Is this broker still worth it in 2024?

ADSS’ background information

ADSS is a brokerage firm that is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. It used to be a MENA-only brokerage firm, but it has currently expanded its services and clientele and opened up internationally. As of the time of writing, it has its main operations in the UAE. It is authorised by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE as an execution-only broker that offers spot forex trading and OTC derivative contracts.

ADSS showcases itself to be a highly innovative brokerage firm that is suitable for both novices and professional traders who are looking for a superior trading experience.The brokerage firm has won many awards that demonstrate its status and recognition by its industry peers. These awards include the Most Trusted Forex Broker in 2022 at the Fazzaco Expo in Dubai, the Best Forex Trading Innovation at the 2021 Global Forex Trading Awards, and Best Forex Broker in the Middle East at the Forex Traders Summit in Dubai 2022.

In this review, we take a look at what the brokerage firm offers and provides to traders. You can also read another review here at:

What products does the broker offer?

ADSS is primarilya CFD broker that offers CFD trading on a wide range of instruments and markets. However, they also offer spot forex trading.

CFDs on offercover assets that range from indices to currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. The first standout feature of the broker is that it does not charge a commission on any trade being executed, across all products and international markets. This should be a pleasant surprise for traders who are new to working with the brokerage firm, especially for high-frequency traders.


ADSS offers 60 currency pairs for spot forex and forex CFD trading, including major, minor and exotic pairs that are available upon request. With a maximum leverage of 500:1 for major pairs, traders have the ability to access the largest and most liquid financial market in the world in a very seamless way. There are also no hidden fees, and no commission charged to traders.


ADSS provides CFD trading on spot commodities, commodity-linked ETFs and futures, with no commissions on any of the trades executed. There is a range of commodities on offer, including gold, silver, US Crude, coffee, copper and more. The full instrument list can be found on the investment company’s market information sheet, including more information on the contract terms. The maximum leverage available for commodity CFD traders is 100:1, and commodities are traded per whole tick movement.


ADSS currently offers CFD trading on some of the most popular indices in the world. This includes the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong, the S&P 500 in the US, the FTSE 100 in the UK, and the Nikkei 225 in Japan, to name a few. Traders who are looking to participate in index trading instead of individual stock trading can do so here at ADSS. Leverage of up to 333:1 on major indices can be used, with other rates varying depending on the account tier, trade size, and specific instrument.


Traders can participate in stock CFD trading on stocks in major exchanges all around the world, including European, US and Asian shares. These cover both big and small names, ranging from IPO shares to blue-chip stocks. Tick size varies depending on the type of shares, and the maximum leverage traders can utilise in 20:1.

As a broker based in the Middle East, traders can even gain access to Saudi Arabian stock CFDs and other big names in the GCC region. Spreads tend to remain competitive, with no commissions being charged on any trades that are executed.


Crypto CFD traders have the option to trade CFDs onBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum with the brokerage firm. While at first glance thisseems to besomewhat small, these currencies represent the most popular digital currencies that traders are looking for. Crypto CFD trading is available 24/5, with a tick size of 1 point. The maximum leverage offered is 4:1, and traders do not need to have an online wallet to speculate on crypto price movements. They can instead trade crypto CFDs directly through the ADSS trading platform.

Who is ADSS for?

ADSS mainly caters to both investors and traders worldwide, ranging from novices and intermediates traders all the way to seasoned traders who are looking to trade on a professional platform. Their access to multiple account tiers is a fantastic way for traders to get exactly what they need out of the broker.

The broker not only caters to retail traders but also institutional investors, and they offer partnerships such as a Money Manager program and the Introducing Broker program. Those affiliated can also become partners of ADSS and earn appealing rebates.

Customer support

ADSS offers customer support in the form of a live form on its official website. Clients can also contact them via live chat, over the phone and through email. Those who are lookingto contact ADSS’ customer support team can do so 24/5, and the team is staffed with experienced financial tech professionals who can answer any questions related to trade execution, platform installation, setup, instrument information, and more. The team is fast and responsive, and they offer multilingual services as well.

Educational resources

ADSS offers traders a wide range of educational resources, such as a video library on how to trade to articles that cover topics such as how to interpret charts or what CFD trading entails. There is also a detailed section on how to use the trading platform, and how traders can personalise or customise it. Some other information includes topics on how to execute trades with precision, how to manage margin utilisation, and how to monitor any positions. Additionally, there is a bilingual glossary in English and Arabic, which is helpful for those unfamiliar with any technical jargon or trading terminology.

ADSS also provides a dedicated market analysis section that contains research published by their team of specialists. Those who are looking to learn more about the daily market movements and news events can do so through ADSS’ official website under the Analysis section. The section is also frequently updated, with content published in both Arabic and English. Note that the broker is execution-only, and their content should not be construed as financial advice – which is stated clearly on their website.

Bottom line

Overall, ADSS is an industry favourite within the GCC region and it is expected to grow in 2024, to onboard even more clients in the UAE and worldwide. The broker offers innovative solutions such as their ADSS trading platform, and its partnership with MT4 widens its net to support experienced and professional traders who need a more sophisticated toolkit for trading. The wide range of products offered – including spot forex and CFDs – allow for flexible trading and a curated portfolio.