How Modern Careers Have Changed in Recent Years

If you’re reading Homeoffice Geeks, then you’re probably interested in some new and modern careers. We have to accept that the old-fashioned, conventional careers are not as big anymore as then, and things have changed during the last few years and now you can even make millions just by having a podcast, for example.

Working at Home – and Anywhere

A couple of decades back, the idea of working at home – working to be paid that is, apart from the usual housework – was a long shot.

But now, it seems that working at home is a trend these past few years. While this manner of working is not for everyone, it has opened to a lot of opportunities and possibilities. Working at home also offers some flexibility. More and more people – including students, parents and professionals – have chosen to work on a home full-time or part-time basis. By having an Internet connection and sharing your documents or portfolios, you can become a part of the team. You can send financial reports and hold important conference meetings with your colleagues via Skype or GoToMeeting from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, dining room or a backyard garden, or at Starbucks.

Or you can work on your own by being a freelance writer or blogger. You can dictate your own time and have total control over your career.

Another appeal of working online is that it doesn’t require a big startup capital – in fact, you can start with virtually no money or resources at all. Fortunately, many companies that have gone online only require you to sign up or register for free – and then you’re in!

Being Self-Employed

Thanks to the dawn of the digital age, these days anyone with an Internet connection can work for themselves.  I’ve been self-employed for almost 10 years. I started as a freelance writer on Upwork and moved my way up by working hard. I’ve tried everything – from being a content manager to outreach specialist. And guess what? It is awesome. Yes, sometimes you will fail, but most of the time you will be very proud of yourself.
So, are you tired of having a boss? Are you always complaining about your current job? Modern times allow us to try anything. And even if we fail (and we will sometimes), we can always get up and try again.  One great thing about personal freedom is you can enjoy great activities like reel island anytime!

The Possibilities Are Endless!

You don’t know what can you do or where to start? The possibilities are endless! You would be surprised that there are tons of career opportunities you could find by merely just having an Internet connection at your own home, but we could only list some of them:

  • Programmer – if you are good at programming, you could try working on your own app from the comfort of your own home. Since the advent and the popularity of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, millions of apps have been up for sale on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. The big companies are surely making lots of moolah from it – for example: in 2011, Apple raked in profits of more than $11 billion from mobile apps alone. As the demand increases for mobile apps to run on iOS and Android, so does the demand for developers and programmers. And we don’t think that this market boom won’t go any time soon!  You can definitely have some downtime for great fun such as with
  • Professional online gamer – When you were young then, your parents used to tell you that you would never make a living from playing computer games. But it turns out, they’re wrong! Although playing games for a living is not a “real job” and thus is considered a child’s play, there’s some serious money in online gaming  – you can even earn up to $300,000 a year! What’s appealing about online gaming is that it doesn’t require you a degree, but it does require you a certain level of skill (plus dedication) in order to be truly successful. You can check out some individuals making money by playing online games such as online slots games.
  • Virtual assistant – Brick-and-mortar offices may be out of fashion for some, as a lot of companies are able to establish and operate their businesses online. Thus, this has opened a lot of opportunities for virtual assistants to work remotely with their bosses and colleagues. They do administrative tasks that are similar to those of an office secretary or executive assistant: handling customer service, answering phones, and screening mails. Most virtual assistants are freelancers, while some of them are contract employees.
  • Fashion blogger – if you love fashion in particular, you can be a fashion blogger. This type of career, like other modern careers, are experiencing a boom lately. They turn their passion for fashion into something more profitable – making money from writing reviews on clothing, accessories and cosmetics, plus offering fashion and beauty tips. These bloggers even get the opportunity to work with famous designers and labels. They are also taking the advantage of social media to attract followers for themselves as well as the companies and designers they work with. Like online gaming, fashion blogging could be considered as a niche market. It can be difficult to break into it and build a reputation, let alone be successful at it. But many fashion (and beauty) bloggers make a lot of money, with their income even rivaling that of the 9-to-5 office workers.
  • Artist, graphic designer or web developer – If you are a web developer or an artist or graphic designer with a working coding knowledge, there are lots of opportunity awaiting you. You may either work on a website design or do animated shorts. As a freelance designer, you can pick your preferred projects, set your own price and dictate your own working hours. There is something rewarding about making a profit from doing what you love, all in the comfort of your own space.
  • Internet Security Specialist – With the use of the internet so prevalent security for all kinds of businesses is critical including ensuring casino safety online, remote working, data centers and much more.

How to start?

It’s simple!

First of all, you have to choose your desired field. Think about what you want to do every day and what makes you happy. If you’re not sure, just start with freelancing until you find something you like. Start part-time and build your way up to full-time.

Most governments also provide loans for small businesses or some other financial help. Look into that. When I started, my government was giving money to buy computers and build websites for small businesses. Awesome, isn’t it?

What kind of modern career would you be interested in? Share your thoughts in our comment section.