Start a Profitable Niche Focused Job Board Website

People are always searching for jobs. Starting a profitable niche focused job board site is a great way to connect with millions of potential job seekers. This is the era of internet, and more jobseekers now go online to search for potential jobs and extra work – according to one study around 180 million people do job searches every month.

What if you could get a small piece of the online job seeking pie? Honestly, you could make some pretty good money out of it for the right niche!  Many niche job boards charge $90 to $600 for each a 30 day job posting. Even if you get like say 15 new listings each month, that’s a pretty good start for business without any investment or monthly maintenance fees.

Yes definitely, you won’t be able to rival the big large job boards sites like Monster, Indeed or CareerBuilder. But that’s just fine; you don’t have to compete them all you need to do is learn from them.

You can start by carving out a small sweet spot for yourself in the job board market by choosing a targeted niche. Dice, AuntMinnie and ProBlogger are some decent examples of how a job-board can prosper by offering industry-specific jobs to a particular market.

What Niche Job Board Should You Select?

You can focus on your target audience or spotlight on a particular industry. You could even set up a job board for specific experts, say graphic designers or virtual assistants.

The sort of specialty work targeting you set is altogether up to you. It’s a smart thought to play to your abilities and expertise and pick an occupation you are well-informed about or have worked in previously. Why?

To acquire organic visitors to your activity board, you’ll need to set up a blog on the website. Blogging is a standout amongst other approaches to get guests from web crawlers like Google and Bing. It additionally happens to be an excellent method to get social offers.

The more traffic you can convey to your site, the more you can charge for your month to month work postings. Furthermore, when you give work postings AND supportive industry-related news and counsel, you turn into a specialist source of data and also an unusual place to discover a career.

Without experience or if nothing else a passion for the field, you’ll rapidly wear out and lose your love before you even begin. That is the reason you should go for an industry you appreciate and can give significant knowledge into.

Pros of Choosing A Correct Niche

In spite of the fact that creating a niche job board that throws a wide net holds a specific interest, there are a couple of reasons why you ought to think about narrowing your concentration into a particular niche. In any case, there’s the issue of advertising. When you have a barely described specialty, you can become more acquainted with your customer’s needs all around. You can investigate the particular business, becoming more acquainted with the fundamental players in enlistment who will need to utilize your niche job board. This makes organizing less demanding because you can advance your job board among a little determination of potential customers.

Moreover, with a niche focused job board you don’t need to stress over rivaling the huge names. You can cut out your particular essential space in this industry, turning into a go-to job board for healthcare experts, journalists, or freelancers. You’ll be catering for experts who as of now have a professional way, which makes it simpler to simplify your facilities.

Niche-focused job boards regularly give more extensive services to customers, including websites, guidance articles, and compensation examination highlights. By concentrating on a single territory, you can extend your support of turn out to be more irreplaceable to existing clients and target new ones. These other highlights are likewise more straightforward to share via social media and develop your clientele.

How to Choose a Marketable Niche

There are various sorts of niches that you can pick and browse. One would be your geographical location. You could advance employments inside your particular city or one which is as of now facing an unusual state of growth.

Another kind of specialty would be a contract, brief, or independent positions, which are emerging in rapidly as an expanding number of laborers like to be self-employed or contractual workers. Lastly, you can limit your field to a particular industry, be it therapeutic services or media. The initial phase of picking a niche is to decide what topic your board will be based on.

The following stage is to direct analysis of your own. If you’ve limited your selection of niches to a couple of contenders, you’ll have to take a look at the competitors in these specialties.

Is there an opening to fill in a specific industry? Observe the work measurements and projections to distinguish regions encountering a fast increase in development. You can likewise take a look at instruction destinations like to recognize developing ventures delivering a high volume of new graduates will’s identity looking for work on job boards like yours.

Equipped with this data, you would then be able to pick an attractive niche has a good chance to succeed. Making a specialty requires upfront investment and research; however, it can pay off with a more firm client base and prolonged showcasing openings than a general job board would and will generate those passive income dollars.

Getting Established

Got your niche? Extraordinary! First of all, you require a name. In a perfect world, your name will have a strong attachment with your job board’s niche. This can be an industry term or straightforwardly reference the calling.

Have you seen AuntMinnie? It’s an occupation board for radiology experts. What does Aunt Minnie need to do with radiology you wonder? It’s a term regularly utilized by experts in the business to allude to an extraordinarily explicit radiological finding — so obvious even your Aunt Minnie could see it!

While the term might be lost on most, radiology experts get it. Thus it works!

The ProBlogger work board is another handy case. It’s a go-to spot for those searching for proficient blogging and writing gigs — ProBlogger. The name says it all.

The take-out? Pick a name that experts in the specialty you’re focusing on will comprehend or directly reference the sorts of jobs being posted.

Lastly you need to select a tool to run your job board.  If you do a quick search of job board plugins for WordPress you will find many options.  WordPress can be setup cheaply and easily at any number of hosts and you can install a plugin and quickly configure it.  PayPal makes for an easy payment system and many job board plugins integrate with it directly. Pick a theme that matches your niche and your off to the job board races.