Choosing Leather for a Home Office Couch

One dominant shift in the workplace after the pandemic is that most workers are directed to work remotely which is commonly termed as “work from home”. This setup is not solely during the pandemic but even prior to the pandemic, there are people working at home. This is most common among writers, musicians, and many others. There are wealthy businessmen who work remotely at their homes too. Taking this into consideration, the idea of setting up a home office becomes a necessity as most people were required to work remotely in 2020. 

When it comes to the home office, questions like where to set up your home office? come to mind, how can I create a makeshift working table? Will the dining table be a comfortable working table as well? What should be the lighting? Should you have a couch in your home office? These are quite a few of the many queries to answer and things to consider as well. This article focuses on the idea that you do need a comfortable couch in your home office and how a leather couch can be the best choice to serve this purpose. 

The Leather Couch: A Top Choice

Working from home can be so tiring, taking into consideration the amount of time you will be working in a limited space. If that is the case hence you need to properly prep your working area. The presence of a couch entails a bit of a relaxed working mode to make a comfortable home office. So, what we can imagine now is that you have a working table and a couch that is perfectly set up in your home office. The remaining question now is, why a leather couch? Here are key points to consider:

1. Leather Furniture is Durable

If you opt to buy a couch that can serve you for a considerable amount of time with the right amount of money, then a leather couch will be suitable for your home office. Compared to other types of furniture covered in fabric, leather can sustain the wear and tear of usage over time. A thing to consider in purchasing leather furniture is the type of leather used. Below is a briefer about leather types:

  • Full Grain (Entire outer layer) – The entire outer layer of the hide, minus the hair, is used to make full grain leather. The vertical and horizontal fibers that give the hide its strength, durability, and water resistance are referred to as the grain. Any blemishes on the skin (such as insect bites, scratches, stretch marks, and so on) are preserved. 
  • Top Grain (buffed or sanded full grain leather) – Full grain leather that has been buffed, sanded, or otherwise treated to remove defects is known as top grain leather. Nubuck leather is created by sanding the grain all the way down to the corium junction, making it incredibly soft but still quite durable.
  • Corrected Grain – Leather from the upper section of the hide that has been polished or buffed is known as corrected grain. Top grain leather is also corrected grain leather. 
  • Suede – this is a popular type of leather that is distinguished by its fuzzy textures. It is typically made from split leather, but it can also be made from full-grain leather. Suede is mostly used in upholstery, but it is also quite popular in shoes, purses, and curtains due to the material’s naturally beautiful visual features

2. Leather Furniture is Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean

As one working from home, possible scenarios for visitors vary. It may be your little adorable child visiting you during your working hours, your teenage lad who wants a quick answer on geometry, a favorite pet telling you it’s time for a break, or an official visitor who needs a serious talk with you. So, as you entertain your guests it’s normal for some food or drinks to spill hence with the use of a leather couch, you can easily wipe it off without living nasty marks on it. When it comes to proper care and maintenance, be guided with what type of cleaning material to use as leathers may react with potent cleansers. A simple leather cleaner will do or a normal cleaning schedule every 6-12 months will lengthen the durability of your furniture. 


3. Leather Furniture Comes in a Variety of Color

Previously, most leather furniture was only available in brown but as leather manufacturing progresses, it is now available in many colors. When it comes to choosing the right color for your home office, dark color and overly bright color are discouraged. This is in connection with the amount of light that your working area possesses. If it is well lighted, natural light coming from the window is preferable, then you may opt for light brown or hues of brown and another suiting to the eye’s shades. But if your room is scarce of light, you will only make it gloomier with darker hues of furniture, hence a lighter hue will brighten up the mood in your workplace. After all, the goal is to be productive even when you work at home. 

4. Leather Furniture Offers Varied Sofas

The space in your home office will determine the type of couch that you need. The key is to make your workplace comfortable to work in. You have a lot of options when it comes to sofa type, length, width, and height. If you need something smaller, a leather loveseat will do or a leather reclining sofa if you want to relax. 

In conclusion, leather furniture is a tried-and-true material that becomes softer and more supple with age. It is a practical option that is available in a range of styles. It is well-known for its comfort, luxury, and longevity. Examine, feel, and smell your leather sofa before purchasing it for your home office. Examine the features of different leather grain kinds, feel the suppleness it provides, and make sure it does not stink from chemicals such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU).