Quality Link Building With Social Media Sites

Link building — a big factor for online marketing success

A successful marketing plan for your online product niche starts with being able to build website links from other websites. There are great tools that can help you manage your link building process and maintain all your social media sites, farming sites, and of course your own personal website. Professionals who have an online business know that marketing is the key to success. Those who do not keep themselves in front of the search engines soon lose business and very seldom gain new customers. That is why it is vital that you use other websites for link building.

Tips-on-Using-Other-Websites-for-Link-BuildingTwo important tips when doing link building

It is hard to be able to keep up with all the available websites so you should consider two important things when you start using the social media websites.

  1. Use the most popular social media websites so the search engines will notice you. Some of the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Google+, LinkedIn, and Reddit are also popular, but not quite as popular as the first list.
  2. Do not overload yourself with too many social media websites or you will not be able to keep fresh materials on the sites. People soon lose interest if you do not feed your sites with updated and unique materials. Most social media experts recommend having, at a minmum, a Facebook and Twitter account. And, depending upon your business, adding one or two others. For instance, someone selling a physical product might want to include Pinterest to showcase photos of their products. Service providers might want to include YouTube and LinkedIn accounts.

Three top social media sites suitable for link building

There are two very popular social media sites that you should consider using if you wish to attract the search engines and keep people coming back to your own website.

1. FacebookFacebook

The most popular social media website is Facebook because it allows you to put backlinks in your articles and embed links in your pictures. You are able to chat with people live and you can answer them via comments or private messages. You are able to change it on a constant basis keeping it updated. Facebook has also added live videos and pages which can be used for specific groups or products. Remember, you must have a personal Facebook account with a real name associated with it to be able to create business pages.

2. TwitterTwitter

The next most popular social media website is Twitter. Many people use their articles as a means of putting links on their Twitter site. Originally, the first 140 characters of your articles can go to your Twitter account as a “tweet” and you are able to put a link in those characters so that you can direct traffic back to your website. In 2017, however, Twitter increased the character count to 280 and also stated that things that are not plain text are no longer counted in your character count.

3. YouTube

The next most popular social media platform is YouTube. Although the site started with videos about snowboarding, Carrie the Chicken, and pandas at the zoon, it currently includes political commentary, handcraft how-to videos, music videos, and so much more. Small and large businesses, and everything in between, can benefit from publishing video content on YouTube. You do have to pay attention to their posting rules, but you can offer  calls to action, a place for customers to comment on your products, and demonstrations for products. Remember to use tags using your keywords so viewers will be able to find your video.

Search engines are the main highway to the world that brings people to your business. In order to keep yourself on the main road with many customers coming in your website business, you need to use keywords that will be picked up by the search engines to drive traffic in your direction.

Keywords are most often used on websites and in articles you publish on them. You should also use your same keywords, linked to your website, on your social media accounts. This will help search engines associate the keywords used on your social media accounts with your website which may also increase the number of visitors to your website, and possibly, increase your sales.