What You Need to Know About Crypto Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

It seems like cryptocurrency is everywhere these days. There are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies on the market at the moment.

You’ve probably seen tech giants start to back cryptocurrencies as the next big thing in the investment world. Are you curious to know if it’s a good investment for you?

Keep reading to learn the basics of crypto trading and how you can profit from trading cryptocurrency.

1. Learn the Top Cryptocurrencies

You don’t need to know all 5,000 cryptocurrencies. The most well-known ones are the ones you should look at first. Then look at the lesser-known cryptocurrencies to see if you can invest early in a promising cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency. Litecoin works much faster than Bitcoin, which might make it a valuable currency in the future.

Stellar is more like a currency converter. It’s a lot cheaper than dealing with banks, too.

2. Discover the Basics of Crypto Trading

You’ll need to learn terms like spread, leverage, margin, and risk in crypto trading. Many of these terms might be familiar if you have stock or forex trading experience. Here’s an article that explains on what is margin in forex.

For instance, spread outlines the different prices between buying and selling a cryptocurrency. Lots are the units that currencies get traded.

3. Find a Crypto Trading Site

Your next step is to find a place for crypto trading. There are some non-negotiable things you need to have in a trading site.

Security has to be top-notch. Compare commissions and trading fees between sites. VirgoCX is an example of a site that doesn’t have trading fees.

Another critical thing to look for is customer service. You want to make sure that you have access to someone 27/7 because crypto exchanges don’t rest like the traditional trading exchanges.

4. Have a Long-Term Strategy

One joke on SNL by Elon Musk sent Dogecoin down by 36% in just a couple of hours. That joke caused a panic sell among investors, and many tried to cut their losses.

You have to remember that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. They’re not as predictable as stocks, which rely on quarterly reports and economic data.

It’s important to not get swept up in the hype of crypto trading. You can’t panic, either. If the price is fluctuating, know what’s driving it.

Sometimes, it’s an article in a huge publication. A change in regulations could send the price up or drive it down. A security breach could cause a currency to crash.

Your job is to use data objectively and make a decision to sell or not. Most of the time, the best strategy is to hold your position.

Trading Cryptocurrency the Smart Way

You just learned the basics of trading cryptocurrency. How can you make sure that you don’t lose your shirt trading crypto?

Start with the simple things. Make sure that you have a reputable crypto trading site. Develop a strategy that helps you win in the long term.

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