Tips on Working from Home With a Pet Cat

If you have shifted from working at the office to home, chances are you are happier because that only means you get to spend more time with your cat.

Working from home totally provides a lot of benefits—you get to set your working hours, work in your pajamas, and spend after-work hours on your hobbies rather than on the commute.

However, it can not be as dreamy as one might imagine. Think about working from home and living alone with your cat—it’s double the work!

If you are finding it hard to balance work and cat time, then you are certainly not alone. Here are some tips to help you maintain a productive work environment at home, all the while being a good parent to your cat!

You need your own space, so does your cat

Most of the time it may be fun to work while your cat fiddles with a toy beside you, or when they are cuddling by your side. It’s certainly an amazing feeling, until your cat sits on your keyboard, sending that unfinished email, or suddenly appearing in the background of your Zoom meeting with a client.

Having a cat beside you while working can be a double-edged sword, so make sure to provide a space for them where they can play, be comfortable, and relax other than by your side. If your cat is extremely clingy, you may want to provide a kitty hammock and hang it near your workspace.

Schedule a break for playtime

Back when you were still based in the office, most probably you spend your breaks catching up with the latest gossips about your workmates’ lives or probably go out to the nearest café to get yourself a coffee boost.

In the new normal, your breaks are spent none other than your tail-wagging best friend. Scheduling designated playtimes is not only beneficial for the cat, but for you as well. It’s good to take breaks for your mental health to avoid burnout, and as such, your cat will be assured that you will always make time to give them attention on your own time.

You could dedicate your breaks to teach your kitty some new tricks or commands. And if you’re not feeling it, just give them lots of cuddles. It should suffice.

Keep your cat occupied

A bored pet is the last thing you would want in a work-from-home setup. Things can be rowdy and chaotic with a bored cat—the next time you go to your kitchen, your tools are all over the floor. To ensure your pet does not disrupt your working hours, provide them plenty of options for solo physical and mental stimulation. Toys such as puzzles and scratching posts are great ways to keep your kitty busy.

Provide other forms of distractions. Is your cat a birdwatcher? Make sure to provide a spot for your cat next to a window that features a lot of wildlife. It keeps bad behavior at bay and helps your cat divert their attention elsewhere.

However, if your cat is motivated by food, food puzzles make great attention seekers. Also, you can try opening the television and let your cat watch videos of birds and mammals.

Choose cat-friendly notification sounds

This may sound like a weird tip, but hear us out on this first! You certainly know how several noises can trigger your cat and absolutely drive them crazy.

So, whenever you are home, make sure that your notifications, especially those related at work, would not trigger your cat and sent them into a crying fit. You would not want to answer an incoming video call from your boss while your cat is running and whimpering around.

As much as possible, do a sound test before starting to work. Check out your different options and play them all while your cat is there so you can see their reactions. Obviously, choose the ones that do not elicit negative reactions from your cat.

Working from home is truly an amazing opportunity, but it can get a bit challenging when you are living with a cat. Make sure to maximize your productivity and your responsibilities of being a cat parent with these tips!