10 Must-Have Home Office Gadgets and Accessories

Working in the office everyday, you may have encountered different problems that range from dealing with difficult employees to insignificant ones like the lack of office space, a misplaced stapler, scattered paper clips or spilled coffee over your keyboard.

Let’s go to the insignificant problems — they can be really annoying! Fortunately, you can check out the following gadgets and pick the ones you should try having.

10 Must-Have Home Office Gadgets and Accessories

1.Fantastic paper clip holder

Einstein paperclip holder

Paperwork is everywhere on your desk and the little box of paper clips is nowhere to be found. Try this amazing magnetic paper clip holder in the shape of Einstein’s head. It will brighten your day in either way.

2. Cup holder

Cup holder

Drinking either tea or coffee while you’re in the middle of an important task is a risk of spilling it all over your work. These cup holders don’t occupy any desk space and yet your cup is still at your hand’s reach.

3. Task clips

Task Clips

It’s much easier to keep your documents organized with these task clips. This is a much better solution than colored sticky papers where you additionally have to write descriptions.

4. Cable organizer

Cable organizer

Having personal computer, laptop, printer or scanner means a handful of cables cluttered around. With this cable box, you found a perfect solution for the chaos that cables bring.  Source

5. Wireless key finder

Wireless finder

Losing your keys, wallet or mobile phone is a problem we all fear. If you get yourself too busy with your work, you might forget where you put your drawer or cabinet keys or even the key to the house. With this gadget rest assured wherever the lost item is, it will always be found.

6. Mini desk cabinet

Mini desk cabinet

When you’re in a hurry with your clients, don’t forget to give them your business card! With this mini desk cabinet you can be quick with searching for your cards or important notes. Also, it is a great addition to your desk’s appearance.

7. Cool plant pens

Plant pencils

If you’re having issues with constantly losing your pens or someone else mistakenly taking them, this is a great accessory for your desk. Both functional as you will always have enough number of pens at hand and decorative as well. Such a clever idea!

8. Keyboard cleaning gel

Keyboard cleaner

Not having free time to enjoy your meals properly, you’re destined to always eat in a hurry and it’s usually while you’re working on your PC. This is a fantastic gadget for your keyboard. Keep it clean and tidy with this slimy gel cleaner.

9. Virtual bluetooth keyboard

Unlike regular keyboards, this virtual keyboard has unlimited possibilities. You’re able to choose the brightness, size, volume and the most important thing – you can place it literally anywhere you want. Even if your coffee is spilled over it, no problem!

10. Window solar charger

Window solar charger

Surely you’re tired of all the cords and wires around your desk and you don’t need one more. That’s why we have these awesome home office gadgets. The solar-powered charger for your phone is a more practical solution – it doesn’t have limited options of charging spots.  Source

It’s important to make your work as comfortable as it should be, without the worries of misplaced things or scattered items. These excellent home office gadgets could be a great relief for anyone spending the most of their time at the workplace.