Can a Dining Table Make a Great Desk?

Yes, dining and working can go hand in hand! If you are living in a small-size apartment or doing freelance work at home, you can actually convert your dining place into your work desk area.

You can save up space while maintaining quick access from doing both things. This can be simply done by applying your creativity and innovativeness in designing your dining area into a desk. There is a promising change that will happen to your dining and working experience at home if you try to work on this into a reality. The idea of transitioning your wood or glass dining table into a serviceable desk will surely bring a great amount of flexibility and accessibility on your part. This can turn you into a more productive person as you manage to do two things in just one place.


Some strategies to make your dining table into a desk

1. Install an electrical outlet near the area


As we know that our work is dependable on an available power supply at home, installing an electrical outlet is the first thing to consider to organize your dining table into a serviceable desk. You can contact an electrician to install an outlet near your table or just adjacent to where your dining area is located. 

The use of plenty of extension wires is not advisable because too many wires snaking on the floor up to your table can bring potential hazards to other household members, particularly to the children. By installing an electrical outlet nearby your table area, you can minimize the clutters on the floor.

2. Add a tablecloth

With your laptop, tech accessories, and other office gear on your table, there is a chance that you will scratch your work desk. The use of a tablecloth or a runner will minimize the “wear and tear” on your table. It will also protect your other wirings or accessories underneath.

3. Wireless keyboard, mouse


To go wireless is an effective way of turning your dining table into a work desk. Using a wireless keyboard and mouse provides a seamless way of transitioning your table to a serviceable desk. You can also place a small or medium type of PC underside of your dining table.

4. Use a tray

Having a carrying tray on your table will also bring accessibility to some of your files and office gear. This is a handy solution to give way for more space in your desk. As you move around inside your home, a tray adds beauty and portability.

5. Add wireless-printing accessibility


You can install WiFi capability printers near your dining area to keep some of the printer cables away from your sight.

This will not only declutter the area but also gives an opportunity for you to share the printer with other people who may be using it inside your home. You can simply place the printer in a closet across your table and the wireless device will do the magic for your printing needs.

6. Install USB cable organizers

As your work is assisted or dependable to electronic and other technological devices, there is a big chance that you will clutter your tables with plenty of cables. The clutter it brings will also affect your work mood and behavior. Thus, the use of USB cable organizers will keep your stress at bay. It is also good to pick colorful cable organizers for their appealing value to your senses while at work.

7. Get a cart


Working on your dining table deprives you of your dependable shelves, closets, or drawers where you have your office supplies, accessories, and other work-related equipment or gadgets. 

By placing a cart near your table or desk allows you have quick access to your needed paperwork or supplies. A small cart nearby will not occupy additional space in your work area. You can simply place it under your table or just within your arm’s reach. You can also add some wheels to it to provide mobility. 

The Bottomline


While it will take additional cost to turn your dining table to a work desk, this can be a minor inconvenience only. 

As you become accustomed to this transition, you will slowly notice the good change it would bring to you. The accessibility and additional aesthetic will allow your mind to focus on your work while doing another thing–like eating your favorite dish– along with it. 

This idea will also save you money from constructing another room for a designated working or dining area or adding another unnecessary fixture if you are staying in an apartment. 

However, it is important to balance your time between dining and working. Make it sure that you can still manage to accomplish both important tasks in one place.