Can I Run A SaaS Business From My Home Office?

If you are contemplating the initiation of a business, then starting it in the SaaS base might be a good decision. SaaS has been topping the list of best business models for several years now. This business model has also been adopted by big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Adobe, and others alike.

Since SaaS eliminates all the expenses of hardware, maintenance, licensing, and installation, it can be run from a home-based office while being cost-effective at the same time. Before moving on to the benefits and ideas about SaaS business, it’s imperative to discuss what SaaS is.

SaaS: Software as a service

With the advent of the first desktop, there have been many discoveries in the field of IT and one of them is Cloud Computing which then gave birth to SaaS.

As the name suggests, software as a service, SaaS is a third-party application available on the internet with no physical connection to any one device. It is software that uses the internet and needs no server but provides services on subscription to various companies.

SaaS is an online service or software for which you pay or get paid by using or providing a service. It is different from both Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or Platform as a service (PaaS), because it does not need a server or any hardware to rely on. 

Instead, it just needs a reliable internet connection to work on. It is software that can be used by many at a single time by keeping the privacy of all the customers or users intact.

The best example of SaaS can be software used by banks. Banks rely heavily on software services to keep their clients’ information, business management, customer management, billing, etc. on record and working while keeping all the information secure.

Google Docs and Microsoft 365 are also good examples of software as services as they provide services through software on the internet without the hassle of connecting to the server and then downloading it on the desktop.

SaaS: Why is it famous?

Nowadays, without our realization, SaaS has become an inextricable part of our lives. It is one of the main three categories of cloud computing and the most common with the consumer level products, alongside infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, as previously stated.

It is famous because the provider and consumer do not have to pay a hefty amount to start or use it as a service.

Benefits for providers:

  • The provider can easily earn while sitting peacefully on a couch, making it the easiest home-based business with minimum to zero investment.
  • The provider does not necessarily have to be an IT professional.
  • It does not require any maintenance, hardware facility or licensing, etc.

Benefits for the consumer:

  • It is consumer-friendly, as you just need to buy a subscription 
  • The consumer does not have to go through a lengthy process of downloading software on the desktop and using it.
  • SaaS generally operates on a pay-as-you-go model, offering business flexibility.
  • It provides High scalability for any range of products in need
  • It has automatic updates which reduce the burden on IT.
  • It offers Accessibility and persistence since the user can access SaaS content from any internet-connected device or location.

How to start a SaaS Business Online?

By starting a SaaS business online from the comfort of your house you will be the sole owner of your company and you will also get paid every month without even lifting your finger.

How will this happen?

You might be wondering that you would have to make your software but you do not know how to; and that’s completely fine. Anyone can start a SaaS business online, and for doing that you do not need to be a software developer or learn to program and would not even need to hire a company to do that for you.

For starting an online SaaS business from a home-based company, you just need to go on and need to select the software of your interest to run your own business, with as little investment as $50.

After buying the software you would just need to make small changes according to the needs of your targeted clients. And then to run the SaaS business, you would need to host it for the clients, but for that purpose, you would have to buy a domain name that also isn’t expensive.

Estimated Earning by SaaS Business

Worried about earnings through SaaS business? 

SaaS Software as a service, is an online business, where ‘’as a service’’ translates to over the internet. SaaS being a business like any other business needs marketing and from marketing comes customers.

If you only get 100 customers that pay you $10 per month, you would be earning 1000 dollars per month, without doing any effort. 

For the payment method, you can use Payoneer or Paypal, whatever is available in your country or according to your ease.

Top SaaS Home-based Business Ideas

Want to start a business, but running short of ideas? We have jotted down top SaaS home-based business ideas for you.

SaaS mostly works in the b2b domain, connecting business owners to useful tools and helps them improve their performance.

To find the best idea, you can think of common issues businesses usually face. The best SaaS business from home examples are as follows.

Property Management Platform

You can create a property management multi-featured software platform for the issues faced by real-estate businesses, which can aid in the following processes:

  • Building lease papers
  • Collecting rent
  • Managing portfolio
  • User Administration etc.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Businesses heavily rely on customer relationship management and this makes it a popular yet mandatory software. And you can start your SaaS business with a boom by analyzing and comparing the famous software that already exists to make your software a better one.

Automated Accounts Receivable Solutions

Financial reports are a time-sapping task for businesses and this software would be a game-changer for the companies facing this issue and making your software a success.

Sales Tracking App

You can also build a sales tracking app as sales is an important department for all of the businesses that exist and they might be in dire need of software to keep a track of their sales while being secure. 

Social Media Analytics Platform

Social media is the most used and most famous platform in today’s world, where the influencers are conscious and rely heavily on the number of followers or number of views they are getting.

You can create software that can come in handy while analyzing the number of views and followers for all the viewers or giving suggestions to make their accounts perform better in the field.

Payment Gateway

You would have worked with international clients and hesitate to do so in the future because of the differences in payment methods. For this issue, you can make a universal software that allows you to make transactions online without any hassle and hesitation.

SaaS Blog

SaaS and blogging being two different fields can run together and be at the pinnacle of success. You can also create software for SaaS blogging attracting millions of people to learn about SaaS.

Tips for running a SaaS home-Based Business

1. Always offer a free plan or trial to make it popular and to attract more users.

2. Run Ads through Google and other platforms.

3. Always upgrade your Software to  provide new deals to your audience

4. Develop your software according to the targeted audience.

Final Words

With the evolution of the IT industry, various opportunities can be availed at home too. SaaS is the best base to start a business in this digitalized world, with minimum investment or partnership, where people are looking for tools that make their work easier.