Best Document Scanners

Even in this day and age, many individuals still work with paper: receipts, utility bills, and even company cards. What you require – until this lot wakes up to email and starts sending you the relevant information digitally – is a document scanner. The equipment serves as a modern-day alternative to traditional filing cabinets. Where once you had to cram all the papers into folders and then put them into drawers, you can now digitize everything and keep a record on your PC no matter the quantity of paper you receive on a daily basis. Plus, you don’t even have to get up from your work desk to access them.

Of course, the large variety of document scanner makes it hard to know where to begin. Ideally, you should first educate yourself on what to look for in a document scanner and then make a purchase decision.

What to Look for in A Document Scanner?

There are a number of factors that can determine the utility of a document scanner for you, the number of pages you scan each day being the most important one. If you have a high volume of work, then choosing a slow scanner can disrupt your workflow. Similarly, document handlers are more suitable for fast-paced environments as compared to flatbeds. Then there’s the option to choose between simplex and duplex. If the documents that you need to scan are one-sided, consider investing in simplex. Additionally, you also have to factor in the contents of the documents you need to scan. If the documents contain images whose color details need to be preserved in a scan, then buying a multifunctional scanner that captures in-depth color would be your best bet.

Scan resolution also differs from industry to industry. If you need to scan documents that feature plenty of images, you’d need a piece of equipment that offers high-resolution scanning. Hence, choose something that can cater to your existing needs.

The Best Document Scanners Out There

Where to Buy


There are hundreds of scanners out there to choose from. Each year companies come up with newer models boosting of advanced technology and better features, making it even harder to decide what brand and type to buy. To make it easier on your end, below are some of the best options available in the market.

Canon LiDE220

If you are looking for a basic option that gets the job done and doesn’t boast high-end functions, then Canon Lide220 should be the right pick. It is a flatbed scanner that offers high-quality scans and is equipped with the advanced functionality of sending scans straight to cloud storage. With dimensions of 8.5-inch x 11.7 inch, it is built for A4 and legal size papers, scanning at an impressive speed of 10 secs per page. It is easy to set up and is compatible with a variety of Windows and Mac operating systems.

What makes it stand out?

High-speed scans coupled with ‘EZ’ buttons that enable quick scanning and dispatching to the cloud is one of its most prominent features.

Doxie Flip DX70

This scanner adds portability and a removable lid to the basic functionality of a photo scanner. The removal lid option comes in handy while scanning photo books and also allows you to flip the scanner over to practically scan anything from patterns to sketches. The scans are of high quality, and users get the option to save the file in several different formats. The Auto-stitch feature enables Doxie Flip DX70 to scan images larger than the postcard size and merge them into one image increasing the utility of the scanner.

What makes it stand out?

The scanner operates on 4 AA batteries and weighs just over 2 pounds, which makes it one of the most versatile and portable document scanners out there.

IRISCan Book 5

If you work as a sales rep, a marketer or your work involves scanning books, then IRISCan Book 5 is a perfect document scanner. It is a high-tech option that comes in the shape of a scanning rod; all you need to do is to pass it over whatever you need to scan. Despite its compact built, the scanner can deliver high-quality scans, that too at rapid speed. It operates on Lithium-ion batteries which add to its portability. Besides all that, there are multiple storage options available, including an SD card, USB and cloud storage over WiFi.

What makes it stand out?

Apart from the portability, multiple format compatibility makes IRISCan Book 5 stand out. You can scan to image files, to searchable PDF and even Word, all of which should make your life considerably easier.  

Brother ADS-2800W

If you work in an office and require a high volume of scans each day, then ADS-2800W is the answer to all your problems. It is a wireless document handler with duplex capabilities. ADS-2800w can scan at a rate of 40 pages per minute with the option to upload scans directly to the cloud. Also, it can handle a variety of different documents including photographs and plastic cards. Plus, the scanner is plug-and-play enabled with support for both Mac and Windows devices. It is easy to operate and comes with a detailed instruction manual that allows users to use the equipment to its full potential.

What makes it stand out?

The Scanner comes with feeder capacity of 50 sheets and one-year no-quibble warranty. Additionally, the company also provides free lifetime after sales support through phone and chat that will certainly provide you with a peace of mind.  

Canon DR-C225W

If any of the scanners mentioned above don’t fit your heavy workload requirements, then you should perhaps consider a heavy-duty option like the Canon DR-C225W. It is a slim and aesthetically pleasing document handler that excels when it comes to the speed of scanning. It comes with the option of duplex scanning in both color and grey scale. It can provide high-quality scans which makes it suitable for a variety of documents. In addition, It has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that allow for sharing across various devices. Lastly, the tailor-made software of the scanner allows for file archiving and the creation of searchable PDFs.

What makes it stand out?

The scanner is compatible with Linux platform, as well as iOS and Android devices, in addition to Windows and Mac. It comes with a one-year warranty along with the option of getting extended coverage through the purchase of eCarePAK extended service.

Kodak i3300

Kodak i3300 is a heavy duty, high volume option that supports various document sizes up to the tabloid size (11-inch x 17 inches). It combines the speed of 140 pages per minute with high volume capacity, having a feeder of 250 sheets. The scanner also offers duplex scans of up to 600dpi. With a daily scan cycle of 17,500, it is capable of fulfilling the scanning needs of the highest volume. And thanks to the proprietary software that comes with the scanner, users get the option to convert documents into searchable PDFs with the highest level of accuracy.

What makes it stand out?

Despite the fact that it is an industrial grade scanner, Kodak i3300 is very easy to setup and use. The smart touch interface of the scanner is user-friendly and provides all the needed options at your fingertips, with a detailed manual in the package that enables users to make full use of this device.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to purchase a top-notch document scanner for your workplace or home, selecting any of the one from the list above will ensure you have a reliable, multifunctional, and easy-to-manage device.