Should You Use Your Dining Table as a Work Desk?

There is no longer an excuse for you not to turn your dining table into your work desk. As more people opted to work at home, more people have considered the idea of turning their fancy dining into a workstation.

One reason you are going to do this is that it will save your budget from the additional purchase of extra furniture.

With those who have large dining tables at home, we know that its ultimate purpose is during big family occasions like birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holiday gatherings, which only happen once a year. So, there is a big chance that your fancy table is rarely used. If this is the case, you can try repurposing your dining table or other types of dining tables into a work desk.

Some bright ideas to make your dining table into a workstation

1. Add bookshelves


If your dining table shares the space with a wall, this gives you an additional advantage when you think of your home-based workstation because all you have to do is add some bookshelves. You can also line the space with built-in shelving for your needed office supplies or books.

2. Use decorative boxes


Don’t forget to put your accessories and supplies in decorative or gift boxes so your dining area will not look like a depot. The boxes will give you an easy feeling because you can keep your fancy things near you while at work.

3. Upholstered armchairs


There is an opportunity for you to “mix and match” your chairs and tables to have a less formal atmosphere in your new workstation. Have your chairs upholstered to make you comfortable during your working or reading time while at your dining table. This also adds elegance to your table.

4. Built-in banquette

A built-in banquette matched with a typical pedestal table is ideal if you want to turn your dining table into a workplace.

It allows you to have a casual workspace and a functional dining room. Banquettes are helpful for your additional storage area. You can also keep your books and office accessories under the seat or in the drawers. However, you have to make sure that shelves are sturdy to support the weight of your books.

5. Have a desk 

You can place a desk at the center of your dining room. Pair the desk with a modern-type chair to have a charming look at the space. Make sure that the desk’s height is also comfortable so you will have a smooth transition from dining to working in the same room.

You can easily roll the desk in the corner or out of the dining area if you need more available space for your visitors as they dine.

6. Add a chalkboard


A chalkboard is a great help for you to track your daily work activities and business meetings. It can also be an ideal place where you can write your favorite menu for the day. You can paint the wall with a chalkboard, or you can buy one and hang it across your dining table.

7. Use a placemat, desk pad


Use a placemat or a desk pad on your table. In this manner, this will transform your dining table into an office zone. A desk pad will protect your laptop and save your table from scratches and other pen marks.

8. Use tabletop converter

Use a stylish tabletop converter for both office and dining needs at home. A collapsible type will add height to your dining table when you want to use it. You can keep and store it quickly if not used. A wooden model that can be easily adjusted is a good choice, too.

9. Power plug


Installing a power outlet near your kitchen table is the most sensible way for you to convert your table to a workstation easily. With your multiple electronic devices and accessories, you need to install a power station nearby. Make sure that the cables are not tangled to avoid other risks during your work time.

10. Compartmentalize with bins

Put all your office supplies and other paraphernalia in a basket or a bin. Place it underneath or beside your dining table. It will give you easy access between one task to another.

11. Add Task Lighting


While it is understandable that your dining table has a good lighting system, you can also add a task light to control light flow while at work. The task light will also help you avoid eye strain. You can pick a small yet stylish desk lamp to match your table. You can also dim the light a bit when dining.