re completing an important task.

Allot time for self-improvement


Dedicate some part of your day for self-improvement, whether it’s acquiring a new skill, reading a book to better your knowledge, or educating yourself in any vague area related to your work. Learning new things can keep you motivated, especially when you can use them in settling your tasks easier and faster.

Reward yourself


Others work better when they know something great is waiting at the end of each task. A little reward can help give you that much-needed kick to get your job done efficiently. An incentive doesn’t always imply physical things. Tell yourself that you can watch your favorite series’s latest episode if you finish your report by 5 p.m. You’ll be surprised how self-rewards can improve your well-being and let you see what you’re actually capable of doing.


Working at home is undoubtedly awesome. However, if your motivation is getting out of the line, follow the tips listed above, and you’ll be able to get on track and unleash your true potential.