5 Small Home-Based Businesses That Pay More

Everyone can use some extra cash and a bit more financial security. Well, if you are one of those people who to want a side-job to make some extra money then good news for you! We have got multiple ideas that can help you out in this distressing situation. Many of you had heard of home-based businesses or jobs, these small home-based businesses can get you earn enough money in which you can manage your dues pretty well. Although it is a common perception that you need to spend money in order to make money, but this is not quite applicable to small home-based businesses.

Many businesses started from scratch in their earlier days and now they have stores worldwide. If one has the right business knowledge and the right tools to run the business from home, there is no reason in today’s technological world to wait in getting started. In the end, it does not matter how you started but what counts is your dedication and commitment towards your business. If a person sticks to with the business and runs it wisely there is a good chance for success.


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Why go for a home-based business?

A small home-based business provides opportunities to those who have flexible time and the freedom to working according to their own schedule. Such businesses have become a trend in this modern era where people find it convenient to work from their homes. People have become fed up by the rat race at the offices and they prefer to do the work independently and freely. There are multiple ways to earn money by just sitting at home and doing what you love but the person must know how and with what tool he must start.

Here, we have listed 5 small home-based businesses that are able to pay more than your expectations and you can opt for them easily without any hustle.



1. Blogging

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of a small home-based business is blogging and the reason behind it is its popularity and wide scope and also relative ease to get started. Plenty of people are in the business of blogging. They are using blogs for writing technical reviews, business promotions, traveling and on many more niches. You can write a blog for your own website or others who already have their website up and running. Think of it is as a freelance writing job. People need writers to write stuff related to a number of subjects to put them on their website.

This type of content mostly focuses the SEO keywords that help the global audience to find the bloggers site on the web. The writer gets paid and the people who hire them to do work also earn money as their content collects revenue when a web user read their content and clicks on ads. The people who write promotional content for some business also get paid along with free samples sent by the product owners. As for those who write inspirational content free on the web forums, they can publish their work as eBooks or e-courses. Your followers can read these eBooks/e-courses and you get to earn a few bucks in return. You can also sell them on Amazon or eBay and earn a handsome amount of money.

If you think you are good with the keyboard and have a knack for writing, then blogging can really be an interesting job for you to do in your spare time.

2. Sell a Product Online

A lot of people prefer this simple business, which is buying/making products and then selling them online via their websites. This type of small home-based business can earn you a lot of money if your products are unique and good in quality. People around the world choose this kind of online business as it offers you to reach millions of people without wasting too much capital and resources on marketing, working with large buyers, etc. If you don’t want to invest much of your money on setting up an inventory then rather than stocking all the products, you can get orders from the customers and buy them after an order is placed.

In case you don’t want to buy/make any product, but you are eager to make money then you can simply put your own things like furniture, clothes, decoration pieces, electronics etc. on Amazon, eBay, or OLX where you can sell these things on slightly low prices, but you will be able to pay the bills for sure.

3. Microwork

People who prefer doing home-based businesses or job are usually short on time. Especially those who happen to be parents as well or have other responsibilities. With a toddler, you don’t get much time for anything else, but you have to work to pay your bills so one of the best home-based solutions to this is looking for microwork. Microwork is a form of work in which one person does small projects and does not require sitting in front of the laptop for 8 hours straight. A small example of microwork is being a virtual assistant for a few hours only. You can choose to do work like responding to emails of your client on his behalf, writing, managing the records, research for a specific purpose and similar things. In microwork, you complete small projects or work that is time-limited.

4. Rent Your Home via Airbnb

One must have heard a great deal about the Airbnb by now because of its amazing opportunities. Airbnb is a unique platform that which allows people to rent out their homes to other people especially the tourists. One does not have to rent out the whole house particularly, even if you have a spare room or a guest room then you can only rent that single room. There are also options in which you can decide how long would you like to rent out the place; it can be only one night, a week, a month or more than a month etc. The good thing about this kind of small home-based business is that Airbnb offers up to $1,000,000 guarantee if the renters cause any damages to your property. They also let you decide which kind of renter you want in your home to avoid the disturbance. There is a rating system on the website/app where you can rate the renter or the homeowner by which other people can get an idea based on someone’s personal experience. So, if you have a spare bedroom or you are planning to go on a vacation leaving behind an empty house and you are looking to earn easy money without doing anything then a paying guest might help you earn some money per day.

5. Make Your Home a Day Care Center

Many people are not good with, but they do want to make money. This is where the creative planning comes in. If you are good with the kids, you can handle them, and you have space where kids can stay then you can consider making your home a daycare center for a few hours. You can network with friends and family to let them know you’re in business as well as post on local on-line classified and other day care advertising services. You will be amazed to see that plenty of parents would bring their children to your place and this is how you can make extra money.

NOTE: Make sure your aware of any safety requirements, local laws, etc. – you want to make sure you keep the little ones safe.



As a home-based business, you don’t need a vast office to get going, all you have to do is get some ideas a little seed money and some hard work. The above 5 home-based business ideas are just a few of the many ideas you can explore to get started. For example, if you think you can manage to buy and sell trendy products, then you can make your own website and start selling whatever you prefer. If you think you are good with kids, then making a day care center would not only earn you money but also increase your reputation. If you have a unique expertise a blog and e-book might be the right route to go. The main point is to pick a good idea and get started and see where the path will lead. Meanwhile, read this post before starting an Amazon business.