10 Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Moms

The perks of working from home are apparent to everyone, but as a mother, they’re especially intriguing. If you need to complete a project, being able to do so from the comfort of your home makes it possible for you to spend time with your children.

In general, only a few companies offer full-time telecommuting roles, so if you want to make money from home as a stay-at-home mom, launching a business of your own could be your best bet.

However, stay-at-home moms who want to launch their own business have to consider multiple factors. On top of a demanding schedule, they’d have to take out time for child care that varies based on the age of the kids and how many kids are at home.

But even with child care challenges and other household responsibilities, there are still several business ideas for stay-at-home mothers.

1. Spa On Wheels

Especially handy for those who have had certifications as aestheticians or in massage therapy, spa on wheels offers a great way to earn money without the 9-5 cubicle. Initial investments are low to buy some spare supplies and equipment. Unlike brick-and-mortars, you don’t have to keep money aside for insurance, rent, and upkeep.

Positive testimonials and strong marketing can help secure clients for this business on a regular basis. Taking appointments around your daily schedule can be done unless you’re taking on bridal prep and other similar event clients. In addition, you can work with a retailer of body products and sell them to the client to create an additional revenue stream (you’ll get affiliate commissions on each sale).

2. Freelance Writing

If you’ve got a knack for writing compelling stories or have been a blogger in the past, you can take up freelance writing. This business can be started with $0 capital as long as there’s a PC and an active internet connection in your home. To begin, apply for jobs at writing job boards or freelance sites like Problogger and Upwork.

It’s also a good idea to create a writing portfolio through free platforms like Contently. We, however, recommend that you set up your own personal writer website. It can play the role of your virtual office where prospects can discover you and get in touch with you and where you can also display your writing skills.  

3. Information Packaging

Know how to put a big volume of information into digestible units that are easy to read? Then information packaging might be a good option for you. This home business converts distracted hands and spare time into money. By researching large, complicated pieces of information and then summarizing them, information packaging professionals enable bigger companies to analyze KPIs (key performance indicators) and deliver reports.

The profession sometimes involves tabulating research data or conducting phone/web surveys. Generally, this sort of business makes good use of spare time stay-at-home moms have on their hands to finish projects for companies. PR and marketing agencies hire information packaging professionals on a contract frequently.

4. Virtual Assistant

If you’re searching for something that allows you to make a quick buck (almost immediately) and is more straightforward, you could consider becoming a virtual assistant. All you’ll require for this is a laptop and personal internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Virtual assistants do almost the same work as traditional personal assistants (PAs), finishing admin tasks, but have specific benefits for stay-at-home mothers. As a virtual assistant, you can perform tasks from the comfort of your home – or at a coffee shop, or anywhere else you like – instead of an office, and tasks are only given when they’re needed, meaning that you can take breaks between jobs as you want.

5. Product Review Website

If you are familiar with particular kind of products and are willing to provide information on them, you can start a product review website. In fact, you’re already familiar with baby-related items, so why not start with that? A site that publishes comprehensive reviews on baby products can be your gateway into the online marketing universe. A success story is Kokopax, which was launched by a mother from California.

By opening such a website, you can earn money when your visitors click on the “buy now” links that you leave below the reviews of the product you publish. Amazon and several other companies pay reviewers a premium for them to generate sales for their brand in this way, so as your site gains popularity you can end up with a decent income. However, you first have to win visitors’ trust, which is where an inspirational backstory would be needed to add substance to the reviews.

6. Voice Artist

Did you always want to appear on television? As a stay-at-home mom this you have an excellent opportunity to fulfill your ambition finally. Large media firms and enterprises like Disney are always seeking fresh voices, to be used in everything from family-friendly advertisements to talk shows. Who knows, you might even be able to start your own television show one day.  

The best part: The process of becoming a voice artist is relatively straightforward if you put in the effort. Get started by recording a tape. Different agencies have different requirements for demo taps, so it is worth sending some inquiries before you decide what you will record. Generally, demo tapes include a few readings – like a voiceover for a commercial or a passage of a novel – and even, different accents. Send that tape off and see what happens.

7. Fundraising Distributor

Fundraising distributors are professionals who work on an independent basis to endorse fundraising prospects. If you get into this field, potential recruiters will be churches, associations, educational organizations, and other non-profit companies. The workflow involves earning a certain percentage of sales.

However, earning money as a fundraising distributor isn’t for everyone. You need excellent people skills, the drive to pursue a sale after you’ve been rejected twice, and the ability to bounce back from disappointment. That said, it’s not an impossible challenge, either. The earnings are directly proportional to the effort and time put in. The more referrals you bring, the more successful you’ll become.

8. Animal Boarding

Animal boarding is similar to childcare apart from, well, the kids. The job could be ideal for stay-at-home moms with older children who have a soft corner for animals. However, there are some considerations you’ll need to make before you begin an animal boarding business from home.

For example, you’ll have to inquire about zoning regulations in your neighborhood, such as if kernels are allowed on residential schemes in your area. Likewise, it’s important to find out the local licensing requirements and laws (what you’ll require to keep the operation functioning?). Lastly, decide what types and sizes of animals you’ll bring on board. Will it be a single type of pet, or will you take on a variety of animals?

9. Digital Marketing Services On Upwork

Upwork is a versatile online marketplace that enables potential employers to post digital marketing related jobs, for which anyone can bid. The variety of tasks available is diverse, though services like Facebook advertising and graphic designing dominate the marketplace. You’ll need to give a snappy introduction of your abilities and a well-designed CV to get started. Both elements also come into play when potential employers decide whether or not you’re the right individual for the gig.

Perseverance is what really pays off in such marketplaces. It will be hard to land your first gig, but once you successfully finish a few, you’ll hopefully get positive reviews from your employers, and you’ll find that it is much easier to secure additional work. Completing a few certifications that are exclusively distributed and managed by Upwork could also help. It’s worth mentioning that skills like writing are frowned upon by Upwork, so offer something that makes you stand out, like search engine optimization services.

10. Arts/Crafts On Etsy

Etsy is a p2p ecommerce site that is popular worldwide for listing unique items and vintage products. These items belong to a wide range of categories including, fine art, clothing, jewelry, and more. Although the site has several kinds of sellers, most of them are females who list handmade clothing, handicrafts, and food. So if you’re a creative individual with a passion for selling handmade items, this is the place for you.

Not only it delivers the extra income you want, but it is also a great way to fulfill your passion. All you need is to manufacture a home-made item, take pictures of it, and publish it on Etsy. The site receives 3.5 percent commission on sales and ensures only genuine buyers are there. Several Etsy sellers are stay-at-home moms who never did any paid jobs before launching their Etsy stores. Hence, if you’re a stay-at-home mother with a range of creative ideas, consider being on Etsy today!

We hope these ideas sparked your interest in starting your own business. Most of them merely require a good computer, an uninterrupted internet connection, and some passions, which are easy-goals for the majority. Go ahead and earn a living as you watch your kids grow at the same time.