What Can I Do If I Am Not Close To A Cell Tower In My Home Office

A cell tower, cell site, or cell base station is a cellular-enabled mobile device site where the electronic communication equipment and antennas are placed. It is typically on a tower, radio mast, or other elevated structure. It creates a cell or adjacent cells in a cellular network. The raised structure supports the antenna and one more set of transceivers, transmitters, digital signal processors, GPS receiver for synchronization, and control electronics. A primary power supply and backup electric fountains and shelters the source. 

Since so much of our daily life depends on our cell phones, weak signals, slow data speeds, and dropped calls can have a great impact on your daily routine tasks. It affects your productivity if you are having an office in your home. You don’t have to worry about anything because there are various ways to fix the signal problems in your home. On the other hand, you can click the link if you want a reputable company to assist you with your lie Detector Test.

What Can I Do If I Am Not Close To A Cell Tower In My Home Office?

Cell Phone Carrier Certified Solutions

Get A Cell Phone Signal Booster


You can get a cellphone signal booster that is the only certified solution recommended by most carriers. The FCC takes an existing outdoor signal and amplifies it. As a result, the signals will be strongly distributed to your home, vehicle, or business. The signal booster works simultaneously with all the networks. They have no recurring charges. 

If you want to boost the carrier’s signals in your home office, then it is a great option if you are having an existing external signal for boosting. 

Get A Verizon Network Extender


This solution is intended for people with Verizon Wireless. It is because they are the only operator to still offer a network extension. A network extender, also known as microcell or femtocell is a device sold by Verizon to create a cellular signal in your home. It routes all the cellular calls and data through your high-speed internet. 

There are some downsides to the network extension such as call forwarding issues. On the other hand, it can be an option for you if you don’t have an existing cell signal outside. 

Use Wi-Fi Calling


Technically using Wi-Fi calling is not a method of improving the cell phone signal, but it can be used for making calls over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Hence, you will be in touch with the world outside. If there is no cell signal available, you can use the Wi-Fi. 

Make Sure Your Phone Is In Peak Working Condition

Update The Software


Do you know about the messages you receive sometimes about the software update of your operator? These updates tell your phone which towers to connect to. Ideally, you should always keep it updated. If you have not been updating it on regular basis, then you should check it now. 

Turn Off Currently Using Services


Services such as Wi-Fi, Near-Field Communication (NFC), and Bluetooth can sometimes cause problems. These problems occur when you try to send the data or calls through different services. Also, when you allow the other devices to use the necessary bandwidth for communications for clear and faster calls and data. If you are having a problem with the network connection, then try turning them off on your phone. If the signal improves on your cellphone, then you know the issue. 

Change Data and Voice Settings


Sometimes the 4G LTE network is overloaded due to a lot of users in one area. When your 4G LTE network is slow, you can try using a 3G network which will be technically faster than 4G. On iPhone and Android smartphones you can switch between different network options such as 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G. Trying switching between different options to make it work. 

Turn Airplane Mode On and Off


When the signal drops in your home, you can turn airplane mode on and off to let your phone forcefully reconnect to the cellular network. For example, if you are in an area where the signal strength should be good, but your phone is not receiving the right signals, then you can try turning airplane mode on and off. 

Restart The Phone


If you have tried all the network fixes, then you can restart your iPhone or Android smartphone. restarting your iPhone means that you have cleared the glitches that were blocking the reception of signals. It usually happens when an antenna signal hops from one tower to another closer to one another.

Reset The Network Settings


If still, your phone is not receiving the cellular signals, then resetting the network settings is the last option. To reset the network settings, go to the Reset option and choose the Reset Network Settings option.

Other Options to Boost the Cellular Signals

Remove the Objects That Interfere With Cellular Reception


The first thing that you should learn about the cell phone working is that the phone receives signals from the cell phone tower with minimal obstruction. It means if you want to constantly receive signals from the cellphone tower, then you should align your cellphone with the tower. Try to reduce the objects between them. 

If the signals from the cell phone tower have to pass through many obstacles such as glass, walls, etc., then they might get weak by the time they reach your cellphone. To reduce this effect, you can reduce the interference between the cellphone and the nearest cellphone tower. You can walk to an open window or go up to the patio while using the phone. 

If you are working, then you can place the cellphone at some specific place where it receives strong signals from the cell tower. There are some other obstacles that you cannot avoid such as mountains, trees, hills, metal structures, tall buildings, thick building materials, or walls made of concrete, stone, or metals. 

The signal strength is also affected by the weather conditions. If the weather turns bad, the signal strength will drop in an instant. Sometimes, hurricanes or storms affect the reception of cell phone signals. 

Avoid Critically Low Battery Levels


When your smartphone tries to connect to the nearest cell phone tower, it is powered by a battery. If the battery of the phone is low, then it makes it difficult for it to locate the signals. It happens because smartphones are programmed to use less power at lower battery levels to save as much power as possible. Hence, the signal reception becomes poor. 

It is important to save the phone’s battery for better signal strength. You can do so by turning off the Bluetooth and NFC. You can use these features only when you need them. Also, lower the screen brightness and make sure that no apps are running in the background. It is because they use the power in the background and your phone discharges quickly. 

You can follow these steps to make sure that you get the best of the signal strength in your home office. If still, there is an issue in-network, then you can call your network support to resolve this issue. 

Identify The Closest Cell Tower From Your Location


The main reason for your cellphone’s poor signal reception is the distance to the nearest cell tower. If the cell tower is too far from your location, then you will be receiving weak signals in your home office. To avoid any distortion in the cellphone’s signals, you can choose a location that is close to the cell tower. Hence, you will be receiving the best signal strength under the circumstances. 

Also, if you are unable to identify the cell towers near you, you can use different sites and applications to detect the nearest cell tower. Also, they will calculate the distance between you and the cell tower. 

Some of the websites such as Cell Reception, Antenna Search, and Open Signal will help you to find the nearest cell tower for better signal strength. All you have to do is to enter the zip code and access the information of all cell towers nearest to your location. You will be able to compare the signal strength of your carrier in different areas. 

The signal is usually at -50dB when you are getting the full 5 bars. if you don’t get any of the bars it means the signal is at -120dB. This is known as a dead zone. 

Far From Cell Tower – Fix Issues Of Signal Strength

Before you try to fix the signal problem, you should learn what is a cell tower. Once you know what it is and how it works, you will be able to fix the signal problem in your home office. Several reasons affect the signal strength at your location. They can be mountains, hills, trees, concrete or metal thick walls, etc. 

You cannot avoid these obstacles but enhance the signal strength by using signals boosters in your home office. Also, you can increase the space in your home office to make sure that your cellphone receives good signal strength. To make sure that your phone is receiving the best signals from the cell tower, update it on regular basis. If you are not doing so, then your phone will not be able to catch the signals from the cell tower.