Overview of Social Bookmarking Sites

Over the past several years social bookmarking has become very popular amongst web users and very important for building search engine rankings. Social Bookmarking is where you see something that you like and you can bookmark it to go back to at a later date and can even show all of your friends what you had liked. This is typically a story, a craft project, or a blog that you are interested in. Many people have become addicted to social bookmarking and do it just about every day. Some sites allow “voting” and “liking” to help determine the visibility of a particular link.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

There are many different Top Social Bookmarking Sites so it can be hard to choose the one that you will want to use. Here are just a few of the more popular Social Bookmarking sites you will want to make sure you take a close look at:

  • Digg – Digg has become very popular among its users and started out by being a popular news site. Digg just underwent a MAJOR redesign after being sold. We will have to continue to monitor if this site will be popular for submitting content and sharing, voting and commenting. The new owners say there is much more to come.
  • Delicious – This site allows you to read, browse, and share everything you read with your friends no matter what kind of story or blog post it is.
  • StumbleUpon – This site was recently renamed Mix. It allows you to look through the site and see many of the stories that they have to offer and even allow you to find many of your own interests. There they allow you to share your findings with whoever you want to share it with.
  • Folkd – This site allows you to tag and share just about anything you want. It also creates a profile for you where all of your tags can be viewed by anyone.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest has gained quite a following in the past few years. People can pin just about anything they want including pictures, crafts, and any kind of idea that they want. They can also share their Pinterest pins on sites like Facebook.
  • Reddit – A fast-growing and popular site, Reddit has combined voting, social bookmarking, and editorial and group communications. Reddit is very stringent in keeping quality and will quickly stop any content that appears “spammy” in nature.
  • JumpTags – This site is still in “Beta” but its worth checking out. You can build up your J-Space of links and its very easy to submit, manage, and share items.
  • CiteULike – CiteULike¬†uses the principle of social bookmarking to allow users in saving, organizing and managing scholarly papers or references that they find on the web. When users see an academic paper that interests them, they can save it in their personal library, which they can later use for further review, or share to other users.
  • Diigo – Diigo is another popular social bookmarking site which allows users not only to bookmark web pages but also to highlight certain information on web pages that they find interesting. The said highlighted information can be bookmarked and saved for further reading or review. Like in many other social bookmarking sites, the use of tags help keep everything neat and organized.

While choosing which social bookmarking site would be the right one for you it is suggested that you look through each one of them before you decide. Of course, if you like more than one you can always choose to join several or all of the different social bookmarking applications. This will allow you to bookmark and to come back to things that you will want to read later and ones that you may want to create later. You will also be able to share with friends and show your friends all the latest social bookmarking sites.

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You might also want to look at a social bookmark sharing site – Social Addr as another option.