Best Business Ideas for Retirees

Are you retired and looking for a side hustle or business idea? There are various low-capital choices available to you if you want to establish your own business. We’ve compiled a list of the most profitable business ideas you can start right now!

Starting a business after retirement is becoming a more popular method to supplement your income while staying active in your golden years. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, seniors are more likely than any other age group to work for themselves. In reality, 15.5 percent of adults over the age of 65 are self-employed at the moment. 

And there are valid explanations for this pattern. Older Americans today must pay off mortgages and auto debts, as well as deal with rising medical costs. Furthermore, research reveals that when investing for retirement, 67% of Americans forget to account for vacation.

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Ideas for a Retirement Business

Before you decide on a business to start, think about your money and health. Also, think about how big of a business you want to establish. Although some seniors may be interested in beginning a business with staff and office space, a lifestyle business may be more appealing to you if you’re retired or near retirement. 

A lifestyle business generates enough cash and free time to allow you to live your preferred lifestyle. Working part-time in a business that revolves around your skills or hobbies could be a viable option. Here are a few of the most innovative retirement business concepts:

Senior Chauffeur

As the majority of the baby boom generation approaches their senior years, seniors are predicted to make up a quarter of the population in the United States and Canada by 2040. Many seniors and persons with disabilities are unable or unable to drive and require grocery delivery/unpacking, transportation to and from medical appointments, and help with basic household duties.

This could be a perfect business opportunity if you have an outgoing attitude and enjoy driving. Having a lift-equipped vehicle, while costly to buy, might increase demand for your services.

Bookkeeping and Taxes

Many business owners want assistance with bookkeeping. If you worked in accounting or tax preparation throughout your working career, you might wish to consider giving financial advising services after retirement. You may not only start this tiny business with little to no money, but you can also work from home or any place with a Wi-Fi connection.

Travel Tour Guide

Why not get paid to travel if you enjoy it? It can be incredibly fulfilling to become a tour guide and introduce people to the wonders of travel. All of your expenditures are covered, and you are compensated with salaries and tips. You’ll be the one leading tourists from one destination to the next as a tour guide. Leading a hike in the Pyrenees or showing a Unesco historic site in Istanbul is an example of daily activities.

This could be the ideal retirement company for you if you are enthusiastic, well-organized, and enjoy working with people. Multilingual abilities and prior travel experience are also valuable qualities.

Writing and proofreading

If you have strong communication abilities, you might be able to supplement your income by assisting businesses, particularly small businesses, with their communication requirements. Businesses may require written or proofread writing for their website or blog, press releases, sales brochures, or manuals. You can find employment on many freelancing marketplaces like  Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

If you already have a decent writing portfolio, skip the marketplaces and pitch directly to companies. You can do that through email, as well as on LinkedIn. Pitch in the connection requests you send to website editors.

Child Care/Babysitting

If you enjoy working with children, consider starting a childcare business.  Childcare services won’t make you rich, but they can help you supplement your retirement income while also being personally fulfilling. A background in primary school or childcare, as well as first aid/CPR training, would be advantageous.


Trash, garden waste, and other abandoned household or commercial materials are always in demand, and if you are strong, healthy, and enjoy driving, hauling could be a terrific retirement career opportunity for you.

If you already own a truck or van, you can save a lot of money on startup fees, but if you don’t, there are usually plenty of acceptable used cars available at a reasonable price. Hauling can be beneficial to the environment. Taking unwanted items to be recycled or reused is a great method to “be green.”

Online Courses 

You don’t want students to come into your house and you don’t want to go to theirs? Tutoring over the internet is getting increasingly common. By 2024, the online learning/training business is anticipated to be worth more than $200 billion. If you have a skill that others would pay to acquire and you’re skilled at expressing things, you may cash in on that market by converting your knowledge into one or more online courses.

 You can sell your courses on online marketplaces like Udemy, as well as your website or other course delivery platforms. After you’ve produced the courses, your main focus will be on promoting them to attract a consistent supply of new consumers. We’ve seen people earning up to $5,000 per month (that too passively) through course creation and marketing. 

Interior Design/Painting

Unless you are in excellent physical condition, retiring from your regular work at the age of 50 and entering the building trades such as carpentry, plumbing, or roofing is unlikely.

If you’ve always wanted to work in the construction sector, though, how about something less physically demanding? Why not explore painting or interior decorating as a retirement business and share your artistic skills with the world if you have an eye for color, good attention to detail, and a knack for swinging a brush?

In terms of marketing, you can claim a Google My Business listing if you have a commercial office, or set up an Instagram page marketing your services. Make sure to use hashtags like #interiordesigner to extend the visibility of your posts. 

Services for Translation

The art of transferring written content from one language to another is known as translation. It is utilized in a wide number of industries, including advertising, medicine, law, and software. It’s worth noting that, while businesses like Google are working on software to automate translation from one language to another, the results, while remarkable, are still far from ready for prime time.

Translation necessitates good writing skills in two or more languages, as well as meticulous attention to detail, analytical abilities, and (for reasons of confidentiality) a high level of professional ethics. You can specialize if you have an extensive understanding of a particular industry.


Thanks to decades of work, retirees frequently have substantial industry knowledge. Consider providing consultancy services based on your prior career if you wish to supplement your retirement income. Individuals with computer expertise, for example, could give tech help to a local firm. 

Seniors who worked in finance, on the other hand, may counsel people and corporations on their financial decisions. Whatever your field of expertise, there is a chance for you to make a decent living. Because consultants do not have to cover the expense of their benefits, many organizations can pay them more than full-time employees.

Print on Demand

Still got a knack for art and creativity? Then try your hand at print-on-demand. This is where you print custom artwork on products like t-shirts, bags, and mugs. There are print on demand services you can use to get this done. Your main job is to create something that strikes a connection with people in different niches, such as anime and Star Wars followers. Some of the best POD services are Printful and Printify.Since you’re going to be working in retirement, go easy on yourself by following the business model of POD dropshipping. Many companies offer this service, which is when they ship any products customers order directly to them. You don’t need to worry about inventory or logistics with this model. You just design, hire a VA to market your products, and enjoy the profits. 


None of these suggestions are likely to make you a lot of money or help you establish a business; you’ll need entrepreneurial spirit, motivation, planning, and diligence.

Do some market research and prepare a business plan after you’ve chosen an idea; these procedures will help you determine if your chosen idea is realistic. Make sure you talk to your spouse about it; getting your spouse on board with your new business endeavor could be tough if he or she has different retirement plans!

These opportunities for retirees are particularly appealing because they are all affordable to start and can be run as part-time, home-based companies. Running a small business can help you stay motivated, happy, and healthy for years to come while also supplementing your retirement income.