Unusual Home Decor Ideas You Will Want In Your Home

These days, we are looking for home decor items that do not only look good in the eye, but provide some functionality as well. There are modern, cutting-edge, charming, fun or whimsical designs that suit the eye and taste of every discriminating homeowner.

While some of us want decor items to match the overall theme and look of our interior spaces, others look for furniture items or designs that are downright quirky and worthy of a conversation piece.

You might want to check out our home decor ideas below. Which one of these do you like? Let us know in the comment section at the end of this list!

1. Book Tree Shelves – Forget conventional, boring, “blocky” shelves. These book tree shelves lend a more natural and organic look to the corner of your interiors. This is especially ideal for small spaces.

Bookshelves in a shape of a tree

2. Angel’s Wings – It is usual to find “angel” chairs with the wings on the back, but it’s rare to find chairs with wings as armrests. Pretty special.

Unique Angel's Wings Chair

3. Moroccan Lantern – This beautiful lantern might remind you of your Mediterranean trips.

Moroccan Lantern

4. Concrete socket lights – These are a must for fans of industrial design. They look crude but classy enough to illuminate luxurious lofts and contemporary abodes. These lights can be personalized by color (that range from copper to neon pink) and length.

Concrete socket lights

5. Alice in Wonderland Home Decor – An whimsical piece that is a must for fans of “Alice in Wonderland” novel (and its several adaptations).

Alice in Wonderland Home Decor

6. Hands Shaped Sofa – Hand-shaped sofas are one of the quirky but popular contemporary sofa designs.

Hands Shaped Sofa

7. Constellation Wall Clock – Know someone who’s a fan of astrology and horoscopes? This constellation clock will definitely make a perfect gift for them!

Constellation Wall Clock

8. Spooky Lamp – This lamp is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Spooky Lamp

9. Bronze Snake Door Knocker – Don’t worry — this door knocker won’t bite you!

 Bronze Snake Door Knocker

10. Tree Night Stand – Who would have ever thought that a humble tree stump would make such a fashionable home decor piece?

Tree Night Stand

11. Aquarium Table – If there’s something else you could throw your extra money on, why don’t you spend on this amazing aquarium coffee table? It could take regular some maintenance and cleaning though, but you can’t deny its power to generate “oohs” and “aahs” from your guests!