Top 5 Ways to Make a Comfortable Home Office

Are you working at home? If yes, you might probably have realized that doing so isn’t as cozy as you thought it could be. There are a lot of distractions around, the area can be too tight, and everything may just not seem to fall in space. Thus, making it uneasy to work. Fortunately, you only need to do a few things to transform your days into enjoyable and productive ones. Here are the top five ways to make a comfortable home office.

Get an ultra-comfy chair

About two-thirds of adult Americans experience lower back pain. It may not be apparent, but one of this condition’s biggest culprits is where we sit – chairs. Getting a cheap office chair, one that is poorly designed, or simply getting a random chair from your house will undoubtedly contribute to experiencing back pain.

If you want to be comfortable, make sure to invest in an ergonomic desk chair. Don’t try to save, and compromise for quality just to save a few bucks. If there are expenses that are worth it, this is undeniably one of them. Remember that you’ll be sitting on your chair for hours, and it is only fitting that you get one that can support you well and provide you with the utmost comfortability.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that you need to sit all day long once you got a good ergonomic chair. Schedule some breaks, stand up, walk, stretch your legs and body, or eat some snacks to refuel yourself and gain renewed energy and focus.

Improve lighting

Lighting plays a big part in making you comfortable in your home office. As much as possible, you would want to get ample natural light to give your area that warm, cozy feel. However, if your home office is located on a spot of your house that doesn’t receive sunlight, then you need to make extra effort to improve the lighting.

Keep the space bright enough by using lamps and overhead lighting. Don’t choose ones that are too beaming as it can be blinding and affect your work. On the other hand, make it too dim, and the home office will have a gloomy ambiance. Thus, making you want to slack instead and rendering you unproductive. Be sure to find the perfect balance that will provide your needed lighting but won’t affect your mood.

Add plants

Surprised? Truth to be told, studies show that incorporating plants into your home office provides numerous benefits that can help you feel comfortable working.

First, plants have been found to reduce stress, mainly because of their color. Green has a soothing and calming effect, which can help you relax while doing complicated tasks.

Second, old reliable plants are known to remove pollutants in the air. They clean the air from trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, making it cleaner to breathe and bringing in oxygen to your room.

Lastly, plants improve the aesthetics in your home office. You can choose from a variety of plants, and use them to make your workspace attractive. However, be minded that some plants are demanding, while others require less maintenance. Just be sure to consult a local gardening store to know, which suits your lifestyle best.

Declutter and keep everything tidy

Does the space feel too tight? Do you see many things on the desk that seem out of sync and make it hard to move around? Then, it’s time to declutter and keep everything tidy.

While some people can efficiently work in a messy setup, most have issues working productively and comfortably when things are in disarray. When you experience that, don’t let the feeling linger and start organizing your workspace.

Take a look at your home office and look out for the essentials. Keep the things you need regularly and store items that may come handy in nearby storages. Eliminate those things that you no longer need and rearrange the furniture and equipment to maximize the space. A clean, organized, and a well-arranged workspace is undoubtedly a comfortable place to work in.

Personalize the decor

Your home office is your space and nothing can be more comfortable if it suits your personality and style. So, give it your own touch and personalize the decor to your heart’s content. Bring in art pieces, plushies, or bobbleheads, whichever can brighten up your mood. Don’t forget the photos of your family as it can certainly make space feel homier. Add in a rug, vase, oil diffuser or nearly anything you like long as they can help you feel cozier but not too much to detach you from your working groove.

That’s the list of the top five ways to make a comfortable home office! But, remember, your options are limitless. Try experimenting in your workspace to find that comfortable balance.