Ideas for Setting up a Game Room for Breaks While Working at Home

Over the last couple of months, the trend of work from home has significantly increased. Companies have been saving up on office space and costs while encouraging workers to work from home. However, work from home can get really boring at times, especially because you don’t have a lot of colleagues around. Moreover, once in a while, we all do require breaks as well. To avoid boredom, one can always set up a game room for breaks while working at home. And of course, playing online slots during break time is always a good idea.

Game Room Ideas While Working at Home

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Before we head on to the aspect of a game room, let’s first focus on the environment that you need to create there. Work from home can be stressful at times. Constant nagging on online meetings and a bunch of emails could really be a bother for many people. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to create a relaxing atmosphere in the game room so that you can easily chill out. Some people find it stress-relieving when there are dim lights and music of their favorite type as well.

Just imagine – A gameroom with a normal room setting vs a gameroom with a comfortable room setting. Of course, everyone would prefer a comfortable room setting. We also recommend that you have an air conditioner installed in the game room. Moreover, try to keep at least one window that will allow sunlight to come to the room. This helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Also, make sure that your gaming room has comfortable furniture such as bean bags, soft sofas, rugs, tables, and other associated things as well. And if you want to buy high-quality ping pong tables, click the link given.


Install a Full-Scale Console System

An interactive gaming experience is said to give a person thrill and adrenaline. Instead of normal gaming, we recommend that you install a proper console system along with a large screen. In case that is not in your budget, a low-end solution would be to either buy a used console system and television or instead, get yourself a personalized computer system ready especially for gaming purposes.

PlayStation by Sony or Xbox by Microsoft are two of the most famous console systems that are used for the purpose of video gaming. There are plenty of games to choose from for all ages, from youngsters to adults. GTA 5, Blur, Call of Duty, and Fifa are some of the most popular games you can play on these consoles. Multiplayer would allow you to play online with friends or other players from the world.

Besides, you need to get yourself a good gaming headphones that will provide you a great experience. If you can afford one, we recommend installing a car simulator as well for a more interactive way of playing all kinds of car games.


Gameroom Pool Table

One of the games that gives many people freedom from stress while allowing them to be more productive mentally is pool or snooker. The two games can be played on a standard pool table which can be set up in a gameroom. For this, you need a big budget though. This is because the standard pool table is quite big, about 9 feet in length and 4.5 feet in width. It is made of solid wood and requires special cloth made for the purpose of smooth flow of balls. There are some minor expenses too such as purchasing the pool balls and sticks.

A gameroom pool table seems to be the idea for those who want to improve their strategic skills. This is because just like all indoor games, a pool is also a great way to freshen up your mind while thinking tactfully. You can call over your friends or even play a rack all by yourself. However, keep in mind that a pool table requires ample space not only for the pool to be set up but also for the players to move around and come in position for playing shots.


Gameroom Table Tennis

Another fun activity where you can engage yourself is table tennis. Table tennis requires slightly less space than a pool table. As per the standard dimensions, the table tennis table measures 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm. It is a great activity to engage yourself physically while not going out. Infact, with many people having air conditioners in their game rooms, playing table tennis becomes a fun activity too.

It isn’t that expensive to set up a table tennis table and even the equipment such as the racket and table tennis balls are quite cheap. However, a major drawback is that if you are living alone or with people who are not interested in playing table tennis, you cannot play it alone. Therefore, if you do not have a partner for table tennis, we recommend that you leave this option and go for a pool table.


A Board Games Section

Board games are for sure one of the best ways to kill time during breaks while working at home. Some of the top board games we can recommend for your gameroom include chess, monopoly, ludo, snakes and ladders, and other similar games too. You can find these games at your nearest toy shop or even a bookstore. Alternatively, you can buy them via and get them delivered directly to your doorstep.

Although board games are a great way to have fun, they do require you to have at least one other player. Therefore, we recommend that you buy board games after consulting with the people who live at your home. Go for the choice which is desired by the majority of people because it is them with whom you have to play with.


Fun With Cards in a Gameroom

Card games have been popular for decades. Not only are they popular in casinos, but they can also make up a great activity for the whole family. The best part about card games in a gameroom is that they won’t require a lot of space. You can have so many card games such as Simple Playing Cards, UNO Cards, Skip-Bo, Poker Cards, and others as well.

Infact, you can play so many card games with a simple deck of 52 cards. There are plenty of them you can find online and play. Cards can be a great way to kill time especially when you are bored during the breaks.


A Mini Snack Bar

Who does not love having some snacks while playing games? Surely, we all do. No matter if you are engaged in a physical game such as pool and table tennis or you are engaged in an interactive gaming experience such as the one on consoles, one thing that you would always crave are some snacks. One small snack bar inside the gaming room would not only make it look good, but will also help you stay fresh and active.

For those who don’t know how to set up a mini snack bar at home, there are two ideas. Firstly, you can get a small vending machine which does cost you high but is considered as a more convenient solution. Secondly, one way to do this is by having a small fridge inside the gameroom. Keep all your favorite drinks over here but don’t forget to add water too. Beside the fridge, you can have a small rack where you can put all sorts of snack items such as chips, biscuits, cookies, candy, and others as well. There are also great tech gifts for office workers to ensure they’ll be more comfortable and productive.

A mini snack bar will help you satisfy your hunger at odd times.


Game Rooms have become more common in the last few years with the increase in the trend of work from homes. No matter if it is the children or the adults, game rooms have become equally important for both. In case you do not have a high budget to set up the game room fully as suggested above, we recommend that you