Incorporating Sci-Fi Elements in Your Home Office

Your home office must be a place that energizes you, motivates you, and helps boost your productivity. All that won’t happen is you are working in a place that never feels like yours. That’s why it’s vital to spice it up with some fantastic creativity and personal touch even on an interstellar level. If you love sci-fi elements, futuristic themes, and everything extraterrestrial, here are the best ideas on how you could incorporate them into your home office, turning your ordinary space into an eye-catching, intergalactic world!

1. Opt for futuristic colors.

One of the first things you need to have a Sci-Fi themed home office is painting the exterior with futuristic colors. Having the combo of blue and purple is excellent as it’s often associated with being “artificial” or the “future.” Add a neutral color like white or metallic silver to provide some balance. Through that, you can set the base for a space-age look while keeping everything contemporary. Veer away from colors like brown and orange as they often denote “being natural” or the “past,” which will ruin your theme.

2. Buy Sci-Fi furniture.

From spaceship-patterned desks with launching rockets, Emperor Palpatine’s throne-inspired home office chair, UFO-shaped coffee tables, to planetary-designed lighting fixtures, there are lots of furniture you can buy that can fit your home office’s Sci-Fi vibe. If they are outside your budget, don’t fret as you can repurpose old furniture and transform them to exude that futuristic appeal, providing a more whimsical, fun experience.

3. Add rocket scale models.

Rocket scale models

Since Sputnik’s launch in 1957, many other rockets and missiles from various countries followed suit to launch satellites, bring humans into space, or send probes. With such importance, you can find scale models of these historic rockets widely available in the market today. Add them into your home office as they will not only make cool Sci-Fi accessories but as an excellent informational tool on man’s journey into space.

4. Decorate your walls with decal stickers. 

Another way (and an easy one) to add Sci-Fi elements into your home office space is by using decal stickers. You can find Sci-Fi logos, symbols, and letters, which you can simply arrange and stick to your walls just how you like to imagine it. Give your home office a celestial glow by using glow-in-the-dark star decals or turn into a planetarium by using decals of massive planets. Otherwise, you can install robot decals and seemingly surround yourself with your own swarm of intelligent, programmable machines. What’s great is that many sites allow you to customize your own decals, providing you with endless sci-fi decorating ideas!

5. Hang movie posters.

Sci-Fi has long been used as a genre in the film industry, bringing us mind-blowing special effects, out-of-this-world ideas, iconic characters, and enthralling stories. Featuring space adventures to dark dystopian worlds, icy planets, intergalactic wars, tech frontiers, and alien encounters, many films have taken us far beyond our imagination.

Chances are you have your own set of favorites. Whether it’s Star Wars, The Matrix, Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or Back to the Future, you can always find a movie poster that would match the Sci-Fi aura in your home office.

6. Display action figures.


If you have shelves or a gallery wall, spare some space for some cool action figures! You can add a figure of the extraordinary Jedi master Yoda, the half-Vulcan, half-human Mr. Spock, or the heroic armored cyborg Robocop. Do you love creepy, scary aliens instead? Display a toy replica of the Alien queen, The Predator, or The Martians. Of course, dedicate some area for the adorable ones like ET, BB-8, and R2-D2. If you have enough space, you can even opt for life-sized action figures!

7. Place Sci-Fi-inspired rugs.

Placing rugs in your home office is one of the quickest ways to brighten up the space and make it cozier. Yet, it can also be a great addition to your Sci-Fi-themed home office. Just choose a design that would harmonize with the overall design. Bring the planets under your feet, stand tall on rocky lunar terrains, or get revenge by rising above The Borg or Darth Vader.

8. Transform your home office desk into a spaceship deck.

Have you dreamt of being an astronaut steering a spaceship to stop an asteroid from hitting Earth? Otherwise, imagine having to navigate through the Kuiper belt in search of a new planet that could support life? Either way, replicate the experience by turning your home office desk into a spaceship desk. Do it by getting a futuristic-looking mouse, PC case, LED keyboard, sound sticks, and screen, installing appropriate LED lighting and arranging everything like a spacecraft – you’re ready to start your own space odyssey.

9. Get odd accessories.

Balance Balls

Go one step further by accessorizing your home office with odd-shaped or -designed items. It can range from lightsaber candles, droid-shaped clips, futuristic-printed paperweight, geometric vases, interstellar projection clocks, Star Wars mirrors, levitating globes, balance balls, and robot USB hubs. Place ornamental knick-knacks on the shelves or walls and put the useful ones on your desk. Just don’t overdo it and only opt for Sci-Fi office items that suit your theme and space.

10. Let your pets join the fun.

If you’re allowing your beloved furry friends to stay in your home office, don’t let them miss the fun! Rather than getting ordinary pet beds, why not let them begin their own journey to space by choosing rocket-shaped beds instead? Throw in a spaceship chew toys for your dog or a UFO hanging toy for your cat. If you’re in for some more, you can even dress your pet in a Star Wars or Star Trek costume. 

Final Words

Science fiction is a broad concept that transports us to new universes, allows us to see life different from ours, and travel space, broadening our imagination each time we think of them. Yet, it never means we should stay forever in our vision, as these elements are surefire to add flair and make a home office more exciting. If you love Sci-Fi, we hope these ideas help bring out the inner nerd in you and get you started in creating your Sci-Fi home office.