What do you need to know and be able to become a sought-after affiliate partner? My experience

The demand for affiliate partners is growing every day. This profession is new, it is impossible to study for it either at the university or online. You can only independently study the material on the topic and master the necessary skills. The desire of people to become partners in promoting online business is understandable – the income is high, and the work is remote and in a free schedule.

There are many profitable affiliate programs in different areas. Parimatch affiliate betting program India for gambling and betting enthusiasts, an Amazon affiliate program that people from any industry (from clothing to ski equipment) can connect to, Skillshare in selling online art courses – affiliate programs are now developing in any niche and partner networks. You can easily find an option for direct cooperation or through affiliate managers (intermediaries).

What to learn first

Becoming an affiliate partner is easiest for a person who knows the basics of online marketing, SEO principles, and algorithms, and knows how to sell a product. I will briefly describe the main stages of my path to the position of an affiliate partner:

  • Definition of a niche. Here I was still a blogger who successfully wrote about sports betting. Reviews of bookmakers, predictions for matches, a description of the types of bets for beginners – I did all this out of love, only after that did I think about making money.
  • Internet promotion. My site did not immediately become popular, I spent a certain amount on promotion – advertising from bloggers, on other sites, and so on. That is, at first you invested – be prepared for this, do not build the illusion of earning money without a contribution. Plus, I spent money on website promotion according to SEO algorithms. They explained them to me and helped to bring the site to the top in terms of impressions for thematic queries, now I can control and promote new sites myself.
  • Only then did I begin to think about how to advertise on the site. My niche is convenient – all online bookmakers have affiliate programs and easily agree to cooperate. They do not lose, because they make a profit only from sales, they do not pay for advertising itself. I take a small percentage of sales. Here it is important not to be lazy and constantly look for affiliate programs, carefully reading the conditions.
  • Competent advertising. This is a completely different concept. It is not enough to get a link from the owner of the bookmaker, it needs to be made interesting and necessary. I inserted links into the text, made banners, and then, following the fashion, and beautiful videos with people’s winnings. Users clicked on the latest links more often and more. The constant generation of new bright and at the same time native (not too pronounced) ways of advertising is a difficult task, but doable.
  • Increase in traffic. The site is already promoted, advertising works, but it is also blown away quickly. I continued to increase traffic, not by buying and SEO promotion, but by my advertising. This format gave a result – he recaptured more from the affiliate program than he spent on his advertising.

If you decide to become an affiliate partner from scratch, then I advise you to understand programming and get acquainted with online marketing. If there is a base, then forward to promotion and participation in affiliate programs.

Last tip

A lot of money is what everyone is chasing, especially beginners. The sphere of affiliate systems does not immediately give a lot of income. Even high profits will start to dry up if not developed. Just remember: make quality content regularly, follow trends, stay in a narrow niche, and not be scattered, you should always look for new affiliate programs yourself. This is the only way to consistently earn a decent amount and receive profitable offers after.