Benefits of Having a Cat While Working from Home

Let’s face it—working from home has its perks, especially if you are living with your loving cat! This only means more time to bond with them!

If you have a cat, or are still considering adopting one, we will lay out all the benefits of working from home while enjoying quality time with your cat. And just like anything else, at first, it may take you a while to adjust, but you will soon get the hang of everything!

So, without further ado, let’s delve into how working from home with a cat may benefit you:

It bolsters your mental health

Imagine the days when you were stuck on your desk, working overtime, and there’s no one to confide with you. You have spent stressful and anxious days alone, but with working from home, you are not alone anymore. Having a cat provides you companionship, which helps curb loneliness. There are also scientific studies that suggest that playing and petting your cat actually reduces stress-related hormones. It increases dopamine and serotonin, which in turn transforms your mood into a happy one. If you think about it, when you are feeling stressed at work, all you have to do is to hug your cat to shrug off some of your negative energy.

It helps you save money

During a usual workweek, you are tied to your desk for eight hours or more in a day. This is why many people opt to hire a housekeeper to keep an eye on their pets. On top of that, there are a lot of people that shell out a ludicrous amount of money for pet sitters. When you are working from home, you don’t have to spend a dime just so your pet will have companionship. With you being around, your pet feels secure, hence alleviating the costs you usually spend on pet sitters.

It prompts you to get back into shape

Most of the time, people are tied on their desks, which inhibits their physical movements. Now, working from home gives you the opportunity to get up and move around. With your pet around, you are inclined to take a break from work every now and then. You can give your cat some cuddles or you can walk with them outside. It’s entirely up to you! But you get the idea that having a pet motivates you to not be nailed on your chair!

It provides better focus

Remaining focused all day can be hard to attain inside an office because of rowdy workmates and other external noises. Meanwhile, when you work from home, you are isolated from any noise (except than that of your cat’s), which makes it a lot better to focus. Although your cat may disrupt you sometimes (we all know that they are notorious for sitting on our keyboards!), it only reminds you to get up and take a break. Giving yourself frequent short breaks helps you avoid burnout, making it easier to focus on your work obligations when you return to them.

It fosters a stronger bond with your cat

Probably the best benefit of all, working from home means you have the liberty to work on your own time. This means you do not have to miss your pet during a workday in the office. Constantly being at home allows you to create meaningful moments with your kitty and shower your cat with love and attention.

It makes for a happier cat

When you work from home, your pet will become more comfortable, knowing that you don’t have to leave your house anymore for work. This will make them feel less alone, hence lower risks for separation anxiety. They would not struggle with missing you again because you are always there. However, keep in mind to provide restrictions during your working hours. There is a tendency that your cat might wreak havoc. Designate a spot for your cat wherein they can delight themselves in other activities. For instance, if your cat is an avid bird watcher, designate a spot near a window that features a lot of wildlife.

Working from home has its challenges, but they certainly do not outweigh the benefits! Keep in mind to always strike a balance for everything for a productive workspace at home!