Why Is “I Can Has Cheezburger” So Popular?

People are geniuses in terms of creating funny concepts, especially on the internet. It is one way to entertain themselves by watching silly videos and reading books. Many memes that come out nowadays that are so easy to become so popular are those people usually develop about awkward interviews, shows, or weird videos. 

But some of them are their pet’s and animal’s photos with funny captions. Some are making memes with too deep and logical meaning for the subject that will make you think harder before getting the accurate information. It shows us how creative people think this kind of entertainment amuses the audience by using a simple meme online.

Like the word “I Can Has Cheezburger” that came and started a meme, it became popular. It’s caught everyone’s attention because of its uniqueness to make us laugh by simply showing a photo of an animal. It is fascinating to know behind every meme, mainly in this kind of thing that is not typically searched just to tell behind every story of it. It is just for extra fun of other people when they overload with works and other things that keep them busy. To have more ideas, continue reading this article to know many about this line and how it became so famous.

What Is The First Viral Meme?

The first meme that goes viral on the internet is the Baby Cha-Cha-Cha, known as Dancing Baby. The memes were created in 1996 and developed by Michael Girard and Robert Lurye that showcased the skill in CGI software by Kinetix Character Studio. It is a little baby dancing that flashes in TV newscasts across the country. It becomes famous because of the nifty looks of the baby’s swinging and doing a cha-cha dance repeatedly. The viral meme was originated as a collection of experimental testing data and files as the product of a sample source that released in public and unexpectedly became viral. Even though many dancing babies came out that have different looks and moves, it is still the baby that leaves a mark on everyone.

Why Is It Became So Popular?

The line “I Can I Has Cheezburger” is abbreviated in ICHC. It was created by Eric Nakagawa and his friend Kari Unebasami. They made a blog format in 2007 that shows a different video that is most involved and shows an animal. This website was one of the popular internet sites; that’s why the ICHC quickly became famous, especially when Nakagawa started to post it on the comedy website of British Shorthair Cat or known as Happy Cat, with the caption “I Can I Has Cheezburger?” And because of being so popular, many investors offered a US$2million for the website. It became a flagship site of the Cheezburger Network headed by Henry Huh.

This online comedy network posted photos and videos viewed with millions of people to making everyone engage as much as it could do merely. People are having fun because the website has endless humor and is not expected to be popular as it happened. But the website is now a private-media company and has been sold to an undisclosed.

Memes Taking Over the Internet

The topic behind this meme is quite interesting because it is not the typical case that we usually search on the internet. Even we make ourselves busy doing our works; we always have a way to laugh at these funny memes online. And we know that behind every meme background story, it is unexpected that it will become popular and liked by everyone. Also, memes will not be obsolete until in the future because of their charisma of it which never fades. Netizens will always find a way to create a meme with anything they might see around, so we can expect newer memes in the near future.

Memes are also fun that we all can’t resist because seeing memes, photos, or videos, sometimes made and brightened, might forget the bad one that happens the whole day. It is another enjoyable thing to do that will not take a considerable time for you. This article shows us how people are smart, even creating this kind of activity to make a piece of sparkle.