Why do I love to have ‘office at home’

We are living in an age when jobs are careers. The modern mindset to earning a living is more and more becoming about earning a sustainable income through work that feeds your soul. It’s work that allows you to achieve more than just that end-of-year bonus, work that gives you a feeling of self-worth and self-fulfillment.

As working from home or telecommuting has become more of a necessity than an option, the need of having a office at home arises even more greatly. Check out why working at home will give you more professional and personal satisfaction by reading the following benefits.

Benefits of having office at home

As a result, the concept of an office at home has become as normal and standard as having a living room. With many people being self employed, having an office at home can cut costs, by avoiding extra rental on a separate office space. For those of us who still go to work in an office environment, but have the option of bringing work home, creating an office at home will provide a space that allows you to focus on your work without all the distractions from your colleagues around you.

An office at home can also provide a space for the whole family for studying, hobbies and crafts. By incorporating creative organizational aspects, and the use of innovative design ideas that are becoming more and more available to us, this space can easily be kept neat, tidy and allow for everyone in the family to have their own place within in this space.

Benefits of having office at home

Gone are the days when women are expected to give up their careers after getting married and having children. Having an office at home allows for many modern-day mothers to continue working at their careers and own businesses, without sacrificing precious, quality time with their children. By creating a family work environment in an office at home, encouraging responsible working and studying habits in your children becomes less of an effort, as you are now able to lead by example, and create a space where working and studying can become a family activity.

If you also create a special place for the kids for studying, it can make homework less of a chore and more fun for the kids. Make sure to choose a space that is least likely to disturb or distract your child

The home is where the heart is. It is where we nurture our souls. It’s our safe place, and our place of sanctuary. Having an office at home allows one to bring the love for their work, studying, hobbies and crafts into this place of the heart. There are so many reasons to love having an office at home, so it’s a wonder why anyone would question it’s a necessity.

In fact, there are several independent studies that prove that people who work at home become happier and more productive. It can benefit the employer as much it can do to the employees in so many positive ways.

Health benefits of working from home

There are many other reasons to love having an office in your own home. It also paves you to start a healthier lifestyle. Since it gives you more control over your schedule and how you work, you’re bound to feel less stressful.

Commuting to and from the office is certainly a big hassle, enduring maddening traffic as well as air and noise pollution. As you arrived at the office door, you were already feeling so stressed out even though you were about to start your day’s job. Working from home will significantly reduce or even eliminate those problems.

Working from home allows you to eat more healthily, too. Skipping breakfast because you don’t want to arrive late at the office? Hitting the vending machine too often for a quick pick-me-up or for an unhealthy snack? Working at home can change that. It lets you to have healthier food choices. Working from home means more flexible time for you, allowing you to cook healthier meals for you and your family.

It also allows you to set the time aside for exercise, workout and some outdoor activity. Make it a point to put your laptop to “sleep” mode, get out in the morning sunshine for a boost of vitamin D, and jog a few kilometers around the neighborhood to get most out of the benefits. Or if you cannot get out, allot an hour just for exercising — slip on your workout clothes, turn on the upbeat music and start stretching those muscles!

Working at home significantly cuts down the hours that you would have spent in commuting to and from the office, giving you more time to sleep and re-charge yourself. Having a well-rested body and mind makes you feeling good and refreshed in time for the next home office day job.

Personally, I love to have an office at home because it allows me to be creative in my own space. To manage my own time and to keep and organized, neat and tidy working environment that is my own, allowing me to give my career one hundred percent of the time. Why do you love to have an office at home?