6 Awesome Infographic To Design Your Perfect Home Office

1. Why Work from Home & The Perfect Home Office

perfect home office

The infographic highlights some nice tips and statistics, including having a separate room for your home office and outlining what the business savings are for a company that allows its employees to work from home. Source: Tiny Prints

2. 9 Ways to Create a Productive Home Office

How to create a productive home office

Here are nine simple ways to create a productive home office, from embracing just enough clutter (seriously) to leveraging a dash of color psychology. Source: Made.com

3. How to Maximize Home Office Work Space Efficiency?

maximize home office work space

The way people work continues evolving process and day by day people look for the different ways to maximize their work efficiency. To do that, one should concentrate on the environment of office and work space. Here is an infographic that illustrates the work space efficiency of a home office area. Source: Leon Furniture Store

4. Create Well Organized Home Office

Create Well Organized Home Office

Good looking furniture always makes your office stylish and presentable. Below is an infographic that will guide you to set up a home office and to keep things in mind for same. Find out some key points about choosing furniture such as the pieces according to price, color, comfort, storage and durability. Source: Leon Furniture Store

5. Future of Your Home Office Gadgets

Future of your home office gadgets

The home office is ever evolving when it comes to technology. This infographic will show you about how far home offices have come. Source: Bolt Insurance (Unfortunately, their website is not working anymore, but thank you guys for great infographic).

And something for every business owner: 6. Should You Let Your Employees Work From Home?

Should You Work From Home? [Infographic]

If you were thinking about letting some of your employees working remotely, but not sure if that will that do your business any good – here is an interesting and practical flowchart that will answer that question instead of you. Source: Mind Flash