Tips for Decorating Home Office Walls

Your home office’s walls never have to be boring. It’s never a bad decision to decorate them regardless of whether you want a casual office look, a professional setup, or a chill and relaxing vibe. Wall decors can provide that much-needed balance between work and home and create a space that you won’t bother going into every single day. Not to mention that they can help you express your passion and personality, convey a message, boost your motivation, or make you even more productive.

What’s great is that plenty of ideas are out there and it’s only a matter of choosing one that works best for you. If you don’t have a firm grasp of what to add yet, here are some amazing home office wall decorating tips that you can try and play along with.

1. Add your company logo, statement, or tagline

One good way to start decorating your home office wall is by displaying your company or start-up’s logo, mission and vision statement, or tagline. It serves as a reminder of what you stand for and the purpose and goals of the business. There are many attractive ways you can do so. For instance, you can use 3D wall letters, acrylic prints, frames, or vinyl murals for the statement. On the other hand, you can have the logo painted or printed and make it the perfect showpiece on your wall.

Tagline business wall art

2. Pick a color scheme

While variety is important, overboarding your wall with so many colors is a big no-no. Instead, pick a certain color scheme that will be the essential aspect of the design. First, select a base color. It can be the main color of our business or one that is associated with a feeling that you like.

For example, purple means nobility, luxury, or mystery, while orange implies excitement, vitality. On the other hand, blue conveys security, trust, and tranquility, whereas white denotes purity, simplicity, and innocence.

Other shades like green, red, yellow, and gray are ideal for a home office setting. Next, simply use decorations that complement the said color and the entire room to make all things coherent and visually appealing.

3. Put on wall art

Wall arts are decoration pieces ranging from frame prints, canvases, and other artistic ornaments you can hang on your home office wall. It can be movie posters that from flicks that inspire you, photos of your dream destinations that will bring positive thoughts, or personal drawings or artsy prints you simply want to show off. Wall art serves as a breather in your home office space, so never be afraid to spruce up whatever fits your personality and business.

Wall art

4. Use Mirrors

Do you feel like your home office space is confined or cramped? You can simply use a large customer mirror behind your desk to extend the view and make the space look more open and inviting. Alternatively, you can place one higher on the wall if you simply want to add some touch of refinement or professionalism. Plus, mirrors reflect light, brighten up the room, and prevent your area from getting gloomy.

5. Incorporate cabinets and shelves

Wall decors aren’t about aesthetics alone. You can use useful and utilitarian items like filing cabinets and shelves. Incorporate them to get more space where you can store books, small sculptures, frames, ornaments, and anything you feel adding. Just place them in an organized manner and you’ll have something that’s both attractive and functional.

Cabinets and shelves

6. Feature rugs

Cozy home office rugs are undoubtedly great on the floor, but they can double up as amazing wall decor, too. They are your secret allies in making the room more interesting and beautiful. You can use smaller two-by-three-foot texture rugs and hang them above a desk or low-lying table. Otherwise, you can go all out and choose bigger rugs to cover an entire wall. If you don’t want rugs, adding tapestry, scarves, or other lovely textiles will do the same effect.

7. Go green

Adding plants to a home office is a trend given the many benefits these greens offer. They purify the air, remove toxic chemicals, improve mood, boost creativity, and reduce stress and anxiety. Yet, they no longer have to sit on the windowsill or on top of your desk. You may use wall-mounted or hanging planters to add these greeneries to your walls. Opt for undemanding plants like Philodendron (Brasil), Burro’s Tail, String of Hearts, or Silver Satin Pothos so you can real all the perks without the need for much maintenance.

Wall-mounted plants

8. Use personal photos

Don’t hesitate to display photos of important moments of your life in your home office. It can add a personal touch and make your home office feel more warm and homey. Just make sure not to oversell your personal life in case you accept visiting clients from time to time. Family pictures like a holiday vacation with children or a wedding photo will work, but never a beach shot of your girlfriend.

9. Paint wall quotes

Do you feel sluggish every Monday morning? Is your brain not functioning in the middle of a tight deadline? Are you having a hard time with a specific project? A brilliant idea to fix this is by painting motivational artworks. They can help you get your groove back and inspire you to get where you and your business to be. Alternatively, you can paint memorable funny quotes to evoke a smile and help you start with the right morning mood.

Wall quotes

10. Add a whiteboard or chalkboard

Whiteboards and chalkboards are another functional addition to your home office wall. You can use it for posting your daily schedule, creating calendars, and jotting down random thoughts among many other purposes. What’s great is that these decors now come in rustic, contemporary, or funky designs and in different colors and materials, making them attractive wall ornaments, too.

11. Display your achievements

Did your startup win any awards from the locality? Has it been featured in a renowned newspaper or magazine? Have you engaged in an outreach program to give back to the community? Whether your achievement is big or small, you can display those trophies, newspaper clippings, or photos of the events on your wall. That will help you remind yourself of how far you and your business reached and fuel you to achieve even more.

Displaying achievement on the wall

12. Mount your television

While many oppose having a television in a home office, having one can actually be a great bonus as long as you use it to benefit your work. Mount it on the wall in front of your desk and you’ll have a larger second screen where you can watch instructional videos on YouTube, use it on a Zoom call, or display a word or excel document. If you have meetings with clients, you can also use it to show your presentation or as an entertainment TV once the deal has been sealed.

13. Opt for wallpapers

If you’re on a budget, wallpapers can be a cost-effective and quick design tool to add to your wall. It can light up your home office without having to spend much. As the market is competitive nowadays, you’ll have no time finding one that will suit you, given the many options available. Whether it’s a vibrant color, a simple elegant one, or something laid-back, have fun adding a home office wallpaper.

Using wallpapers for the home office

14. Go industrial

Taking inspiration from warehouse lofts, workplace duties, and factory design, industrial style is an excellent choice for home offices as it evokes physical work or getting something done. Adding industrial decors to your walls like an industrial wall clock, metallic shelf, crane wall mural, or pipe wall shelving will help achieve that vibe.

15. Curate a gallery wall

Last but not the least, mix things up by curating a gallery wall! It contains a combination of the listed stuff above, like wall art, personal photos, your achievements, industrial ornaments, and others you like to highlight. Make sure to use cohesive frames to unify them and be surprised how an array of things can fuse to a gallery that will bring a big impact to your home office wall.


Truth to be told, decorating your home office walls can be of anything you want, really. After all, it’s your space and you’re the one who’d be staying and using its premises. Get a headstart with this guide but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Soon, you’ll get a home office wall that you can simply adore. Happy decorating!